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How to Remote Play Xbox Series S and Series X to Android/iPhone

The newly launched Xbox series X and S is something that offers a unique way to play a game. What I mean to say is that Xbox can be played through a smartphone or remote, isn’t it cool! Being able to play through a smartphone is one type of bonus to avid console players. No matter in whatever situation you can just simply hang on with remote play and a decent internet connection.

What do we need to play Xbox remotely? The players need a Microsoft account, Xbox app on the smartphone, stable Wi-Fi connection, and Xbox Profile. Once you have all this, continue to read this article to completely utilize the functionalities and features of Xbox.

How to Use Xbox Remote Play

Note: While playing the game on Xbox through a mobile device, the image quality undoubtedly decreases depending on how far you are from the internet connection and console.

  • First and foremost Download And Install Xbox App on your smartphone.
  • Simply turn on your console to register your Xbox series S or X.
  • Turn on the Remote Play aspect.
  • Go back to Xbox App and give a nickname to the console.
  • Switch on the Bluetooth on your smartphone.
  • Now pair the device with the controller by tapping on the Pair Button.
  • After completion of pairing, select the game you want to play and enjoy your day with the console.

How to pair your Xbox Series X and S controller

Presently, if your Xbox series S or X is linked with a smart phone, then you need to un-pair your Xbox series S and X console and follow the given below steps.

  • Enable the controller by hitting the Xbox Button.
  • Hold and release the Pair Key on the Xbox.
  • Continue pressing the Pair Key on the controller.
  • Now indicator on the Xbox Key will flash for searching the nearby console.
  • The Xbox Key will remain illuminated once it is connected with the console.

As we all know that if it is for the first time for you it could be quite tricky, so eventually, this article makes this process easy.

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Fix PS5 Controller Slow Charging or Not Charging Issue

Why your PS5 Controller is Not Charging or Charging Slow? Is your PS5 Controller’s Battery Draining Quickly? In this troubleshooting, we’ll show you some of the best potential solutions to fix the PS5 DualSense Controller charging issues. Keep in mind that you’re not the only one with this issue, there are hundreds of PS5 users who’ve reported charging issues after using it for the first time, and it’s not a big deal to fix if it is happening due to a software glitch.

Start with updating the PS5 Console.

PS5 Controller Not Charging or Charging Very Slow

Update PS5

After knowing about this issue, Sony has already pushed the software update for PS5, though it isn’t for PS5 controller charging problems, updating the console will resume the charging function of your DualSense controller, I’ve done it already. That’s why I’m recommending you to download and install the latest software update in your PS5 Console.

  1. Turn On PS5 and open the Settings.
  2. Navigate to the System option and select it.
  3. On the System screen, go to the System Software Update and Settings.Update PS5
  4. To manually update the System Software, select Update System Software
  5. While turn on Download Update Files Automatically and Install Update Files Automatically to update the PS5 automatically.
  6. If any update is available, PS5 will automatically download and install, and during that process, it may restart a few times. Seatback and relax, and make sure PS5 won’t turn off and stay connected to an internet connection.

Try Charging Controller using Back Port (Highly Recommended when Controller is Charging Slow)

Your PS5 Console has one USB-A Port in the front and two USB-A Port on the rear side, and needless to say, there’s one USB-C Port on the front. Which port are you using to charge the DualSense Controller? Front? Did you try charging the controller using the Rear USB Port? If not, then immediately plug the controller into the rear port and see if it works.

Tweak Rest Mode Settings on Console

This one is helpful. If the hardware isn’t faulty then you should tweak the Rest Mode Settings on the PS5 Console to ensure the charging functions correctly.

  1. Go to the Settings of the PS5 Console.
  2. Select System
  3. Then, select Power Saving > Features Available in Rest Mode.Supply Power to USB Port
  4. Go to Supply Power to USB Ports and set it to Always or 3 Hours.

