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Does Samsung S23, S23 Plus, S23 Ultra Support S Pen?

For almost a decade, S Pen was an inseparable part of the Samsung Note series, but in 2021, Samsung launched Samsung S21 Ultra with S Pen, which was completely unanticipated. And the trend continued with Samsung S22 Ultra too. Now that Samsung S23, S23 Plus, and Samsung S23 Ultra are about to launch in the market, Samsung fans are eagerly looking for answers to make a decision on whether to buy the phone or wait for the next one.

Certainly, the most asked questions are, does Samsung S23 series supports SD Card, does Samsung S23 series support Fast Charging? Does Samsung S23, S23 Plus, and S23 Ultra support S Pen, and many more? We’re trying our best to answer all of your questions to make a fast decision without leaving any doubt. If you’re interested in Samsung S23, Samsung S23 Plus, or Samsung S23 Ultra, better be quick; pre-booking is already started and stocks are running out.

Does Samsung S23 come with S Pen?

No, Samsung S23 doesn’t ship with S Pen.

Does Samsung S23 Plus come with S Pen?

Unfortunately, Samsung S23 Plus doesn’t have S Pen.

Does Samsung S23 Ultra come with S Pen?

Yes, Samsung S23 Ultra ships with S Pen, with a dedicated S Pen slot.

Unfortunately, the standard Samsung S23 and Samsung S23 Plus models don’t come with S Pen support; hence, you will have to use your finger or go with a third-party stylus that doesn’t require a digitizer.

Why use S Pen with Samsung S23 Ultra?

S Pen was a crucial part of the Samsung Note series; people used to buy Samsung Note just because of S Pen. However, if you’re new to Samsung, many surprises are waiting for your way. S Pen was first launched with Samsung Note back in 2011. Since then, undoubtedly S Pen has improved drastically and brought a lot of capabilities to control and customize the phone actively.

From taking notes to drawing doodles, S Pen does a lot of wonders you can never imagine. Its precise fine tip ensures quick response, even better than fingertips, and believe me, S Pen is unbeatable when it comes to writing or drawing.

Indeed, two of the S Pen features we’re always excited to use are you can note down or draw doodles while the screen is off, and the second one is it can convert handwriting into proper text.

Recently, Samsung introduced Air Actions which lets you control apps, controlling music, and actions by just waving the S Pen in the air.

What Samsung S23 versions support the S Pen?

Out of all Samsung S23, Samsung S23 Plus, and Samsung S23 Ultra, only Samsung S23 Ultra supports S Pen.

Does Samsung S23, S23Plus, S23Ultra Support Fast Charging?

Finally, Samsung Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23 Plus, and Galaxy S23 Ultra is about to launched as expected, and if truth be told, most of the rumors came true, including the fast charging. Aside from fast charging, many Samsung fanatics were excited about the battery capacity of the Samsung S23 Series, but unfortunately, there’s no significant change. As often happens, the basic model, Samsung S23, ships with lower battery capacity compared to Samsung S23 Plus and Samsung S23 Ultra.

But that being said, Galaxy S23 Family’s powerful processors, new system chips, and Super AMOLED Display will play a vital role in improvising the battery life in your daily wear and tear routine.

What is the Fast Charging Speed of the Samsung S23, S23 Plus, S23 Ultra?

Samsung S23, S23 Plus, S23 Ultra Battery and Fast Charging Speed

Samsung S23 Ultra and Samsung S23 Plus support fast charging up to 45W, while Samsung S23 supports up to 25W. Out of the box, the Samsung S23 lineup comes with USB-C to USB-C Cable but no charging adapter. You’ll have to invest a few bucks to get the best fast charger for Samsung S23, S23 Plus, and S23 Ultra.

Though it’s not as fast as OnePlus or Xioami, but better than Google Pixel 7 and iPhone 14 series.

Can you use Wireless Charging with Samsung S23 Ultra, S23 Plus, S23?

