Fix Android Auto Not Working on Samsung Z Fold 4/Flip 4

Fix Android Auto Not Working on Samsung Z Fold 4 Flip 4

Android Auto is one of the most helpful programs that control your phone on a bigger screen while driving across the city. It can be used for Navigation, Play Music, to Stream Videos, attending and Making phone calls, and many more without touching the phone. However, new devices sometimes don’t connect or show random errors, which can be a hassle when planning a trip to a new city.

If your Android Auto is not working on Samsung Fold 4 or Samsung Flip 4, this tutorial will help you resolve the issue, and possibly you’ll be able to use it for the next drive. Let’s start with the basic workarounds to fix Android Auto not working on Samsung.  

Fix Android Auto Not Working on Samsung Flip 4/Z Fold 4

Try Out Solution That Worked For Other:

Update Android Auto To Latest Version: Update Android Auto to it’s the latest version.

Change The Cable: Try using the Thunderbolt 3 USB-C Cable to create connect a wired connection with Android Auto.

Reasons why Android Auto Not Working?

  • Incompatibility Issues
  • Corrupted USB Cable
  • Outdated Software
  • Connection Error; wired or wireless

Whatsoever the reason is, let’s start with the potential solutions to resume Android Auto like before.

Does your Car Support Android Auto?

Well, before exploring other workarounds, make sure to verify that your phone and infotainment system are compatible with Android Auto.

To be precise, it works with:

  1. Samsung S8, S8 Plus, and Note 9 with Android 9.0.
  2. All Samsung Phones running Android 10.0 or above.

As far as Cars are concerned, you can check the Official List of Compatible Stereos and Vehicles which keeps updating whenever a new vehicle/stereo is added.

Make sure you’re falling under the compatibility list before using Android Auto. If yes, then jump to next solution.

Force Restart Device

A force reboot is highly recommended as it clears out all the possible minor glitches and conflicts that might interfere with connecting the phone to Android Auto. You might already have done restarting the phone, but Force Restarting phone is something highly effective.

  • Press and hold the Volume Down and Power buttons until the Samsung logo appears.

Update Phone and Android Auto App

Up next is updating the software and Android Auto app itself. Outdated Samsung OS and Android Auto App keeps causing random problems like this and ultimately break the system. Primarily, you can check the pending updates for the Samsung phone updates and thereafter the Android Auto App.

  1. To update Samsung: Go to the Settings app > Software updates > Check for updates.
  2. To update Android Auto: Open Google Play > Search Android Auto > Tap Update.

Check the Car’s System

Not all Car Infotainment systems work with Android Auto. There are said Car and Systems which are compatible with Android Auto. Visit the link to check the compatibility. Furthermore, check that you’re not connecting the phone to another Android Auto or Android Auto is not connected to any other phone.

Try Alternate USB Cable

In case when the Android Auto was working with Samsung Fold 4 or Flip 4, but now it is not working, then USB Cable could be damaged. Try connecting the phone to Android Auto using another USB Cable. Over time, the charging cable gets corrupted, use the original first-party USB Cable. Or borrow it from your friend or neighbor just to check the problem.


Why Android Auto Not Working after Update?

The updates are released to fix the ongoing issues, but often due to some incompatibility problems, Android Auto stops working after updates. In such cases, there are only two options: wait for a new update or uninstall the updates.

Does Samsung work with Android Auto?

Yes, Samsung works efficiently with Android Auto; however, with not all devices.
·       All Android 11.0 or newer running phones.
·       Google and Samsung devices running Android 10.0 or newer.
·       Samsung Galaxy S8, S8 Plus, and Note 8 with Android 9.0.
·       And from here you can check the Compatible Stereos that work with smartphones.

Why is my Samsung Fold 4 Not Connecting to Android Auto?

There are several reasons why Samsung Fold 4 is not working with Android Auto, like corrupt updates, defective USB Cables, incompatibility issues, etc. Read our article to know the quick solutions to fix Android Auto not working on Samsung Fold 4.

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