2023 Fix Incoming Calls Not Showing On Samsung Phone: All Models

Fix Incoming Calls Not Showing on Samsung Phone

Are you one of those users who is experiencing Samsung phone not showing contact on incoming calls? Or else the Samsung phone screen becomes unresponsive during incoming calls and not vibrating? In this article, I will help you to troubleshoot an issue. Normally, on the Samsung phone incoming call screen, you will get a setup of rejecting and accepting options along with the name of a dialer. However, some of the users also reported that won’t able to see those options.     

Letting out important calls on a Samsung phone is one of the unbearable pain. It results in missing important calls during the business time or urgent calls from loved ones. Now it’s time to perform the below-mentioned workaround and receive your calls on time. Though, you can refer to our detailed guide to learn How to Announce Calls on any Samsung Phone?

What Causes Incoming Calls Not Appearing On Phone?

When your Samsung phone isn’t receiving calls, it can be due to several feasible reasons. Considering the worst scenario, it might be due to the physical damage caused due to the random fall. So if you recently experienced a hard random fall, we suggest moving to the Samsung Service Station. If not so, you have accidentally tweaked the device settings. Considering all the possible causes, we have line-up troubleshooting steps to fix it.

Incoming Calls Not Showing On Samsung Phone, Here’s The Real Fix!

Restart Phone

Before we move ahead to fix incoming calls not working on Samsung phone by tweaking the device settings. Let’s try performing a reboot to fix all those minor bugs that your device going through.

  • Press the Power Button to feature the Power Off Menu.
  • Select Restart from the menu.

Force Stop Phone App

If the default phone app keeps crashing on the Samsung phone, it can be due to a minor glitch. Luckily it can get fixed by the normal Force Stop. To force stop simply follow the given below steps

  • Long Press Phone App > App Info > Force Stop.

Turn Off Block Unknown Numbers

All the Smartphone comes with a built-in block feature that disallows receiving the calls from the number you choose for. If that is so, you have to disable it from the phone app settings.

  • Navigate to the Phone App > Three Dots > Settings.
  • Tap on Block Number > Disable Block Unknown / Private Number.

Clear Phone App Cache

Another workaround that can work great to fix not getting incoming calls on Samsung Galaxy is clearing the cache of the Phone App. To do so, simply follow the given below steps.

  • Navigate to the Settings > Apps.
  • From the list of Apps select Phone App > Storage.
  • Lastly hit Clear Cache.

Ensure Do not disturb is Disabled

When you go through my Samsung Phone not displaying incoming calls it’s necessary to check if DND mode is disabled. As DND feature is used to block the incoming calls and messages from both default or any other third-party apps. Here are the steps to verify.

  • Navigate to the Settings > Notifications.
  • Select Do Not Disturb > Disable Do not disturb.

Clear Call Back-Ground

Call background is one of the best-animated features that most Samsung users love. But unfortunately, this feature doesn’t work great in mid-range Samsung phones as it requires a high-end CPU. And if you are one of those who have a mid-range Samsung phone then it ultimately results in names not showing on incoming calls;  as it takes more time to load.

  • Navigate to the Phone App on your device.
  • Hit on the Three-Dot present at the top side in display > Settings.
  • Choose Call Background > Background.
  • Long tap on the Background you have used and tap on Delete.

Customize Call Display

As the Samsung gadget uses the pre-stored Android API to feature incoming calls at the top of the screen. Unfortunately, those pre-stored Android API doesn’t work accurately all the time. And results in Incoming calls not showing on the Samsung screen. You can fix it by customizing the call display. Here are the steps to do so.

  • Navigate to the Phone App > Three Dots > Settings.
  • Swipe down and tap on the Calls Display While Using Apps > Full Screen.

Reset App Preferences

Why my phone isn’t showing incoming calls? It can be due to; you might have installed multiple applications in the device that may be selected as a default application for certain tasks and protocols. For example, you have installed multiple phone apps, but the fact is only one app can perform certain protocols related to it. If none has been selected for a task can lead to certain problems.  

  • Go to Settings > Apps.
  • Hit on the Choose Default Apps > Phone App > Phone .


I hope the workaround mentioned above offers an immediate solution to the issue of the Samsung Galaxy phone not accepting incoming calls. If the issue doesn’t solve, we suggest using the same SIM Card In Spare Device. If it doesn’t work, try contacting the carrier service provider.

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