11 Best MacBook Pro 16 Accessories in 2023

Have you looked at the latest MacBook Pro version? Or else you have already added in the kit of gadgets? If yes, then you are lucky enough. But it’s time to make the device safer and advance as it’s more expensive. And it can happen only by adding the must-have accessories for MacBook Pro 16 inches.

You can add more advancement in different ways whether it’s handy carrying, protecting, enhance its UI. But which one will be the best MacBook Pro accessories, as there are lots of companies available in the market. Don’t worry! we have a lineup of some of the best 16-inch MacBook accessories to buy, so continue to read this article as it’s well-reviewed by the experts.

Must-Have Accessories For 16-inch MacBook Pro

Protective Rugged Case by Supcase


Searching for MacBook pro-16-inch 2021 accessories, we start from Supcase rugged shockproof case. MacBook pro undoubtedly comes with a hefty price tag. So usually, safekeeping should be the top priority. This rugged case could definitely be the complete solution to offer all-around protection. The MacBook Pro 16-inch case prevents the device from drops, dust, bumps, and debris. Ultimately thanks to the precise cutouts elevated rubberized corner and heat vents, your device features don’t hinder. Moreover, the 2021 MacBook pro 16 case will never let you down.

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MacBook Pro Adjustable Stand by LIFELONG

LIFELONG MacBook Pro Stand

The Lifelong is the best MacBook pro stand can be top to be considered in the list of best MacBook pro accessories 2021. This MacBook pro stand offers a polite position no matter if it’s a formal presentation or else a zoom meeting. Moreover, the adjustable MacBook stand will handily raise the height of your screen according to the need. Considering the material, the MacBook stand is made up from sturdy sleek Aluminum, which will never be damaged when fallen from the height.

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MacBook Pro Tempered Glass Protector by SPIGEN

SPIGEN Tempered Glass MacBook

The SPIGEN is one of the most well-known for making the best screen protector for MacBook pro 16-inch 2021. A sturdy screen protector is the most essential accessory for an expensive gadget like a MacBook pro. This best screen protector for MacBook prevents the device from scratches, cracks, dirt, and debris. Also, the screen protector is craved from the toughened glass which is durable by nature and will offer full-screen coverage. And the great thing is, it is available in varieties of sizes for various MacBook models.

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IXCV 100W USB-C Charger Power Adapter With Cable

MacBook Pro Fast Charging Adapter

In this list of must-have accessories for the MacBook Pro, you can look at this best 100w USB-C charger from IXCV. This affordable MacBook pro charger USB-C can never let you down. It can charge the MacBook from 0 to 80% within 20-25 minutes. Considering the safety, it prevents the device from over-voltage, over-current, and over-power, plus, the compact size makes carry friendly. So if you are searching for a third-party apple charge then simply go with IXCV 100W USB-C Charger. Don’t waste time, allow this MacBook pro travel accessories to ring the bell of the door.

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LUME CUBE Video Conference Lighting Kit

MacBook Camera Light

These accessories aren’t absolute to the device, but if you are frequently attaining the video conference, you really appreciate this one. As its specially designed for video conferencing and it will offer thee clear view to the receiver side. What you need to do is, simply attach it to the screen of the MacBook. Considering the product, it is a durable and easy-to-maintain gadget. And vacuum at the gadget will prevent the device from the random falls and drops.

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Smartree Pad & Quill Cartella Slim Case

MacBook Pro Sleeve Case

The word cartella means briefcase or folder, and this MacBook pro-16-inch 2021 case is precisely that. The MacBook Pro 16-inch case is made up from durable hard water-resistant material, plus the case offers protection, aesthetics, and easy accessibility to the buttons and features. Plus, the chain locking system offers handy and residue-free access to the device when needed. This outstanding hand-carved case is available in tow colors black and blue. It can be considered in the list of macbook pro travel accessories as it come it multiple storage pockets for extras.

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MacBook Pro Sleeve Case by Native Union

Native Union Sleeve Case with Pocket MacBook

You think I might be biased, but according to viewer choice the native union sleeve case is the best sleeve case for MacBook Pro 16. The MacBook Pro 16-inch case gives a minimal form-fitting body that is both functionally and aesthetically sound. Plus the textile exterior is made of genuine leather for an attractive look. Whereas the quilted inner prevents the device from random falls and scratches. It increases the functionality and is slim enough for easy carrying.

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Syntech USB C to USB Adapter

USB C to USB A Adapter MacBook

A compact adapter that handily connects standard USB accessories to a Thunderbolt or a USB-C or Bluetooth device, or else a hard drive. This best adapter USB C to USB adapter for MacBook doesn’t interrupt data sync or any other feature, plus, it offers great data transfer speed up to 5Gbps. Plus, it’s so well designed that will never receive any physical damage. Moreover, the company also worked on its look. Don’t wait, simply order and allow this must-have accessory for MacBook pro 16 inch to ring the doorbell.

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2TB Portable External Hard Drive From Toshiba

MacBook Portable Hard Drive

Unlike the cloth wardrobe, the storage space in your device is not desirable so in the list of best MacBook pro accessories 2021, we will add this MacBook pro 16-inch optical drive from Toshiba. This external drive for mac offers great storage space for your personal videos, images, and data. It is available in various variants of storage from 1TB to 4TB. Plus, for more flexibility and speed, it comes with a 3.0 technology, for a great transfer rate of 5Gbps.

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Logitech MX Anywhere 3 Compact Performance Mouse


The Logitech is amongst the best when discussing the mouse or mice. Speed, Silence, and Precisions are the normal functioning, allowing to scroll 1000 lines in PDF or documents simultaneously and hold within the pixel.

Never delays in work, as it stays charged for 70 Days and exponentially gets 3 hours of working period with 2- minutes of charging. 

Besides this, you can connect Three-Devices at once and switch within them with a single tap-on button. This modern design mouse looks different, as it includes Steel Scroll Wheel and Grippy Silicone Side Grippy for durability and efforless work throughout the day. 

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Allsop Digital Innovation ScreenDr.


Screen cleaners are a perfect way to disinfect your MacBook. Besides your MacBook, you can disinfect your other Appliances like iPhones, Smart TVs, Tablets, etc.

The notable feature of Screen Cleaner; High-Quality, Non-Abrasive, and Anti-Static microfiber cloth. It is made using a safe solution, utterly free from Alcohol and Ammonia. 

The Streak-Free formula gently removes smudges, fingerprints, grease, and dust while implying an Oleophobic and Anti-Static layer for easy and better cleaning in the future. No need for extra accessories to organize in one place because all-in-one Stordy Design smartly stores all the accessories at the same point, making it easy to assemble when needed.

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Accessories That Can Upgrade My 16-Inch MacBook Pro

There is no necessity to have all the accessories mentioned in the line-up, but some of them allow making the MacBook Pro work at its fullest potential all time and make the task handier.

Consider the native union sleeve case as it makes the MacBook portable wherever you want. This case is durable and protects the device from daily wear and tear. So there is no need to fear dust, debris, and scratch.

Take the IXCV charger as it charges the device from 0 to 80% within 20 minutes and its compact design makes it a top pick in the list of MacBook pro travel accessories.

What Are Some MacBook Accessories?

Well, the accessories for MacBook depend on personal preferences, how you use MacBook, and for what purpose use MacBook. Here in this article, we have rounded up the list of general and must-have accessories for MacBook pro. Go through it and grab the one which looks essential.

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