Charge DualSense Controller with Alternate Cable and Power Source

Sometimes the Console may not be delivering the thorough power supply to the Controller, due to a corrupted cable or power source. In such cases, I’d strongly advise you to charge the controller using an alternate cable and use a Laptop or PC as a power source.

Clean the Charging Ports

The dust and debris could block the power flow and stop the charging. Therefore, make sure the charging port of the DualSense Controller and the Console itself. Do it carefully using a toothpick or blow some air.

Reset the PS5 DualSense Controller

The DualSense Controller can be separately reset to the factory settings, you will see a small hole on the backside of the controller, insert a paper clip for five seconds into the Reset hole which is next to the Sony watermark.

Buy PS5 Controller Charging Station

Here are the best and cheap charging stations for PS5 Controller are available on Amazon, check it out.

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How to Update Samsung Smart TV and Installed Apps

Samsung Smart TVs are no less than Samsung Phones or Tablets, from streaming Movies and TV Shows to downloading any App, everything is possible. At the same time, you should also look into the firmware and app updates, that bring major bug fixes, and adds new features to the TV. However, these firmware updates not always come up with new functions, but surely increases the stability and eliminates the minor bugs that you may haven’t discovered yet.

In this article, I’ll show you how to update Samsung Smart TV with Wi-Fi and without Wi-Fi. If you’re preferring without Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi isn’t working for you, then updating via USB Drive would be a great choice. In addition, also take a peek at how to update Samsung Smart TV Apps.

How to Update Samsung Smart TV without USB Drive

If you’re confident about your Wi-Fi connection, and Wi-Fi works perfectly on the TV, go with this stepwise guide.

  1. Connect your Samsung Smart TV to the Internet.
  2. Bring the Samsung Smart TV Remote and press the Home button.
  3. Go to the Settings and select it using the navigational buttons.
  4. Navigate to the Support option on the left sidebar.
  5. Choose Software Update.
  6. Select Update Now.
  7. Let the TV check for the available updates.
  8. Download and install the pending update on your Samsung Smart TV.

How to Update Samsung Smart TV using USB Drive

Make sure you have a working USB Drive, Internet Connection, and a PC/Laptop.

  1. This method needs a PC or Laptop to load the latest firmware onto the USB Drive, with an active internet connection.
  2. Click on the Samsung Support Download link on your PC/Laptop.
  3. Make a selection of the Samsung Smart TV from the list.
  4. If you don’t know the Model Number or Serial Number of the Samsung TV, visit the Settings > Support > About This TV. Note down the Model Code and Serial Number of TV. The same information about the Model Code and Serial Number adheres to the back panel of the TV.
  5. Under Manuals and Downloads, and Firmware click on the Download.
  6. Go to the Downloads folder of your PC. Copy or move and unzip/extract the Firmware Downloaded File in the root directory of the USB drive. Don’t move or paste the downloaded file in any folder or sub-folder.
  7. Power off the TV before plugging the USB Drive. Moreover, remove other accessories if connected to the USB Port.
  8. Now connect the USB Drive to the Samsung Smart TV and turn it on.
  9. Wait until the TV detects the latest firmware and start the update process.

During the ongoing update, make sure not to turn off the TV, or remove the USB Drive or unplug the AC adapter or perform any inactivity that could result in a firmware crash.

How to Update Apps on Samsung Smart TV

Instead of updating apps one by one, enable Auto Update on Samsung Smart TV any model.

  1. Turn on the Samsung TV, and make sure it is connected to Wi-Fi.
  2. Press the Home button on the Samsung TV Remote.
  3. Choose Apps
  4. Navigate to the Settings cog on the upper-right corner.
  5. From there turn on Auto-update.

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Tips and Tricks to Save PS5 Controller Battery Life

Most awaited PS5 is now available and already delivered to the people who have successfully placed the order. The brand new DualSense Controller is packed with incredible features that you won’t get in any other gaming console. Impressive haptic sensors, adaptive triggers, mesmerizing hardware, and its advanced features are enough to win the hearts of the gamers. Besides, compared to PS4 DualShock Controller, PS5 Controller is equipped with a 1560mAh battery which is 560mAh more than PS4 Controller, that’s a win-win and the best thing about the PS5.

