How to Setup and Use Samsung Pay NFC on Samsung Watch 4

Samsung Pay NFC on Samsung Watch 4

Got your new Samsung Galaxy Watch 4? Well, one of the most important parts or say objectives of making this device smarter is to ease our daily tasks. For instance, nowadays usually people don’t prefer cash, instead, they pay with Cards and other cashless payment methods. And every time to pay at a store or gas station, you might have to take out the Card or Phone to pay. But it can be avoided if you have Samsung Watch 4 with Samsung Pay installed. Follow this one-time setup process to install and enable Samsung Pay NFC Payments on Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, once done, at any store that accepts NFC payments you can pay with Samsung Watch 4.

If you’ve just changed the Samsung Watch, and already have Samsung Pay setup on Samsung Phone or any other phone, you’re halfway done. Before following the process, make sure your phone and Samsung Watch 4 are up to date.

How to Setup and Use Samsung Pay on Galaxy Watch 4

  1. Unlock your Galaxy Watch 4.
  2. Open the App Drawer.
  3. Find Samsung Pay and tap on it.
  4. Press and hold the Back button on Galaxy Watch to open the app.
  5. Read the information, slide the cards and tap OK, when you see Get ready to use Samsung Pay on your phone.
  6. Now open Samsung Pay on your phone.
  7. Make sure you’re signed in to Samsung Pay.
  8. Tap Add card.
  9. Select Add credit or debit card.
  10. Select enter card manually.
  11. Fill in the required information of card.
  12. Tap Next.
  13. Tap Agree to all.
  14. Select a verification method from Email, SMS, and Call Bank.
  15. Enter the Verification Code.
  16. Tap Next > Done.

That’s It! Now you can pay at any NFC reader available at Stores, Gas stations, Restaurants, and many other places. To do so, double press the back button.

Samsung Pay NFC Pre-Requisite:

  • Samsung Pay NFC payments work flawlessly once all the conditions are fulfilled. As of right now, Samsung Pay NFC payment services are not available across the world, at the same time not all the banks/cards support Samsung Pay NFC.
  • Furthermore, your Galaxy Watch must have PIN or Pattern set up, this will enhance security and the watch will ask you to enter PIN/Pattern once or twice in a day to ensure security.
  • Check out the list of Samsung Pay Supported Regions, if it is not available in your country, keep checking the list, sooner or later, they will update the support.
  • Apart from that, Samsung needs to make agreement with Banks and of course not all the banks supports Samsung NFC Payment. Though, till date, all the major banks and cards works with Samsung Pay.

Why would you need Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy Watch 4?

You should definitely install a Screen Protector on Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 before using Samsung Pay NFC Payments. Often, in a hurry, while using NFC Payments, the front screen touches the machine and of course, there will be a scratch. This is the primary reason to spend few bucks on best screen protectors and secure the delicate display of Samsung Watch.

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