Fix Can’t Add Card to Samsung Pay on Samsung Phone?

Can't Add Cards to Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay permits you to add the card and make payments through your Samsung phone and tablet. But over time many users can go through some serious issues with Samsung Pay not allowing entering the card. This can be a most frustrating issue because it completely destroys shopping planning or else the business payment in the case of an emergency.

Usually, it can be due to the outdated version of software or else can be due to having reached the maximum card limit. it’s nothing more than a sudden glitch within the software or else a disturbance in the application settings. So let’s get it fixed by performing the below-mentioned troubleshooting steps.

How to fix Samsung Pay Not Accepting the Card on Samsung Phone?

Check If It’s Compatible In Your Country

Samsung Pay is compatible for up to 15 countries such as the US, Canada, China, Spain, UK, Singapore, Australia, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy, and South Africa. So if you are currently outside those mentioned regions it might be the reason for your credit card not entering on Samsung Pay.

Verify Internet Connectivity

Usually, your Samsung phone might be connected with Wi-Fi, but due to the rainy or stormy weather or else service-related problem can lead to no access. And the same goes with mobile data, for this simply turning off/on the internet connection works great! At the end, if the internet is not the culprit move to the next workaround.

Verify Samsung Pay Status

Another possibility is the Samsung Pay server-side-related problem. In such a case, there is nothing you work to fix it. Simply wait until and unless the issue fixes itself.

Look If There Is Software Update

Looking at all the feasibility, the software glitch can prevent you from adding a card to Samsung Pay. However, the software bug in the system or application. No need to worry more as the developer keeps the track of application or OS. So to fix the bugs they regularly launch the update. Look if your Samsung Pay or OS is updated to the latest software version. If not, update it as soon as possible.

Delete Extra Cards

Samsung Pay only allows adding 10 cards. So if you have added 10 cards and so for whatever reason without knowing the limitation, if you are adding more than 10 cards can be the reason for not being able to enter cards, kindly remove any unused or unwanted cards from Samsung Pay. After deleting the card, try inserting card info and see if it works. Here are the steps to do so.

Remove Card Through Phone,

  • Navigate to the Samsung Pay > Three Horizontal Lines > Cards.
  • Choose the desired card you want to remove. Right after that, tap on the Three Vertical Dots.
  • Hit Delete Card and select the main reason to remove the card from Samsung Pay.
  • Lastly, choose DELETE and then write down the Password or PIN if asked.

Turn Off VPN

Most of us use the VPN to have access to the data not available in the country but unfortunately, it can result from inappropriate functioning of Samsung Pay or else not being able to enter the card in Samsung Pay. If you are presently using the VPN on your phone, we suggest disable.

Restart Samsung Phone

If the above-mentioned solution doesn’t ripe the fruit for you, the next workaround is to restart your phone. Restarting the phone can fix all those minor bugs present in the phone. So just try with this workaround.

  • Press the Power Button to feature the Power Off Menu.
  • From the Power Off Menu select Green Restart Option.
Restart Phone

Factory Reset

If none of the workarounds didn’t work, the only option remaining is a factory reset. Usually, we didn’t recommend this workaround as it clears up all the data stored in the device. But at last, what we need to do is factory. Keep in mind to create a backup of all the delicate data stored in it.

  • Go to Settings > General Management.
  • Select Reset > Factory Reset > Reset.
Factory reet samsung

Right after the completion of the workaround check, you can enter the card detail in the Samsung Pay app or not.

Contact Samsung Support

If you are presently in the region where Samsung Pay is compatible it’s time to contact the Samsung support team as of now and forever they will complete view of the problem.


I hope the troubleshooting guide helped you to fix not being able to add the card on Samsung pay. Samsung Pay is undoubtedly the best service to transfer the payment but at the same point going through various problems is quite annoying.  

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