Yes, Samsung S23, S23 Plus, and Samsung S23 Ultra support 15W Qi Wireless Charging. You can pick any Qi-compatible charger and use it with Samsung S23 Series, but the only downside of using a wireless charger is it doesn’t provide adequate charging speed compared to wired chargers.

What is best for Samsung S23 Series, Wireless Charger or Wired Charger?

If you’re wondering, you should use a wireless charger or a wired charger with Samsung S23 Ultra, S23, and S23 Plus, I’d say this is very perceptive. There’s no harm in either you using Wireless Charger or Wired Charger, its just a matter of speed, if you want your device to charge faster, then a wired charger is recommended as it delivers up to 25W fast charging on Samsung S23 and up to 45W charging speed to Samsung S23 Plus and S23 Ultra. While if you use Wireless Charger, the maximum charging speed is capped at 15W.

Do I need to buy a new charger for Samsung S23, S23 Plus and S23 Ultra?

There’s no need to buy a new charger for the Samsung S23 series, if you already have a Samsung compatible charger of up to 25W for Samsung S23 and up to 45W for the Samsung S23 Ultra, and Samsung S23 Plus.

Will the Samsung Galaxy S23 come with a charger?

Samsung no longer ships charging adapters with phones; you’ll have to buy separately.

Does the Samsung Galaxy S23 Series have MicroSD Card Slot?

There was a time when we didn’t have to search for whether the phone will support a microSD Card or Physical SIM because it was considered a fundamental part of any smartphone. Over time, phones have evolved like anything, from thin body to top-class features; you can’t just live without them. One of the major changes that really hurt people was the removal of microSD Card, especially from premium devices like Galaxy S, Note, Fold, and Flip series. So, if you’re still hoping for microSD Card support or wondering if Samsung S23 has microSD Card support, well, you’ll be disappointed to know that Samsung S23 doesn’t have a slot for MicroSD card.

Samsung S23, Samsung S23 Plus, and Samsung S23 Ultra don’t have dedicated microSD Card slots to expand storage.

Samsung S23, S23+, S23 Ultra RAM and Storage Options

Does Samsung S23 Series have MicroSD Card? Samsung S23 Storage Variants

Why is there no microSD card slot on the Galaxy S23, S23 Plus, S23 Ultra?

One of the reasons why Tech Giants like Apple, Samsung, and more, have totally eliminated the option to insert external storage is to keep the device faster and smoother. As soon as you plug any external storage into the phone, it will start lagging, freezing, and sometimes the app crashes too. Compared to internal storage, microSD Card functions slowly.

Another reason worth considering is you’re left with no choice but to go with higher storage variant in the first place, because there’s no choice of storage upgradation once you have purchased the phone. This is direct profit to Samsung, of course.

Third, to keep the phone thin and handy, you will have to sacrifice the SD Card.

How do I add more Storage to my Samsung S23 Ultra, S23, S23 Plus?

Either pay more money to get a higher storage variant in the first place or buy Cloud Storage. Samsung S23 (128GB / 256GB), Samsung S23 Plus (256GB / 512GB), and Samsung S23 Ultra (256GB / 512GB / 1TB) are available in these storage variants, and for causal usage, 128GB is enough. But if you’re a person who captures every small moment, I’d highly recommend you to go with at least 256GB. Otherwise, you’ll always end up crying for storage.

1TB is only available with Samsung S23 Ultra. However, another best alternative to storage solutions is buying Cloud Storage, where you can easily access photos and videos on any device without moving from phone to computer or vice versa. Furthermore, if you don’t want to invest in a phone and Cloud Storage, USB-C Type C Flash Drive works as a plug-and-play. Transfer documents, photos, videos, and heavy files, within no time from phone to computer or vice versa.   

Does the Samsung S23 Series have expandable storage?

Unfortunately, Samsung S23, S23 Plus, and S23 Ultra don’t have expandable storage. Its been years since Samsung stopped offering microSD slot to expand storage in its flagship phones, and the Samsung S23 series is no different.

Does the Galaxy S23 need a microSD Card Slot?

