Fix Google Chrome Keeps Crashing After Mac Update

Undoubtedly the chrome is one of the most well-known browsers used all around the world. But recently, my google chrome app keeps crashing on my MacBook is a complaint shouted by many owners. If you are a google chrome user and facing chrome not responding mac, we have mentioned some of the effective steps.

No matter, if your browser keeps crashing when tapped on the icon or else tabs not loading or pages not running, simply continue reading the article.

Fix Google Chrome Quitting Unexpectedly on Mac, MacBook

Why Does The Google Chrome Keeps Crashing On Mac?

There are several reasons behind google chrome quit unexpectedly on mac. Some shout it’s due to the older version of chrome and some of them said it could be the network issue. Well, it’s no logic behind it as there is no proof for it. So to find out the culprit, we suggest to continue reading an article on chrome inspector crashes on mac.

Quit And Restart Chrome

First, try quiet and restarting to fix Google chrome quit unexpectedly on mac Catalina because there are chances where the corrupted pages or files in the browser result in to chrome crashing.

  • Choose Chrome on your dock.
  • Select the Chrome > Quit Google Chrome.

Quit Chrome Forcefully

Usually, it is suggested that force quitting an application when it has a bunch of bugs resulting in google chrome keeps quitting unexpectedly. And force close a chrome app have great chances to fix goggle chrome crashing on mac 2021.

  • Choose the App Menu > Force Quit.
  • Doing so will feature Google Chrome > Force Quit.
  • Once you sure, again hit Force Quit.  

Restart Device

Yet, goggle chrome quit unexpectedly on mac and won’t open again? Try restarting the device as there are chances where minor bugs and glitches on the device result in various issues like goggle chrome crashes.

  • Right from the menu bar present at the top of the screen and choose Apple Menu > Restart.

Uninstall And Install Chrome

Usually, it’s necessary to delete and re-install the chrome to maintain the proper working of the chrome and to receive enhancement in the chrome and to fix bugs like goggle chrome keeps crashing on mac the developer launches the updates. So we recommend uninstalling and installing chrome.

  • Choose Finder from the dock.
  • Hit Go > Applications. Move the Chrome to the Trash Symbol on your dock. Doing so will uninstall the chrome application from the mac.

Just after that install the chrome browser once again. To do so simply follow the given below steps.

  • Navigate to Safari from the dock.
  • Copy the link in the search bar.
  • Choose Download Chrome > Accept & Install.
  • Hit Download > googlechrome.dmg from the mentioned list.
  • Move Google Chrome to Application shortcut.
  • After the completion, move the installer disk image for chrome right from desktop to the Trash Option.

Delete Chrome Browsing Data On Mac

If your Google browser still keeps crashing on MacBook, then you should try to delete the browsing data. To do so, simply follow the given below steps.

  • Navigate to chrome on your MacBook and hit on the More Symbol present at the right top corner of the chrome browser.
  • Choose Settings.
  • Hit Privacy And Security present at the left nav menu.
  • Search for Clear Browsing Data and select it.
  • Choose All Time > Clear Data. Doing so will clear everything and is unlike factory reset.

After completion of steps, mac google chrome crash start is fixed or not.

Check for Network Issue In macOS

Chrome keeps freezing on mac is feasible when there is network-related issues. And if your network connection isn’t working perfectly, you may experience chrome not responding on mac. Verify the wi-fi network is connected is working accurately, and if isn’t simply restart the router and reconnect to the network once again and see if chrome quit unexpectedly on mac is fixed or not.

Verify Extension On Chrome

Why does my google chrome keep crashing on my mac? Well, this can be due to a corrupted extension you have installed on your browser. In this case, you need to go to the Extension manager and let out a corrupted extension. To verify the error-causing extension, access the chrome in Incognito mode and then turn on every extension to capture which one is the culprit.

  • Open the new page from the Incognito Mode.
  • Hit More Symbol present as three dots and choose New Incognito Window.
  • Move to More Tools > Extension and clear out the corrupted extension

Verify For Chrome Updates On Mac

You may also verify that your device is having the latest version of chrome because if it’s not so you will rarely encounter google chrome causing mac to restart. So it’s great to verify the version of the update.

  • To verify see you are having the latest version of Chrome hit the More Symbol mentioned as three dots. Choose Help > About Google Chrome. If there is an availability of an update, instantly update it.

Disable Hardware Accelerations In Google Chrome

So the owner of MacBook saying disabling hardware acceleration if your chrome on MacBook is crashing and freezing all the time. To do so simply follow the given below steps.

  • Go to Settings > Advanced > System.
  • Turn off Use Hardware Acceleration when featured.

Try Using Another Browser

Lastly if still, the mac crashed google chrome is not fixed, we recommend using an alternative of google chrome like safari.

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