Despite having a huge battery capacity, many gamers are reporting the rapid battery drain of the PS5 Controller. To overcome this, we’ve managed to gather some of the potential tips and tricks to save PS5 Controller’s battery.

How to Save DualSense PS5 Controller Battery? Best Tips to Save PS5 Battery

Reduce PS5 Controller Shutoff Time

By default the PS5 Controller goes off after 60 minutes of inactivity, meaning when you’re not playing games but streaming Netflix or YouTube and the controller is not in use, it’ll automatically turn off after 60 minutes. Why not lower down the PS5 Controller Auto-Shutoff Time and save the controller’s battery.

  1. Go to the PS5 Settings.
  2. Select Power Saving Settings.
  3. Select Turn Off PS5 Controller Automatically.
  4. Here choose 10 minutes.

Thereafter, the PS5 Controller will automatically shut off, when not in use for 10 minutes and to use it again, just turn it on as usual.

Power Off Controller Manually

Perhaps the best chance to save PS5 Controller’s battery is to turn off manually, rather than waiting for auto shut off. If you don’t need the controller for sure, and going for a ride, then it’s better to make a habit to turn off the Controller manually. I presume you know how to turn off the PS5.

Lower Down Speaker Volume

The PS5 Controller has its own built-in speaker and microphone, which adds minor sound effects when you play games, though major sounding comes from the external speaker of the TV or Stereo set. If you’re ready to compromise little sounding effects just to save the battery of the PS5 controller, here’s how to disable it.

  1. Open the Settings on PS5 Console.
  2. Select Accessories.
  3. Choose Controllers.
  4. Select Volume Control.
  5. From here reduce the speaker volume of the controller.

Dim the Brightness of Controller Indicators and Vibration Intensity

While the PS5 Controller doesn’t have a light bar like PS4 Controller, you can still reduce the brightness of indicators to save minimal battery. It’s not a big shot to improve the battery life of the PS5 Controller but recommended if you wish to use the last juice of the battery. At the same time, reduce the Vibration Intensity of the PS5 Controller.

  1. Go to the Settings on PS5.
  2. Choose Accessories.
  3. Select Controllers.
  4. Adjust the Brightness of the controller and manage the Vibration Intensity.

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How to Stream Videos from iPhone, Android to Xbox Console

If there’s a video stored in your android mobile or iPhone that you would like to watch, then why did not watch it on your Xbox Series X instead? Yes, you heard right, aside from gaming console the Xbox is a complete hub of entertainment that allows access to Amazon Prime, Netflix, and more.

At the same point, many of the android and iPhone users don’t know how to stream videos, Netflix, or Amazon prime on Xbox Series X. Under this situation, the best way is to go through this blog. With this blog, you can effortlessly play all the videos which would rather helpful in multiple scenarios.

How to Watch Videos from Android, iPhone to Xbox Console

What do we need to connect Android or iPhone to the Xbox Series X console?

To enjoy movies or videos with your Xbox, you need to install an application like iMediaShare, Airsync, AllCast, or Youtube.

What is Xbox DLNA?

A DLNA is a certified feature that searches and allows to share the content from one device to another device. Moreover, you need to install Xbox video to get access to DLNA with a particular Android device for streaming video and files.


The AllCast is a complete video streaming application that allows Android devices and iPhones to stream movies on various devices including Xbox or smart TVs. And mainly free to download from Play-store and apple store.

  1. To link AllCast streaming with Xbox compliances, tap on console’s Settings>Enable Play To.
  2. Swipe down and hit DNLA Proxy.
  3. On your device go to AllCast and search for a nearby device.

And finally, tap Xbox.iMediaShare

With iMediaShare, all your videos, photos, and songs are instantly visible to play on connected Xbox. This app automatically discovers any surrounding devices, all you need to do is just simply play video and song on the big screen. Moreover, the offers various flexible features such as volume adjustment, switch videos, and more.