Well, it totally depends on your need; nowadays, both phones and computers are available in 1TB Storage and can be expandable in their way.

Guide To Fix Google Chat App Notification Not Working On Samsung Phone

If your Google Chat app notification not working on Samsung phone, be ready for confusion and frustration. It can lead to missing important messages, events, meeting details and times, etc. And manually accessing the App to check every time isn’t convenient.   

There are several reasons behind Google Chat app notifications not working on Samsung. You can’t pinpoint the problem as it isn’t yet confirmed. So let’s begin to fix it with basic troubleshooting steps. 

Close Active Gmail And Google Chat Browser Tabs On Your PC

Are you using Google Chat on your PC? If yes, it could be why you won’t get a notification from Google Chat on Samsung. At the same point, if you have integrated Google Chat with Gmail, exist Gmail first. And your issue will get fixed.

Check Internet Speed 

As we all know, Google Chat is an internet-based application, so the internet connection needs to be stable and uncorrupted. Slow Internet or Wi-Fi not working can cause problems, including not receiving notifications on Google Chat. At this point, troubleshoot your internet connection. And if it’s working as usual, move to the following workaround.

Allow Google Chat App To Use Mobile Data In Background

Allowing the application to use background data means app will use mobile data even if you are not active. Configuring such settings keeps application updated with recent or latest notifications. 

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Choose Apps.
  3. Search and tap on Google Chat from the list.
  1. From the next screen, choose Mobile Data. And enable the toggle next to Allow Background Data Usage. 

Check Google Chat Notifications 

First thing first, enable the in-app notifications. Here are the steps you need to follow. 

  1. Access the Google Chat App.
  2. Select Menu Icon from the top left corner. From there, choose Settings.
  1. Tap on the Toggle next to Mobile Notifications. If the toggle is already enabled, ignore these steps. 

Allow Notifications For Google Chat App

There are times where you intentionally disable the notifications for Google Chat App. Or you have accidentally turned it off; here is how you can allow notifications.

  1. Long press on the Google Chat App Icon.
  2. Select “i” Icon. 
  1. Tap Notifications. Enable the toggle next to Show Notifications. 

Check Your Google Chat App Status

Is your Google Chat status is configured to Do Not Disturb? Let’s check it out by following steps below.

  1. Navigate to the Google Chat App.
  2. Tap on Menu Icon from the top-left corner.
  1. Hit on the dropdown next to Google Chat Status and configure it to Automatic.  

Disable Do Not Disturb Mode On Samsung

Is this happening with multiple applications? If yes, it can be due to DND enabled on your Samsung phone. The feature aims to mute sound notifications from the application. Similarly, you will receive a call but with no ringtone sound. To disable it, swipe down the Notification Panel and tap on DND Icon. 

Enable Notifications For Individual Chats

Are you experiencing Google Chat notifications for specific groups or persons? Fret not; you might have individually disabled notifications for contact. Let’s check it out by below mentioned steps. 

  1. Open the Google Chat App, and access the chat you are having issues.
  2. Hit on Small Arrow next to the group or space. 
  3. From the next screen, select Notifications and choose Notify Always.

Force Stop Google Chat

Restarting an application is always an effective solution to fix the issues caused due to minor bugs or glitches.

  1. Long press on the Google Chat Icon.
  2. Choose “i’ Icon.
  1. From the bottom of the screen, select Force Stop.

Clear Google Chat Cache

Clearing Cache is an effective solution when the above troubleshooting doesn’t work for you. 

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Tap Apps.
  3. Select Google Chat App from the list.
  1. From the next screen, tap Storage. Lastly, choose Clear Cache.

Pro Tip: Tap on Clear Data if the clear cache didn’t fix it, but note it you will be logged out, and all application data will be cleared out.  

Google Chat app notification not working? Check For Update Google Chat App

Most of us disable the automatic updates to preserve Samsung’s battery simultaneously, increasing cellular data speed. But the downside is you have to update the Google Chat application manually. And if we miss an update, it can lead to an in-app issue, just like not receiving notifications on Google Chat. So check if your application is updated to the latest version or not.  

