10 Fixes Samsung Phone Delayed Notifications Issue

Samsung Phone Delayed Notifications Issue

Most smart gadgets like Samsung phones are designed to notify you of new messages, emails, or calls. But unfortunately, those alerts are either professional mail or a message from a family member, if you are not able to answer it instantly, you will always regret it.

Currently, most Samsung users reported delays in receiving notifications on Samsung phones. If you aren’t able to receive real-time notifications on your Samsung phone, then we have line-up troubleshooting steps that will definitely help you to fix the problem. So let’s perform it!  

Fix Delayed Notification Problem On Samsung Phone

Why Are My Notifications Delayed On Samsung Phone?

The most dominant and prominent reason is unstable or slow Wi-Fi or cellular data it could be due to enabled ultra data mode on Samsung phone or else low network range. At the same point, turning on the power saver mode can also cause such a type of problem because it prevents Battery Draining Problems, especially when the device battery is below 15%.

Verify Cellular And Wi-Fi Connection

Phone notification delayed can occur due to a corrupted or unstable internet connection. Consider you are facing notification delays on WhatsApp because applications like this need a proper and stable internet connection. And if not, it is identical to face such a problem. It’s better to verify whether cellular data or Wi-Fi is working properly or not.

If your device is running on cellular data, check if there is an active data plan. And if that’s not the reason, look at the range of signals in your current location. In the case of Wi-Fi, verify the internet on your spare device, if it works as usual. Move to the next workaround. 

Restart Your Device

Another reason why Samsung phone delayed notifications is when downloading any third-party application, which might not be well coded and results in minor bugs. Those minor bugs lead to misbehaving Samsung phones and result in various problems. Luckily you can fix it, by a normal restart of the Samsung Phone.

  • Press the Power Button to feature Power Off Menu.
  • From the Power Off Menu select Restart Option.

Wait until the procedure gets finished, after that verify by sending WhatsApp Messages using a spare device. And see if your problematic Samsung phone is offering real-time notifications.  

Update Apps And Device

Looking at such a problem, the only thing that comes to mind is updating applications. As the updates are usually launched to fix minor bugs in the application or software. And at the same time, it offers enhancement and new features in both application and device.

To Update Apps,

  • Navigate to the Google Play Store.
  • Write down the name of the problematic Application in the search box.
  • Lastly, hit on the Update if available.

To Update Phone,

  • Navigate to the Settings.
  • Choose Software Update.

Disable Do Not Disturb

With advancements in features and technologies, Samsung introduces DND. When this feature is turned on, it prevents apps from receiving notifications due to which you might experience notification delayed on Samsung phone. Hence, you need to verify that the DND feature is disabled in your device

  • Go to Settings > Notifications.
  • Choose Do Not Disturb > tap on the Toggle next Do Not Disturb it.

Verify Notifications Settings

Some of the users might experience delays in notifications on Samsung within a single app. In such a scenario, verify the notification settings for the problematic app. For example, you have an issue with the WhatsApp app.

  • Head to the Settings > Apps.
  • Look for the WhatsApp > Notifications.
  • Hit on the Toggle present beside Show Notifications to enable it.

Clear Cache Data

Another application-based solution is clearing cache. If you are experiencing no notification on Samsung phone with a particular app, it can be due to a corrupted cache. And luckily you can fix it by clearing data and cache. For example, consider you have an issue with WhatsApp.

  • Choose Settings App.
  • Select Apps > WhatsApp App.
  • Tap Storage > Clear Data & Clear Cache.

Turn Off Data Saver Mode

This restriction feature prevents the application from using the data in the background. And it’s one of the main causes of Samsung phone delayed notification problems. Hence, without wasting a pinch of time, it’s better to turn off this feature.

  • Move to the Settings App > Connections.
  • Select Data Usage > Ultra Data Saving Mode.
  • Disable Ultra data saving mode.

Turn Off Adaptive Battery

If your Samsung phone still not receiving notifications on time, you might have enabled the Adaptive Battery feature. And if it’s your latest version of the Android Samsung phone it will, unfortunately, affect device notification, so it’s better to disable it.

  • Hit the Settings App > Battery And Device Care.
  • Choose Battery > More Battery Settings.
  • Tap on the Toggle next to the Adaptive Battery.

Turn Off Battery Saving Mode

Aside from turning off the Adaptive Battery, you should also consider disabling Power Saving Mode. It completely restricts the applications to run in the background as it helps to prevent the battery from draining. But at the same point, results into notifications being delayed on Android devices like Samsung.

  • Go to Settings > Battery And Device Care.
  • Hit Battery > Power Saving Mode.
  • Choose the Toggle next to it.

Reset Network Settings

A sudden tweak or update in the device network settings can make your device in misbehave mode. And looking at all the possibilities the last solution left to fix Samsung’s delayed message is to reset network settings. Here are the steps to do so.

  •  Navigate to the Settings > General Management.
  •   Select Reset > Reset Network Settings.
  •  Choose Reset Settings > Reset To Confirm.


Receiving notification on time completely neglects the delay in reading an important message. While such a delay problem on Samsung phone is the most useless and unwanted situation, luckily, the above-mentioned workaround help to prevent Notification Issue On Samsung. 

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