  1. Firstly connect both the Xbox and iPhone with the same Wi-Fi network.
  2. Now tap on the Dashboard of iMediaShare and touch your Device Icon. Doing so will automatically detect the nearby device including the Xbox console.
  3. At this spot, a stable connection will be created between the device and Xbox.

DoubleTWIST iTunes Sync/AirSync&AirPlay

Same as the listed application, you need to connect the app and Xbox console with a similar Wi-Fi network to connect with each other.

  1. From your Android or iPhone device turn on File Sharing because some of the devices required to grant permission to share files.
  2. Download and install AirSync that comes with a built-in Music player and double TWIST Podcast.
  3. Now turn on the app on your console by tapping AirPlay and AirTwist for streaming.
  4. On your device, enable the free double TWIST application to stream stored videos on your Xbox console.
  5. When streaming is turned on, the app reflects streaming permission over the present network.
  6. Hit Double Twist Cast Icon to turn on your Apple TV by selecting Xbox as output.


Youtube is of the most extraordinary video app, which comes with pre-installed video streaming mechanisms. Mainly all the smartphones or iPhones come with pre-installed Youtube, if not, then go to the play store or apple store and download the application.

  1. Firstly, connect the device and Xbox with a similar network.
  2. Go to the YouTube application on your device and tap the Cast option.
  3. On your Xbox console navigate to the YouTube app and log in.
  4. Touch Settings and enable Pair Device.
  5. Your device’s YouTube will be visible on the screen, which turns blue after the completion of pairing.
  6. Now start streaming whichever video you want.


Why Xbox Series S or Series X Won’t Turn on? Get Solutions

The Xbox series X and series S is a well-known entertainment console, but just like various technology, it optionally has some issues such as it refuses to turn on. Unlike the other Xbox models it can be due to other root causes, and from it, many can be fixed by performing some of the effective workarounds.

When an Xbox series X, series S won’t turn on, the easiest to speak reason can be an issue with software, or hardware issue, or a firmware issue. If it is hardware-related, it’s better to hand to expertise. Whereas most other problems like power, firmware, or software can be fixed by yourself. So continue to read this article as it may help you to fix the issue.

How to Fix an Xbox series X, series S That Won’t Turn On

Solution 1: Unplug the AC Power

Firstly detach the power from Xbox Series S or X and press the power button until it completely turns off, then unplugs the power cable. For a while unplugged the cable for a minimum of 30-40 seconds. Later on, plug it and verify if still the issue is fixed or not.

Solution 2: Power Cycle Xbox Console

Power cycle your Xbox series S, and X which is quite similar to the first steps but more powerful compared to it. Press the Power Button to ensure the console is turned off. Now unplug the console from main power for 30 seconds. Lastly, plug it back in and verify the problem.

Solution 3: Check the Switch Board

Verify the power outlet is working. For that plug the electronic bulb into the power outlet. And if it works then there is no issue with the power outlet. Now just simply plug the console into another power outlet and see if it works. If not then take the console to expertise.

Solution 4: Try Alternate Cable

Use another power cable. Same as another electronic device the Xbox comes with internal power supplies, so if you have a similar power cable, and use it instead of the original power cable. if it works, you’ve just found the culprit!

Solution 5: Try Cleaning Console

Simply clean all the inside console. With the help of a blower clean out all the dust present in the console. After cleaning the console completely, verify the issue.

Solution 6: Check for Damage

Hold the Guide Key on the synced controller. If this synced controller works, enable the console by pressing the guide key. Now if the console easily works then the culprit is the power button. For that check, if your warranty card is still valid.

Solution 7: Contact Support

Still, if the Xbox won’t turn on, the only option left for you is to contact the Support team and elaborate on the problem. They will surely look at the issue and try to fix it.