  1. Go to Google Play Store. Enter the Google Chat in the search field.
  2. If available, tap on Green Update Button. 

Remain Updated With Google Chat!

That’s it, folk! These are practical solutions to start receiving real-time Google Chat App notifications on Samsung phones. And I’m damn sure the combination of workaround worked for you. 

Guide To fix BeReal App Not Working On Samsung Phone

Just recently, a bug caused BeReal App not working on Samsung, causing frustration among the users. And the worst part is unlike Instagram and WhatsApp, there is no web version of the application. 

Fortunately, there are different ways you can try to BeReal disappeared issue. In this article, I make you go through 13 potential ways! So, let’s start with a basic solution first. 

Why BeReal Keeps Crashing and How to Fix It

Check Internet Connection

Before we begin with any troubleshooting, ensure your device has a strong internet connection. Being on a weak Wi-Fi or relying upon mobile data can cause BeReal not showing my friend’s post. 

Switching to an alternate Wi-Fi Network or performing a different way to enhance cellular data speed on Samsung can work. Do try it!

Turn Airplane Mode On/Off

Sometimes, turning on Airplane mode for a while and then disabling it can sort out network-related issues. Doing this will deliberately disconnect and potentially fix Mobile Data or Wi-Fi not working issues. 

Force Quit And Restart BeReal 

BeReal app can crash due to a random bug, or you have allowed the application to run in the background. Force quitting and refreshing the app can make you rid of errors. To do so, long press on the App Icon and choose “i” Info Button. From the next screen, click on Force Stop. 

BeReal Not Working Today? Check BeReal’s Server Status

Why Is My BeReal Not Posting? It could be to server issues or because the app is undergoing maintenance. If this isn’t the issue, you can go to Down Detector and check for outrage. 

Clear Cache 

Try Clearing BeReal’s Cache. Fret not, you will not be logged out, or no other data will be affected. It will only refresh the Temporary Files that help the application to run faster and better.

  1. Long press on BeReal App Icon.
  2. Choose “i” Info Button.
  3. Tap on Storage. 
  4. From the next screen, select Clear Cache. 

Tip: If clearing the cache doesn’t fix the issue, tap on Clear Data from the same screen. Do note it will log you out from the application and delete any modifications you curated in the application settings. 

Grant Camera And Necessary Permission

BeReal and any application are bound to crash if there is no required permission to do several tasks. So make sure that BeReal can get access to required features. 

  1. Go to Settings. 
  2. Choose Apps, and then select BeReal.
  3. Select Permissions, and tap on Camera to Allow. 

Check And Manage Your Samsung Storage

If your BerReal keeps crashing, especially downloading 4k Videos or heavy files, this could be due to low Samsung Storage. 

  1. To verify that you have efficient storage space, navigate to Settings > Device Care or Device Maintenance.
  1. If there is no such option available, search and tap Storage. This gives the storage space left in your device.

 If it’s low, try freeing up the space. Or please read our article on How To Delete Other Storage On Samsung

Restart Samsung Phone

Restarting the Samsung Phone can be an easy and effective way to resolve temporary bugs on your Phone. To restart, press the Power Button. From the Power Off Window, tap the Green Restart Button

Update BeReal App

If the app keeps crashing on a Samsung phone, it could be outdated. And what the case might be with BeReal. To update the application to the latest version, follow the below step.

  1. Go to Google Play Store.
  2. In the search field at the top, enter the name of BeReal.
  3. On the application screen, Install Button will be replaced with Update if an update is available. Tap on it to proceed with the update. 

Check For OS Update

Unlike the application, keeping OS updated to the latest version is vital. To do so, head to Settings > Software Update, and tap on Download And Install. If your phone is already on the latest OS, ignore it and move to the following troubleshooting. 

Uninstall And Re-Install Applications

Still reading the article means none of the above fixes resolve the BeReal app not working issue; re-install the application. 

Note: Re-installing App will log out from the application. 

