Fix Galaxy Note 20 Won’t Unlock with Fingerprint

Your Galaxy Note 20 is stocked up with dozens of features, which also include security enhancements, like never before. Earlier, we were familiar with PIN, Password, and Patterns to secure the device, but now, Face Unlock and Fingerprint are two faster options. But the advanced options are quite not the same as before, sometimes a bug could lock the phone and that can’t be accessed.

Whatever the reason is, this article will show you potential tips to fix the Galaxy Note 20 or Note 20 Ultra Fingerprint Sensor Not Working and recommendations on the same. Here’s how.

Fingerprint Not Working on Samsung Note 20

Clean the Display

Did you clean the oily or smudgy display of the device? Sometimes the small particles would stop the device from recognizing the fingerprint and won’t unlock after numerous attempts. What you can do is, take a clean cloth and wipe out the display and see if it works.

Press Harder

Even after cleaning the display and of course your finger, still, the Samsung Note 20 won’t unlock, try pressing a little harder but don’t break the screen. It might work for you. Plus, hold the Finger correctly on the Ultrasonic fingerprint sensor as it is slow but secure compared to Optical or Capacitive Sensors.

Use Compatible Screen Protector

An incompatible or thick display protector might save the screen from breakage but can’t work smoothly. Therefore always prefer the compatible but strong screen guard even if it costs more. If you think it is thin and compatible, then jump to the next solution.

Add New Fingerprint

Have you added an alternate Fingerprint? If not then add it now. Sometimes, the old fingerprint gets corrupted and won’t recognize, to overcome this, register a new fingerprint and delete the old fingerprint.

Factory Reset the Device

Last but not the least, it’s good to factory reset the Galaxy Note 20, before going to the repair center. Though it will delete all the data and everything, but if you can access the device, it’s better to factory reset the phone.

Contact Samsung

The last solution is to visit the Samsung Center and ask the technicians to look for the hardware issue. If there’s any hardware damage, the fingerprint sensor won’t work. Get it fixed.

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