Can I Permanently Delete Samsung Pay? Get Answer

Can I Delete Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay was initially launched in 2015 to overtake Apple’s digital wallet service Apple Pay. Leaving no excuse for iPhone users who want to switch to Samsung, and luckily Samsung Pay came up to the mark. Even though everything is better, Samsung Pay could not compete with other payment apps like Google Pay, Apple Pay, and more. Plus, payment methods like Apple Pay and Google Pay are widely available everywhere, in all regions.

Samsung Pay comes inbuilt in all Samsung Phones, but fortunately, you can avoid Samsung Pay with our article. In this post, we’ll show you different ways to avoid Samsung Pay, by disabling Samsung Pay and by deleting the Samsung Pay from your phone, the choice is yours.  

Can I Delete Samsung Pay?

YES! YES! YES! Samsung Pay can be permanently removed from the phone and if you want to use it later, then Samsung Pay can also be disabled from the phone, so that it won’t occupy the space in App Drawer and when needed, in single click you can enable and use it.

Most people want to get rid of Samsung Pay because of its quick launch gesture. Accidentally and unintentionally due to gestures, Samsung Pay automatically launches and interfere in between, and when we’re talking about money, this type of mistake is not accepted by anyone. Therefore, if you don’t use Samsung Pay or don’t want to keep the Samsung Pay Swipe Up Gesture enabled, read this article and disable it.  

How to Disable Samsung Pay Swipe Up Gesture?

If you’re just deleting Samsung Pay because of annoying gestures, don’t do it, Samsung gives us the flexibility to disable Samsung Pay Swipe Up Gesture. After all, Swipe Up Gesture is made for easy access.

  1. Launch Samsung Pay on your phone.
  2. Tap on menu icon on upper-left corner.
  3. Select Settings cog in top-right screen.
  4. Tap Quick access and default card, from there turn off Lock screen, Home screen, and Screen off.

How to Uninstall Samsung Pay from Your Phone?

Can’t tolerate Samsung Pay or just looking to declutter the App Drawer, then deleting the Samsung Pay from the device is the right option. Here’s how to delete Samsung Pay from any Samsung Phone.

  1. Unlock your phone and locate Samsung Pay from app drawer.
  2. Long press Samsung Pay app icon until you see Uninstall option.
  3. Tap OK to confirm.

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