  1. Access the App Tray.
  2. Search and long press of BeReal App Icon.
  3. Choose Uninstall. 

That’s It!

Reset Network Settings

If you have intentionally or accidentally changed Samsung’s Network Settings, it can deliberately cause apps from using the internet. However, resetting the network settings will bring the device back to the default, and that’s without losing data except deleting the Wi-Fi Password. Here are the steps you need to follow.

  1. Go to Settings. 
  2. Search and hit General Management.
  3. Tap Reset.
  4. Choose Reset Network Settings.
  5. Hit Reset Settings. Enter PIN or Password if asked.
  6. Lastly, choose Reset Settings.

Still BeReal Not Working On Samsung? Reset Phone Settings

The last resort in the array is Resetting Phone settings. This solution will bring the settings, such as Notifications, Permissions, etc., to the default. Follow the steps to do so.

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Choose General Management.
  3. Select Reset.
  4. Tap on Reset Settings. And then follow on-screen instructions. 


I hope the array of troubleshooting has resolved the issue. If something else worked for you and needs to be mentioned in the article, drop it in the below comment box.

Why Is BeReal Glitchy?

It’s due to a functionality problem since application calls every user to post at a similar time. The aspect is integral, so it can’t be neglected. And there is no answer why it’s glitchy.

Guide To Fix Samsung Tab Keyboard Not Showing Up When Typing

Your latest Samsung Tab has a built-in on-screen keyboard, also known as Touch Keyboard. The keyboard appears automatically when required. For instance, when you want to type a message or professional email, the keyboard instantly appears on tap on the text field. 

However, owners experience the Samsung Galaxy Tab S keyboard not appearing, making it impossible to compose text. Reading this article means you might also go through the keyboard sometimes appears and other times not. If the Samsung Tab keyboard has stopped working for you, too, here is how you can fix it.

Samsung Tap Keyboard Missing Or Disappearing, Here Is How Can Fix It!

First Of All, Are You Using An External Keyboard?

Before troubleshooting, ensure you haven’t connected Bluetooth Keyboard To Samsung Tab. I am talking about a physical hardware keyboard. When the Samsung tab is connected to a physical keyboard, an on-screen keyboard will not show. To verify this is not, head to Settings > Bluetooth and look for paired devices. 

Use Default Samsung Keyboard

We always suggest using the pre-installed Samsung keyboard. As of now, using a third party can cause issues. To use the default keyboard, go to Settings > General Management. Choose Keyboard List And Default and hit Default Keyboard. Lastly, tap Samsung Keyboard. Now open any application, and tap on a text field to use a keyboard. If the issue continues, move to the next troubleshooting.

Optimize With Battery And Device Care

If multiple applications are running in the background, it will slow certain settings, eventually resulting in the issue. First of all, close all the background running applications. Head to Settings > Battery And Device Care. Scroll down and tap Optimize Now. Now open any messaging app, tap on the text field, and your problem will get fixed.

Restart Samsung Tab

Whenever you go with a Samsung keyboard that is not responding, you must try restarting the Samsung Tab. To restart, press the Power Button until the Power Off menu appear. Tap on Green Restart Options. However, if this isn’tisn’t work for you, try force restarting Samsung Tab. Press the Power + Volume Down Buttons for 10 Seconds. That’sThat’s It!

Force Stop Application

A minor app-related bug can cause the Samsung tab keyboard not to show. However, force-stopping can fix the bug. Long press on the problematic App Icon, and choose ” i Info Button.” Up next, scroll down, and select Force Stop.  

Clear Problematic App Cache

A cache is one of the most vital parts of an application until it isn’tisn’t corrupted. But if it gets corrupted, the App starts misbehaving. But fret not! It can get fixed by following the steps below.

  1. Go to Settings. 
  2. Select Apps.
  3. Choose a Problematic App from the list.
  4. Tap Storage and then hit Clear Cache. 