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How to Setup VPN on Xbox Series S and Series X

Along with entertainment and games, the virtual private network is an essential mate for Xbox series X, series S users. In short, a VPN service is a mechanism that increases the security as it is one kind of encrypted tunnel that hides the activities between the main server and device, apart from this it improves the network performance. And for most of the Xbox series X, series S users, the lead advantage is no restriction over geographical sites. It allows you to get access to any data, videos, games, and more no matter in whatever region you are.

However, without a VPN it’s difficult to overcome all these challenges on Xbox series X, series S. So here is how to connect VPN with Xbox series X, series S with handy and simple steps.

How to Use a VPN with Xbox Series X, Series S

As we all know Xbox console doesn’t support VPN, so you’ll need to have VPN enabled PC with an unoccupied Ethernet port. If you haven’t set up your PC yet, you will need to do it manually or through a service application.

  1. Now connect Ethernet Cable between PC and Xbox that has been set up with VPN.
  2. Click the Start Button.
  3. Hit Settings.
  4. Select Network &Internet.
  5. Click VPN.
  6. Hit Change Adapter Options.
  7. Press right-click on VPN Symbol.
  8. Select Properties.
  9. Click the Sharing Tab.
  10. Click on the check box ahead of Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s internet connection.
  11. Choose the Select a private network connection box.
  12. Click your Xbox series X, series S Ethernet Connection.
  13. Hit OK.
  14. Select the Xbox Button on your series X, the series S controller.
  15. Go to and select Settings.
  16. Select the Network Tab.
  17. Tap Network Settings.
  18. Touch the Test Network Connection. At last, enjoy accessing the games and online service without offering footprint to an internet service provider. One thing to be noted is continuing to run PC as long as you use Xbox series X, series X.

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Fix Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Battery Draining Fast 2020

By adding Heart Rate Monitoring, Blood Oxygen Monitoring, Real-Time ECG Reports, Trip Detection, and several Health and Fitness oriented features, we can say Samsung is giving quite a competition to Apple. It is observed that Samsung Galaxy Watch 3’s battery lasts for up to 4 complete days on a single charge, and it does for people with normal use. However, if your Galaxy Watch 3 is facing battery draining issues and won’t last for a single day, you might want to get hands-on with these battery-saving tips Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, personally, I’ve stabilized the battery by following the same workarounds.

Besides, if you don’t want to compromise these features just to save battery, Factory reset the Watch. Sometimes, a Factory resetting the Galaxy Watch could improve the terrible battery life of Watch 3.

How to Improve Battery of Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

Reboot Samsung Watch 3

Previously people reported the same battery draining issues with Galaxy Watch Active and Galaxy Watch Active 2, and I happened to know, many users have stabilized the battery draining by a simple restart. Hopefully, it would resolve your issue too.

  • Press and hold the Home button and choose Power Off. To restart the Watch, press the Power button.

Update Samsung Watch 3

If you don’t want to take a deep dive into the ocean of awkward solutions, kindly update the Samsung Watch 3. This will eliminate every possible firmware bug and fix the rapid battery draining on Samsung Watch 3. Always keep your Watch up to date, otherwise be ready to troubleshoot a series of problems every new day.

Make sure to connect the Watch to the charger, to download and install updates uninterruptedly.

Update Directly from Galaxy Watch

  1. On your Galaxy Watch 3, open the Settings
  2. Tap General.
  3. Select the Watch software update.
  4. Read the notice, and tap on the Accept icon.
  5. Install the updates.

Update using Galaxy Wearable App

  1. Launch Wearable App on your phone to which the Galaxy Watch is paired and connected.
  2. Make sure to choose Home
  3. Tap Watch software update.
  4. Select Download and install.
  5. Hit Download, if any pending update is available.
  6. And lastly, Install

Turn Off Always On Display

Unquestionably Always On Display is one of the most needed features in any Smart Watch because we don’t have to press any button or lift the wrist to see Time and Notifications. At the same time, it is the major reason why Samsung Watch 3 Battery Draining Fast without heavy usage. I’d highly recommend you disable AOD on Samsung Watch 3 to save the last juice of the Galaxy Watch’s battery.

