How to Enable/Disable Call Recording on any Samsung Phone?

How to Record Calls on Samsung Phones

Everyone has different reasons to record calls; it’s a meeting that you want to record, an interview or a customer call, or might be a spam call that could help you in future reference. Unlike iPhone, we Android users, to be precise Samsung users have the privilege of many advanced features to make our daily routines easy. Moreover, not all phones come with an inbuilt call recording feature due to the privacy consent of users, but will Samsung this is not the case, however, before recording any calls, you should be aware of the privacy laws of your region.

In this line of the tutorial, we’ll show you how to start call recording on a Samsung phone manually and how to auto record calls on a Samsung phone.

How to Start Call Recording on Samsung Phone?

Keep in mind that legal consequences may come from recording calls

Before you start recording calls, make sure to research the laws and legislations of your region and your opponent’s region with whom you’re on call and want to record it. There are some regions where you only need one person’s call while in some places you would require the permission of both parties.

One of the greatest peculiarities about the Samsung phones is that we’re still not forced to use Google’s Phone App, which is now the default phone app on most Android phones. That being said, Samsung has significant OEMs that you don’t want to leave at any cost unless and until you decide to change the phone.

Method 1: To Record, All Calls Automatically

If you don’t want to manually record each call, which is of course a tedious process, follow these steps to record all calls without any manual intervention. However, over time, it will consume a lot of storage space, if you don’t delete it timely.

  1. Go to the Phone App.
  2. Tap on three-dots. This option appears whether you’re on Dialer, Recents, or Contacts.
  3. Select Settings.
  4. Select Record calls.
  5. Tap on Auto record calls to expand more options.
    1. Select All calls to record all calls.
    1. Calls with unsaved numbers
    1. Calls with specific numbers.
  6. To get notified of each call recording, toggle On Show notification after recording.

Method 2: To Record Particular Call

At the same time, if you don’t want to clutter the memory by recording all the calls, learn the below steps to record the particular call.

  1. When you’re on call, tap on three-dots.
  2. Select Record call.
  3. Read the Terms & Conditions and tap Confirm to start recording.
  4. When the call is being recorded, you should see REC with a red button and timer.
  5. In between if you want to stop call recording, tap on three-dots and select Stop recording call.

How to Access Call Recording on Samsung Phone?

All Call Recordings goes to the Internal Storage and that can be accessed from the My Files App on a Samsung phone. Either you can directly go to My Files and search Calls or here are the steps to access all call recordings on any Samsung phone.

  1. Go to the Phone App.
  2. Tap on three-dots.
  3. Select Settings.
  4. Select Record calls.
  5. Tap Recorded calls.
  6. This will take you to File Manage App where all the Call recordings are stored.

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