Clear Keyboard Cache

A corrupted keyboard cache is something you must never ignore. As it completely degrades keyboard capabilities and functionality. However, unlike the App cache, you can clear the keyboard cache by following the below steps.

  1. Go to Settings and hit Apps.
  2. Choose Sort Icon and select toggle next to Show System App. Hit Ok.
  3. Scroll through and select Samsung Keyboard.
  4. From the next screen, choose Storage.
  5. Tap on Clear Cache from the bottom right corner. Further, hit OK.

Uninstall App In Safe Mode

Usually, a corrupted third-party application can result in bugs or errors. In Safe Mode, they all get deactivated, and only the pre-installed ones are allowed to use. If Samsung Keyboard isn’t still working, you can try it out. Press the Power Button to reach Power Off Menu and long-press the Power Off Icon until the Safe Mode appears. Tap on the Safe Mode Icon. Once your device boots up to Safe Mode, try using the application. If you can use Samsung keyboard without error. Restart Samsung device to boot-up to a normal mode and start uninstalling applications one-by-one to fix the Keyboard problem. That’s It!

Update App

Samsung Tab on-screen keyboard doesn’tdoesn’t appear when using certain applications, such as WhatsApp, Instagram, FaceBook, etc. Check the application version; if an update is available, immediately tap on Update Button; that’s all!

Update Samsung Tab

Unlike the application, the version of OS also needs to keep updated to prevent various problems, including the Samsung Tab keyboard not showing up on Google. To see if the update availability, go to Settings > Software Update. Tap on Download And Install. Once the update is finished, the issue will get fixed. 

Samsung Galaxy Tab Keyboard Not Appearing, Contact App Developer Or Samsung Support

Currently, there is no solution left; the only is to report the issue to App Developer; at the same point, you can take help from Samsung Support Team.

Bottom Line

Most of the Samsung Tab keyboard disappearance issues will get fixed by any of the troubleshooting steps from the article. Have any feedback for us? Drop in the below comment box.

Why Is Samsung Tab Keyboard Not Working?

It can be due to various possibilities, but the most common bug is minor bug within the system or application, and corrupted keyboard cache. If you have the same issue, do follow guide to fix it.

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Do Not Disturb Turns on By Itself on Samsung?These are Fixes

In today’s time, missing important emails, messages, and calls is quite frustrating. And this is what many Samsung owners are currently facing; since do not disturb automatically turns on for no reason. 

Unfortunately, you are not alone, as many Samsung owners usually report it. The best part is it can be fixed if you have a suitable array of troubleshooting. And that’s what we have mentioned in this article. Let’s follow up and fix it. 

Do Not Disturb Turns On By Itself Samsung, Here’s How You Can Fix It!

First Thing First, Is DND Really Disable?

In the case of a hurry or due to accidental touch, you might have to enable DND and forget to disable it once again. To verify if this is not the cause of an issue, swipe down the notification panel, and tap the DND Icon if it’s enabled. 

Ignore Pressing the Volume Down Button Repeatedly

Are you repeatedly pressing the Volume Down Button? If yes, that’s the reason for the DND issue. Nothing to do but ignore such activity. As it can lead to certain misunderstandings. 

Do Not Disturb Turns On Automatically, Check Haven’t Schedule It

The scheduling of DND is excellent to go since it allows you to enable or disable features as per the time you configure. To disable scheduled DND, swipe down the Notification Panel and long-press the Do Not Disturb icon to access it under the settings. Now tap on the switch next to the scheduled DND to disable it. 

Have You Setup Do Not Disturb In Bixby Routines?

Usually, it appears to Bixby Routines; Galaxy phones have pre-defined routines that get automatically turned on. To fix do not disturb keeps turn on, scroll up on your Samsung phone, then search for Bixby. In a result, you will get Bixby Vision, Bixby Routines, and Bixby. Choose Bixby Routines and clear out any of them. If you encounter a routine activating DND, it will definitely get solved.