  • Bring the Quick Settings menu and hit the Watch always on option.
  • Alternatively, you can use Wake-up gestures in Galaxy Watch 3, just to avoid pressing the Back or Home button wake the Watch. Open the Settings app and tap on Advanced right inside the Galaxy Wearable app.

Optimize Battery on Samsung Watch 3

If you’ve downloaded loads of applications on the Samsung Watch 3, it’s time for you to keep a watch on their battery consumption. Like any other Smart Watch and Phone, you’ll find several apps draining the battery on Samsung Watch even though you’re not using it. In such cases, you’ve two options left, either enable Battery Optimization or remove battery eating apps, or do both.

  1. Launch the Quick Settings menu and tap on the Battery icon and rotate the bezel until you see Optimize battery, tap on it to turn it on.
  2. The same menu gives you access to the Screen timeout and other options, reduce Screen timeout, and tweak other options that you feel culprit.

Delete Unused Applications

Like I said, remove the unused applications from the Watch. To get a closer look at battery usage stats, launch the Galaxy Wearable app > tap on Home tab > scroll down to About watch and select Battery.

You should see the list of applications with battery usage. Determine and delete them if you find any app excessively draining battery even though you’re not using it.

Change Applications Sync Settings

Keeping many applications and settings in sync with your Android phone is an invitation to excessive battery usage. Like if you’ve enabled Do not disturb on your phone, the same will automatically turn on for the Galaxy Watch too. That’s why disable Applications Sync Settings if not useful for you.

  • Do not disturb: Settings > Advanced > Do not disturb > turn off Sync Do not disturb.
  • Music: Galaxy Wearable app > Home tab > Add content to your watch > turn off Auto sync for Music, if possible.
  • Images: Galaxy Wearable app > Home tab > Add content to your watch > turn off Auto sync.
  • Wi-Fi Profiles: Galaxy Wearable app > Home tab > Sync phone settings > Sync Wi-Fi networks and disable it.

Disable Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GSP have a serious effect on the Galaxy Watch, like Samsung phone, the Galaxy Watch also eats up a lot of battery in order to send you to push notifications, keeping the connection and of course GPS.

Among all of them, disabling Wi-Fi is recommended, as you can’t turn off Bluetooth if you dont want to break the connection between Android phones, and also if your Galaxy Watch supports GPS, disable it too.

Get Used to Darker Watch Faces

By default the Galaxy Watch is set to Dark Watch Face, to maintain the battery of the Watch. There are a plethora of Dark Watch Faces are available inside the Discover section of the Wearable app. It means, when you use Dark Faces, the pixels are turned off, which directly improvise the battery performance due to AMOLED Display.

Lower Screen Timeout and Reduce Brightness

It goes without saying, higher brightness and screen timeout, gradually increases the battery usage of the Galaxy Watch like any other smart device. Therefore, reduce the screen timeout and brightness on your Galaxy Watch.

Change Heart Rate Monitoring Settings

How often your Galaxy Watch runs Heart Rate Monitoring? Measure continuously? Well, to be honest, Measure Continuously is good for your health but it isn’t for your Galaxy Watch as it constantly drains the battery out of Watch.

However, it can be tweaked, go to the Heart rate monitoring widget, and tap on the Settings gear, select 10 min while still.

Factory Reset Samsung Watch

Here’s how to Factory reset Samsung Watch,

  • Open the Settings app > General > Reset.

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How to Pair PS5 Controller with Android and iOS/iPadOS: Stepwise Guide

Much awaited PS5 is finally here and available to buy, with the advanced hardware, custom GPU and CPU, speedy SSD makes the PS5 Console even faster and responsive to heavy games. Though, for many people, it was a dream to get the PS5 in 2020, because the eCommerce Stores have notified that they aren’t getting their PS5 console before 2021, and to some extent it is true. You can experience the power of PS5 Controller and precocious hardware even with any smartphones including Samsung, OnePlus, Pixel, iPhone, iPad, or any iOS and Android device.

