Guide To Fix Samsung Tab Keyboard Not Showing Up When Typing

Your latest Samsung Tab has a built-in on-screen keyboard, also known as Touch Keyboard. The keyboard appears automatically when required. For instance, when you want to type a message or professional email, the keyboard instantly appears on tap on the text field. 

However, owners experience the Samsung Galaxy Tab S keyboard not appearing, making it impossible to compose text. Reading this article means you might also go through the keyboard sometimes appears and other times not. If the Samsung Tab keyboard has stopped working for you, too, here is how you can fix it.

Samsung Tap Keyboard Missing Or Disappearing, Here Is How Can Fix It!

First Of All, Are You Using An External Keyboard?

Before troubleshooting, ensure you haven’t connected Bluetooth Keyboard To Samsung Tab. I am talking about a physical hardware keyboard. When the Samsung tab is connected to a physical keyboard, an on-screen keyboard will not show. To verify this is not, head to Settings > Bluetooth and look for paired devices. 

Use Default Samsung Keyboard

We always suggest using the pre-installed Samsung keyboard. As of now, using a third party can cause issues. To use the default keyboard, go to Settings > General Management. Choose Keyboard List And Default and hit Default Keyboard. Lastly, tap Samsung Keyboard. Now open any application, and tap on a text field to use a keyboard. If the issue continues, move to the next troubleshooting.

Optimize With Battery And Device Care

If multiple applications are running in the background, it will slow certain settings, eventually resulting in the issue. First of all, close all the background running applications. Head to Settings > Battery And Device Care. Scroll down and tap Optimize Now. Now open any messaging app, tap on the text field, and your problem will get fixed.

Restart Samsung Tab

Whenever you go with a Samsung keyboard that is not responding, you must try restarting the Samsung Tab. To restart, press the Power Button until the Power Off menu appear. Tap on Green Restart Options. However, if this isn’tisn’t work for you, try force restarting Samsung Tab. Press the Power + Volume Down Buttons for 10 Seconds. That’sThat’s It!

Force Stop Application

A minor app-related bug can cause the Samsung tab keyboard not to show. However, force-stopping can fix the bug. Long press on the problematic App Icon, and choose ” i Info Button.” Up next, scroll down, and select Force Stop.  

Clear Problematic App Cache

A cache is one of the most vital parts of an application until it isn’tisn’t corrupted. But if it gets corrupted, the App starts misbehaving. But fret not! It can get fixed by following the steps below.

  1. Go to Settings. 
  2. Select Apps.
  3. Choose a Problematic App from the list.
  4. Tap Storage and then hit Clear Cache. 

Clear Keyboard Cache

A corrupted keyboard cache is something you must never ignore. As it completely degrades keyboard capabilities and functionality. However, unlike the App cache, you can clear the keyboard cache by following the below steps.

  1. Go to Settings and hit Apps.
  2. Choose Sort Icon and select toggle next to Show System App. Hit Ok.
  3. Scroll through and select Samsung Keyboard.
  4. From the next screen, choose Storage.
  5. Tap on Clear Cache from the bottom right corner. Further, hit OK.

Uninstall App In Safe Mode

Usually, a corrupted third-party application can result in bugs or errors. In Safe Mode, they all get deactivated, and only the pre-installed ones are allowed to use. If Samsung Keyboard isn’t still working, you can try it out. Press the Power Button to reach Power Off Menu and long-press the Power Off Icon until the Safe Mode appears. Tap on the Safe Mode Icon. Once your device boots up to Safe Mode, try using the application. If you can use Samsung keyboard without error. Restart Samsung device to boot-up to a normal mode and start uninstalling applications one-by-one to fix the Keyboard problem. That’s It!

Update App

Samsung Tab on-screen keyboard doesn’tdoesn’t appear when using certain applications, such as WhatsApp, Instagram, FaceBook, etc. Check the application version; if an update is available, immediately tap on Update Button; that’s all!

Update Samsung Tab

Unlike the application, the version of OS also needs to keep updated to prevent various problems, including the Samsung Tab keyboard not showing up on Google. To see if the update availability, go to Settings > Software Update. Tap on Download And Install. Once the update is finished, the issue will get fixed. 

Samsung Galaxy Tab Keyboard Not Appearing, Contact App Developer Or Samsung Support

Currently, there is no solution left; the only is to report the issue to App Developer; at the same point, you can take help from Samsung Support Team.

Bottom Line

Most of the Samsung Tab keyboard disappearance issues will get fixed by any of the troubleshooting steps from the article. Have any feedback for us? Drop in the below comment box.

Why Is Samsung Tab Keyboard Not Working?

It can be due to various possibilities, but the most common bug is minor bug within the system or application, and corrupted keyboard cache. If you have the same issue, do follow guide to fix it.

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