Fix Battery Draining Issue on Samsung S22Ultra, S22, S22Plus

Battery draining on Samsung S22 ultra

In recent times, the Samsung S22 is the most powerful and craved in a variety of aspects. And the great thing is this device will never let you down. But unluckily having this device doesn’t mean it works perfectly all the time. Nowadays many users encountered battery draining problems on the Samsung S22. Well, this happens due to an unwanted habit like using the device while charging. Moreover, there are also the different culprits behind it such as software-related bugs, corrupted batteries, or else continuous running of unused applications or features in the background. Besides, using an incompatible charger, could destroy the battery and be a major reason behind this issue.

As we are experts in this field we have worked and mentioned some of the effective workarounds to fix the battery draining problem on the Samsung S22. So try performing on your device, but before that, if you have encountered physical damage then move to the nearer Samsung service station and ask for a similar problem.

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Why Does My Samsung S22, S22 Plus, and S22 Ultra Battery Keep Draining?

Device Overuse

Many owners of the Samsung s22 series around the world use the devices for many purposes such as capturing the picture, continuous video calling, using varieties of unused applications, and more. And over time it causes battery draining problems on Samsung. So just neglect out such problems

Using the Device While Charging

Well, we have the habit to use it while charging. But unluckily those activities directly affect the battery of the device. so if you have such kind of habit then neglect it because encounter surprising damage.

Disable Always-On Display

It’s familiar, the enabling always-on display consumes more battery of the device. So we suggest that if you have enabled always-on display on Samsung S22 ultra, then simply disable it as soon as possible.

Verify Battery Usage

Well, there are many application that keeps running in the background which results into battery keeps draining on Samsung S22. So just search for the application that craving the huge amount of the battery. And just simply restrict such applications and restrict them. To do so simply follow the given below steps.

  • Navigate to Settings.
  • Hit Battery.
  • Tap Battery Usage Option > Show Full Device Usage.

Turn On Auto-Brightness Feature

Another feature is turning on the Auto-brightness feature. Because there are chances where you are presently located at the brighter area but still your device brightness is setted at the high. Due to which you will encounter Samsung S22 ultra battery drain fast after an update. To prevent from such a situation we recommend enabling the auto-brightness feature on your device.

Disable Unused Notification

There are many competitors in the tech field, so the application never missed sending each every important notification to win the market. But some of the notification from the applications are personally useful and makes the device to run continuously, which results in Samsung S22 plus battery drain overnight issue. So to prevent such type of problem we suggest to restrict such application from sending notifications. To do so simply follow the given below steps.

  • Navigate to Settings.
  • Hit Apps.
  • Now simply uncheck the box next to the particular Application.

Disable Unused Features

There are many features that remain unused every time such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or else any other features. And when those features keep on running they consume more battery of the device and ultimately result in to Samsung S22 ultra battery issues. So if those applications are not in use we suggest disabling those ones.

Keep the Device Battery Healthy

You might have received the news of the device’s overnight result into the explosion? But in reality, it’s wrong because charging the device in the right way can keep the device battery in right form. And our first priority is to keep the device battery steady. To do so, we suggest charging the device only the battery life reaches 15% and never touch and use it until it completely charges up.

Keep the Apps And Software Updated

Another workaround to fix the battery keeps draining is to verify the current running update. There are chances where the device you are running has outdated software. Outdated software on the device causes various problems like battery draining, device keeps lagging, and many more. So we recommend checking the software of the device. And if it’s outdated, then simply update it as soon as possible.

Power Saving

The most effective and efficient way to prevent the battery draining issue on Samsung is enabling the power saving mode. Because turning on these features completely restrict some of the unused features on the Samsung.

Wrapping Up!

Hopefully, you might have a fixed battery draining problem with the Samsung S22 series. If not so there chance that the device battery has been corrupted due to not properly charging method. So we recommend changing the battery. Or else go to nearer Samsung service station and asked for the same problem. 


Why Is My Samsung Phone Battery Draining So Fast?

So far in the previous models, unused applications are considered to be the most prominent reason for draining batteries. At the same point try disabling the unused feature like GPS, and Bluetooth. If still the issue doesn’t go away read the complete guide.

How Do I Stop My Samsung Battery From Draining So Fast?

Running too many features or application in the background try closing it Settings > Device Care > Optimize Now Button.

How Do I Know What Is Draining My Samsung Battery?

Choose  Settings > Device > Battery Or Settings > Power > Battery Use to feature the list of applications causing the issue.

How Do You Reset A Samsung Battery?

Disable the power and enable the phone once again, right after that *#9900# then swipe down to “batterystats.bin reset” and choose. The last step, the let out the menu and restart the Samsung phone.

What Apps Are Draining My Battery?

Applications like Instagram, Facebook, Maps are the application draining battery faster. To prevent such a situation ignore using such applications.

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