9 Best MacBook Pro 16 Cases: Protective and Sleek

If you have received new shiny MacBook pro cases recently, you’ll undoubtedly require the accessories like cases, bags, and more to maintain the shine on the device. While as it’s an expensive device the great idea is to invest is on the best cases for MacBook Pro 16-inch. As it prevents scratches, bumps, dirt, and debris.

Well, which one is best MacBook pro-16-inch case, is the main doubt in the head of the user. As there are lots of different variants available in the market, it’s quite tough. But no worries! We have line up some of the best MacBook Pro 16-inch case 2021.

Best Cases for MacBook Pro: Slim, Adorable and Durable

What Are The Advantage Of Acquiring Cases On MacBook Pro 16-Inch?

Beauty: It usually increases the original appearance of the gadgets like MacBook pro. And to do so, buy different varieties of a case rather than unboxing the new device. As the cases are available with different varieties of patterns and colors, so it drastically increases the look of the device.

Drop Protection: You will definitely agree that the MacBook Pro is an expensive plus fragile gadget. And there are chances where the device might experience the random falls. To prevent the MacBook from acquiring physical damage here the role of cases comes.

Unique Appearance: The appearance of the device is always considered to be the taste of the user. And if it’s unique, you will definitely receive compliments. So to acquire the case on the MacBook Pro is always a compliment.

Boost Resell Value: Having acquired the case, there are fewer chances of physical damage. It keeps the device free from dust, dirt, debris, & scratch and maintains the device it is. Which ultimately results in boosting resell value.

Tips To Buy Case For MacBook Pro 16-Inch

When you purchase MacBook pro-16-inch cases, there are various aspects you must consider. Such as 2021 MacBook pro 16-inch case you are willing to buy should be sturdy, made up of high-quality material, and ultimately matches firmly with your style and need. Rather than this, your case should prevent the device from dirt, strain, debris, and scratches, so that you receive good resell value.

List Of Top Rated MacBook Pro 16-Inch Cases In 2021 Top Rated Cases On Amazon For Macbook Pro 16-Inch

Fintie Case


Fintie is another company offering hard shell cases for MacBook. It provides a plain colored case that does not hinder the look of the MacBook. The Case for MacBook Pro 16-Inches is manufactured from Plastic, making the device Shock and Shatter-proof. 

Moreover, firmly designed to access each port of MacBook, let heat pass to prevent MacBook Pro from overheating. The Case is available in vivid color options; A-Crystal Clear, Crystal Black, Crystal Gray, Crystal Navy, Dark Cyan, Glittering Clear, Midnight Green, and Z-Composition Book, making MacBook more versatile in look. 

Check Price Of Fintie Case For MacBook On Amazon

Supcase Unicorn Beetle Series Case 


The Sturdy Case from Supcase is one of the best MacBook Case that is truly value for money. The MacBook Pro case, aside from looking sturdy, the Wraparound Bezel doubles protection while attempting the accidental fall and drop.

Never struggle to access ports when this Case is ON, as its precise design and bottom case corner include Raised Rubber Feet to let the heat frequently let out from the MacBook. That’s all about Supcase for MacBook!

Check Price Of Supcase Unicorn Beetle Series Case For MacBook Pro 16 On Amazon

Spigen Urban Fit 


Another reputable brand, Spigen, designs fantastic Cases, and this is one of the best MacBook Pro case. The hard shell case is designed to protect the MacBook from every possible damage. 

The Case is made from hard material with Knit fabric on the Back and Bottom of the Case. And the rubber feet and elevation aim to prevent the MacBook from overheating. 

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Mosiso Hardshell Case MacBook

Bored using the normal case, need something new? Then you should look at the MacBook Pro 16-inch case on amazon by the MOSISO. The case company offers different varieties of colors from mint green, navy blue, and more, so you select according to your personality and need. To make you more exciting, the box comes with a screen protector and a tiny storage bag for must-have accessories. Another aspect is the case is comparatively slim and lightweight with only 10oz. unlike other cases, it includes dual row key ventilation and anti-slip feet to prevent random falls.

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Incase Textured Hard-shell Case

MacBook Pro Slim Case

From a long time, I am noticing this company as lots of customers shouting about this company for its premium quality MacBook pro 16-inch cases. This case from the Incase features Bayer Makrolon injection craved with a molded shell and high-quality woolnex material. For more advancement, the company used patented technology to assure woolnex material is wrapped perfectly. This ultimately results in a firm farm-fitting case that has the ability to intake all the accidental falls and scratches. So don’t wait and simply go for this best 2021 best MacBook pro case.

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Urban Armor Case

Urban Armor Case Military Grade MacBook Case

If you are a fan of sturdy protective cases, there is no other option rather than an urban armor case. This plyo line-up increases the minimalistic, translucent along with the soft impact resistant core. Luckily, you can showcase your 16-inch MacBook pro even when the case is on, offering heavy drop protection. To ignore the accidental slip, it includes the proprietary grip that disables to happen so. So just simply allow increasing the re-sell value by having the MacBook Pro 16-inch case from Urban armor.

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Twelve South Store

Twelve South MacBook Pro Case

Twelve South is a well-known company in manufacture the best MacBook Pro cases. And truly, everything from look, durability, material is great. The case is handcrafted from full-grain leather and the outer part of the case is vintage, distressed, and brief-case like appeal. Rather than look, it comes with a dual hardback rigid spine and covers are well enough to intake the random falls and damage. Furthermore, precise cutouts ensure easy access to all the ports and buttons. All I can say is, simply allow this case to ring the doorbell!

Check Price Of Twelve South Store On Amazon

IBenzer Case

IBENZER MacBook Pro Case

Ibenzer is craved from plastic, it’s the best MacBook Pro 16-inch protective case. As it offers all-around protection against dents, debris, dirt, dust, and scratches. The dual snap piece case comes with a micro clip that prevents random slip when placed on the table. Apart from this, the precise cutouts easily vent the hot air and give handy access to all ports. For more attractiveness, it’s available in different varieties of colors so you choose according to your mood.

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ProCase MacBook 16 Case

Not just easy to use, this case for MacBook Pro 16-inch offers all-around protection. The case includes the humanized design along with the dual-slot for accurate heat ventilation. And to abet, the four anti-slip feet prevent random slip. It neglects the use of a stand as it includes a foldable kickstand for comfortable viewing and typing position. In terms of design, it completely vanishes out the back and neck pain. And the case has the ultimate ability to intake bumps and drops as it has the armor shell edges.

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Which One is The Best MacBook Pro Cases For You?

Their various accessories to buy for MacBook pro-16-inch such as leather bags, cases, screen protector that keeps the device secure in every situation. After selecting needed accessories the common question that arises is which is the best MacBook Pro case 16-inch. Well, all the mentioned cases are best for MacBook Pro 16-inch. As it’s consist of varieties such as a transparent case for MacBook Pro 16-inch, as some of the users like to showcase their device. But as this case was personally reviewed and tested, so you can go with any of the above without any hesitation.

Is Case Good For MacBook Pro?

MacBook without a case is susceptible to getting scratch, damaged, or crumbs. As of now and forever, the strudy case can protect against all these situations. At the same point, they are cost-friendly. 

What Is The Best Protective Case For MacBook Pro?

Fintie, Supcase, and Spigen are well-known companies that manufacture MacBook Pro protective cases. However, there are some more options mentioned in the article, so let’s review it. 

Does Using A Hard Case Damage MacBook?

No, but if and only if they aren’t made from bad quality. In case you are always a fan of using a sturdy case for MacBook, have the one from Supcase

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