How to Use ECG and Share Report on Samsung Watch 3/2

Years passed, Samsung never left a chance to amaze us by adding upgrading smartphones, earbuds, and wearables every year. In this article, we’ll be discussing one of the best Samsung Watch features, which is taking ECG Reading and sharing it with your family doctor or with anyone whom you want to share. The ECG takes an accurate reading of your heart rate, if you’re dealing with any health-related issues, then you should keep track of heart-rate readings by using the ECG feature.

There are few conditions to use ECG on Samsung Watch, first read them, and if you feel like everything is there with you, then start measuring ECG reading on your Samsung Watch.

How to Take an ECG on Samsung Watch Active3/2?

ECG Compatible Samsung Galaxy Watch

Is my Samsung Watch supports ECG? The ECG feature is compatible with Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 and Samsung Galaxy Watch 2. Make sure to update the Galaxy Watch to the latest version, to take advantage of ECG reading if you have Samsung Watch 3 and Samsung Watch 2.

Pre-requisite to Use ECG on Samsung Watch 3 and 2

  1. Ensure the Galaxy Watch is up to date.
  2. Galaxy Watch must be compatible.

How to Take ECG Reading on Samsung Watch 3 and Samsung Watch Active 2?

  1. To take an ECG on Samsung Watch Active, download the Samsung Health App in your Samsung Smartphone.
  2. Ensure you’ve worn the Samsung Watch on your wrist perfectly.
  3. Launch Samsung Health
  4. Rest your arms on the support on the table or chair or desk.
  5. Now, hold your index finger (foremost finger) on the top button of the watch, don’t press the button.
  6. Once the watch detects your finger it will start reading and take ECG.
  7. Make sure to hold the finger steady for 30 seconds.
  8. Once done, the ECG report will be available in your Samsung Health App.

ECG Not Working on Samsung Watch 3 and Samsung Watch Active 2?

  • Well, the ECG is not yet a globally rolled out feature by Samsung, though, you can keep updated the Samsung Watch and see if it has been rolled out in your country or not.
  • Another solution is to keep the Samsung Watch up to date to use the ECG Feature on Watch.
  • Clean the Top Button of the Samsung Watch.
  • Contact Samsung Support team to get assistance.

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