Fix Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Battery Draining Fast 2023

Fix Battery Draining Issues on Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

By adding Heart Rate Monitoring, Blood Oxygen Monitoring, Real-Time ECG Reports, Trip Detection, and several Health and Fitness oriented features, we can say Samsung is giving quite a competition to Apple. It is observed that Samsung Galaxy Watch 3’s battery lasts for up to 4 complete days on a single charge, and it does for people with normal use. However, if your Galaxy Watch 3 is facing battery draining issues and won’t last for a single day, you might want to get hands-on with these battery-saving tips Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, personally, I’ve stabilized the battery by following the same workarounds.

Besides, if you don’t want to compromise these features just to save battery, Factory reset the Watch. Sometimes, a Factory resetting the Galaxy Watch could improve the terrible battery life of Watch 3.

How to Improve Battery of Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

Reboot Samsung Watch 3

Previously people reported the same battery draining issues with Galaxy Watch Active and Galaxy Watch Active 2, and I happened to know, many users have stabilized the battery draining by a simple restart. Hopefully, it would resolve your issue too.

  • Press and hold the Home button and choose Power Off. To restart the Watch, press the Power button.

Update Samsung Watch 3

If you don’t want to take a deep dive into the ocean of awkward solutions, kindly update the Samsung Watch 3. This will eliminate every possible firmware bug and fix the rapid battery draining on Samsung Watch 3. Always keep your Watch up to date, otherwise be ready to troubleshoot a series of problems every new day.

Make sure to connect the Watch to the charger, to download and install updates uninterruptedly.

Update Directly from Galaxy Watch

  1. On your Galaxy Watch 3, open the Settings
  2. Tap General.
  3. Select the Watch software update.
  4. Read the notice, and tap on the Accept icon.
  5. Install the updates.

Update using Galaxy Wearable App

  1. Launch Wearable App on your phone to which the Galaxy Watch is paired and connected.
  2. Make sure to choose Home
  3. Tap Watch software update.
  4. Select Download and install.
  5. Hit Download, if any pending update is available.
  6. And lastly, Install

Turn Off Always On Display

Unquestionably Always On Display is one of the most needed features in any Smart Watch because we don’t have to press any button or lift the wrist to see Time and Notifications. At the same time, it is the major reason why Samsung Watch 3 Battery Draining Fast without heavy usage. I’d highly recommend you disable AOD on Samsung Watch 3 to save the last juice of the Galaxy Watch’s battery.

  • Bring the Quick Settings menu and hit the Watch always on option.
  • Alternatively, you can use Wake-up gestures in Galaxy Watch 3, just to avoid pressing the Back or Home button wake the Watch. Open the Settings app and tap on Advanced right inside the Galaxy Wearable app.

Optimize Battery on Samsung Watch 3

If you’ve downloaded loads of applications on the Samsung Watch 3, it’s time for you to keep a watch on their battery consumption. Like any other Smart Watch and Phone, you’ll find several apps draining the battery on Samsung Watch even though you’re not using it. In such cases, you’ve two options left, either enable Battery Optimization or remove battery eating apps, or do both.

  1. Launch the Quick Settings menu and tap on the Battery icon and rotate the bezel until you see Optimize battery, tap on it to turn it on.
  2. The same menu gives you access to the Screen timeout and other options, reduce Screen timeout, and tweak other options that you feel culprit.

Delete Unused Applications

Like I said, remove the unused applications from the Watch. To get a closer look at battery usage stats, launch the Galaxy Wearable app > tap on Home tab > scroll down to About watch and select Battery.

You should see the list of applications with battery usage. Determine and delete them if you find any app excessively draining battery even though you’re not using it.

Change Applications Sync Settings

Keeping many applications and settings in sync with your Android phone is an invitation to excessive battery usage. Like if you’ve enabled Do not disturb on your phone, the same will automatically turn on for the Galaxy Watch too. That’s why disable Applications Sync Settings if not useful for you.

  • Do not disturb: Settings > Advanced > Do not disturb > turn off Sync Do not disturb.
  • Music: Galaxy Wearable app > Home tab > Add content to your watch > turn off Auto sync for Music, if possible.
  • Images: Galaxy Wearable app > Home tab > Add content to your watch > turn off Auto sync.
  • Wi-Fi Profiles: Galaxy Wearable app > Home tab > Sync phone settings > Sync Wi-Fi networks and disable it.

Disable Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GSP have a serious effect on the Galaxy Watch, like Samsung phone, the Galaxy Watch also eats up a lot of battery in order to send you to push notifications, keeping the connection and of course GPS.

Among all of them, disabling Wi-Fi is recommended, as you can’t turn off Bluetooth if you dont want to break the connection between Android phones, and also if your Galaxy Watch supports GPS, disable it too.

Get Used to Darker Watch Faces

By default the Galaxy Watch is set to Dark Watch Face, to maintain the battery of the Watch. There are a plethora of Dark Watch Faces are available inside the Discover section of the Wearable app. It means, when you use Dark Faces, the pixels are turned off, which directly improvise the battery performance due to AMOLED Display.

Lower Screen Timeout and Reduce Brightness

It goes without saying, higher brightness and screen timeout, gradually increases the battery usage of the Galaxy Watch like any other smart device. Therefore, reduce the screen timeout and brightness on your Galaxy Watch.

Change Heart Rate Monitoring Settings

How often your Galaxy Watch runs Heart Rate Monitoring? Measure continuously? Well, to be honest, Measure Continuously is good for your health but it isn’t for your Galaxy Watch as it constantly drains the battery out of Watch.

However, it can be tweaked, go to the Heart rate monitoring widget, and tap on the Settings gear, select 10 min while still.

Factory Reset Samsung Watch

Here’s how to Factory reset Samsung Watch,

  • Open the Settings app > General > Reset.

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