Though not all the apps and games support the DualSense PS5 Controller, so if you can’t use the controller with any app or games, make sure to check the compatibility first. Much like PS4 Controller, you can connect the latest PS5 Controller to any Android or iOS/iPadOS device.

How to Connect PS5 Controller to Samsung, OnePlus, Pixel, or iPhone, iPad, or any Android Phone/iOS/iPadOS

Keep note that you can follow these stepwise guide to pair DualSense PS5 Controller with Samsung Note 20, Note 10, S20, S10, Samsung Tab S7/S7Plus, any Samsung Tablets, Google Pixel 4a, 4 XL, 4, 3a XL, 3a, OnePlus 8, OnePlus 7, OnePlus 6, iPhone 12 Pro Max, 11, XR, XS Max, iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad Mini and more.

  1. Disconnect PS5 Controller from PS5 console, and the best way to do that is power off the PS5 console.
  2. Now to pair the PS5 Controller with any Android or iPhone, put it into pairing mode, to do so, press and hold the Share button and PlayStation button at the same time, when you see Blue light blinking around the button, it indicates that the controller is searching for new devices.
  3. On your Android or iOS device, open the Bluetooth Settings, and ensure that Bluetooth is enabled.
  4. In the list of Available Devices in the Bluetooth Settings, look for the PS5 Controller, tap on it if you see.
  5. Wait for a few moments until the controller and the device connects with each other.
  6. You can play games and use PS5 Controller with any app once it is paired and connected to an iPhone or Android phone.

As of right now, older apps and games will support the next-gen PS5 Controller like Haptic Sensor, Triggers, and other features, therefore, make sure to update the apps and games from the respective store and see if it works.

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Why PS5 Won’t Turn On? Reasons and Easy Fixes

There are plenty of reasons why your PS5 won’t turn on even though everything is perfect. If you’re having this trouble just out of the box and using PS5 for the first time, it might be possible the console had a hard stroke and is damaged, or you haven’t connected all the cables correctly. But before coming to any conclusion, read this article, hopefully, it will guide you on how to fix PS5 not working and reboot it correctly, in case you’re following any incorrect way to run PS5.

Often people lay their hands on such high-end gaming consoles without having proper knowledge of how to operate and use it. No matter what, we’ll definitely show you the right path to turn on PS5 and play games.

Fix PS5 Not Turning On, Not Working

Check Power Cable and Press Power button Correctly

Did you connect the AC Cable precisely, many times people don’t completely plug the power cable, leave a gap and it results in a partial power supply? It’s hard to believe if your PS5 won’t turn on out of the box, however at the same time, there’s no guarantee that PS5 is defect free, hence, first verify this possibility and jump to the next solution.

Press the Power button carefully, there are two PS5 versions available, the Digital PS5 comes with only the Power button, while the regular PS5 console features two buttons, one is to turn On and Off PS5 and the other is the Eject button. Make sure you’re not using the Eject button to turn on PS5.

On top of that, look at the AC power cable, it plays a major role in supplying power to the console, and that’s why check the AC cable for cut or damage. See if you can borrow AC cable from your friend or use an older cable if you have one.

Unplug and Plug the Console to Alternate Socket

If still, PS5 won’t power on, try to connect the console to another socket. Possibly, that power strip or socket is defective and not delivering enough power to the PS5. Or you can check by connecting any other device to make sure the socket is not defective.

Replace the SSD

I’d not recommend this if your PS5 is still under warranty otherwise doing this will void the warranty. It’s like refreshing the console by removing and placing the SSD back in the console like we remove the RAM when the Laptop won’t turn on. This is an advanced step, so get techie on board or visit the Sony service center.

Visit the Sony Service Center

When none of the solutions help you to enable the PlayStation, it’s time for you to visit the nearest Sony Service Station. Let the technician take care of the PS5 and see what if they can do, and let them determine what’s stopping PS5 from turning on.

I highly don’t recommend you open the PS5 console on your own, it requires knowledge and a set of tools to open it.

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