Fix iMessage Not Working on Mac, MacBook

Is iMessage not working on your Mac device? Are you encountering receiving or sending a message on the mac? Is the message not featuring on the perfect array? Are wondering why iMessage keeps crashing on mac? No worries! It could be a minor bug within the application or else something wrong with device settings.

In this article, we have mentioned some of the effective workarounds to all your above-mentioned doubts and performed them one by one on your device.

Fix iMessage Not Working on MacBook, Mac

Why is iMessage Not Working On Mac?

There are lots of reasons behind iMessage not opening on mac: it could be the problem with the Apple iMessage server or an issue within the iMessage application, so without performing the below-mentioned tricks we can’t able to carry out culprit.

Restart Your Mac

Restarting the device is the most effective and efficient way to fix iMessage not working on mac. A recent restart can fix the minor glitch no matter whatever it is, including iMessage stop working on MacBook. To restart simply follow the given below steps.

  • Hit on the Apple Symbol present in the menu bar.
  • Choose Restart.

After the completion of the restart procedure, open the iMessage app and verify if iMessage not sending on mac is fixed or not.

Force Quit Message

Not only force quitting make app runs smoothly but also helps to fix app-related bugs. So try to force quitting the iMessage app to fix iMessage not working on mac.

  • Hit on the Apple Symbol present in the menu bar and choose Force Quit.
  • After that, select Message > then hit Force Quit present at the bottom of the display.

Doing so will restart the iMessage app on the device. Hopefully, there are chances iMessage stopped working on mac might be fixed.

Log Out And In Of Messages

Going to every possible culprit and according to our experience, we have encountered that there might be an issue with an ID and which ultimately results in iMessage not working on macOS Big Sur or newer. So we recommend logging out the ID.

  • Hit Messages present in the menu bar and choose Preferences.
  • After this, from the imessage tab, choose the Sign Out.

Now, sign in with a similar ID and see if the message not working on mac is fixed or not.

Clear Message Cache

If still text message from iMessage not showing up on mac 2020 is not fixed, it’s feasible your app has corrupted cache. And fix this corrupted cache simply clear the cache. To do so simply follow the given below steps.

  • Navigate to Finder.
  • Press Command + Shift + G Buttons on the keyboard.
  • Clear out the files in the message folders saved as chat.db-shm, chat.db, or chat.db.wal.

Turn On Your iMessage Account

If the imessage is not enabled, then you will not able to fix iMessage not working on MacBook air no matter whatever the effective workaround you perform. How to enable iMessage on mac? Follow the given below steps.

  • Navigate to Preferences and choose the Accounts.
  • Now hit the box beside the Enable This Account if it’s not checked.

If it’s not enabled, you will not able to fix iMessage not working on MacBook pro. So assure that the feature is enabled.

Verify Internet Connection

A poor internet connection can cause various issues such as imessage mac not working. So verify the internet connection you are connected with has stable bandwidth. If not so, simply reset the router and reconnect the device with wifi network and verify the message on MacBook not working is fixed or not. After resetting the router, you still encounter a message not working on ma, then move forward to the next workaround.

Rebuild Keychain Access On Mac

Unlike the other applications, the message takes the help to get access of authorized services like iMessage. And if it’s not so, you will feature your device showing iMessage not working mac.

  • Navigate to the Launchpad and choose Keychain Access.
  • Now select File and lock the Keychain Sing-in.
  • You instantly need to unlock and re-write the password.

Verify Both Devices Have Same Accounts

To sync iMessage perfectly, you need to always assure that both devices have a similar apple ID. If aren’t having the same Apple ID you will definitely encounter apple message not working on mac.

  • To verify on this, navigate to the Settings > Messages > Send And Receive.
  • Check which Apple ID you are having on those devices.

For mac users,

  • Go to Messages>Preferences> hit iMessage. Now check you have a similar Apple ID.

Set Date And Time To Automatic On Mac

On all the previous models we have encountered that wrong Data and time settings can generate various issues such as can’t able to sign in to iMessage on mac. So setting them accordingly can fix the problem on your Mac.

  • To fix the problem, hit the Apple Logo>System Preference.
  • Select Date & Time>Time Zone.

And verify the Set Data And Time Automatically. If you have already, uncheck the checkmark, wait for a couple of seconds and choose it once again. Doing so will set time and date on its own. Now open Message and see if its works perfectly or not.

Keep Your Mac Updated To Latest Version

Keeping the device updated macOS is the best way to fix can’t sign in to iMessage on mac. So verify the device has the latest version of update.

  • Navigate to System Preference > Software Update.
  • Verify the device has the latest version, if not then instantly hit Upgrade Now.


NVRAM is capable to store a small amount of memory which also includes various settings. And those settings can be the culprit can’t sign into iMessage on mac. To do so, simply follow the below steps.

  • Switch off the device.
  • Then instantly press Option + Command + P + R Buttons for a couple of seconds.
  • And immediately release it when you encounter the startup sound.  

Wrapping Up!

Hopefully, the iMessage not working on mac might get fixed. If still it’s not fixed try using an alternative of iMessage. Or else do the message manually.

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