Update Samsung Phone

Why does my do not disturb keep turning on Samsung? It can be due to an outdated OS. Yes, if your Samsung phone is running on older can lead to various issues, including do not disturb turns on by itself. To check for an update, go to Settings, and choose Software Update. Lastly, tap Download And Install if there is an update available. 

Restart Samsung Phone

Do not disturb enabled automatically can be a reason for minor bugs. And the best part is a normal restart can fix it. To restart the Samsung, press the Power Button until the Power Off Menu appears. From there, tap on Green Restart Button. And then check for the issue. 

Try Simulated Battery Disconnect Restart

Nowadays, Samsung devices come with inbuilt batteries, making them impossible to detach. Thus, it is recommended to simulate the battery removal on your flagship. If you can detach the battery physically, then you can go with it and ignore this procedure. Press the Power Button and Volume Button simultaneously until the device vibrates. And your issue will get fixed. 

Boot Device To Safe Mode

Have recently installed any third-party applications on your Samsung device, after which you going through DND issue? Since there are chances you might have installed badly or corrupted applications on your device. To check for the culprit, press the Power Button until the Power Off menu appears. Keep pressing Power Off Icon until Safe Mode appears on the screen. Tap on it, and your device will boot up to Safe Mode.

In Safe Mode, check if the same appears. If there is no such sign, it confirms the third-party application is the culprit. Now boot up to normal by restarting the device. Uninstall the third-party applications one by one, and your issue will be fixed.

Never Miss Important Notification

When do not disturb keeps turning on automatically, it can make you feel stuck in disaster? However, there is no need to perform a factory reset Samsung or carry it to the nearest service station. As you now have some of the practical solutions. Let me know which trick helped by dropping it in the below comment box. 

What Happens When Your Samsung Phone Is On Do Not Disturb And Someone Calls You?

Phone calls will convert to voicemail on your Samsung Phone. However, there will be no pop-ups or any other notifications.

Will I Recieve Calls With Do Not Disturb On?

When DND is activated on Samsung Phone, you will encounter text messages, receive calls, and other notifications. But your Samsung will not vibrate or ring in response.

What Is The Difference Between Do Not Disturb And Silent Mode?

The Silent Mode will complete silent Calls, Messages, and Notifications. In Do Not Disturb mode, you can permit some contacts to make calls and messages.

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[Updated] How to Use WhatsApp Status on Samsung: Don’t Miss

Whatsapp Status is one of the underrated features. Learn what it is and how to use WhatsApp status on Samsung and share better content with family and friends. 

We all are familiar with WhatsApp Status is, since we use it in our daily life. It lets you share your thoughts and memories in GIFs, Text, Photos, and Videos. Similarly, it enables you to be updated on what’s going on with your contacts. While WhatsApp Status initially seems like a Snapchat clone, a twist makes it out of the box.

How To Use WhatsApp Status on Samsung 

How To Create WhatsApp Status On Samsung

Whatsapp allows users to share up to 30 Photos and Videos to status. Best of all, you can share the link too. 

  1. Access the WhatsApp on the Samsung Phone.
  2. Swipe right to the Status Menu, and hit on the Camera Icon at the bottom right corner. Tap the Capture Icon in the center to capture photos or selfies. Long-press the Capture Icon recording videos. You can select photos from the Gallery from the same screen. The first image on the left is the most recent capture. Swipe right to left on the screen to go through all one photo. 
  3. Once you select the image, you can add photos, and personalized stickers, rotate, and edit. The videos will get trimmed for first 30 seconds.   
  4. If you want to jot down text in the status, tap on the Text Icon on the Status Screen. Additionally, you can add links and emojis. From the upper right corner, select T Icon to alter font color.
  5. Once you finish that, hit on the Status (Contacts). From Who Can See My Status Updates, select the one from My Contacts, My Contacts Except… or Only Share With… and tap Done.
  6. Lastly, choose Send. 

How To View Or Reply To WhatsApp Status On Samsung

On the Samsung phone, navigate WhatsApp and swipe to the Status Tab. You sell all statuses under the Recent Updates Menu. Please tap on the Contact to see its status. The Video and Photos will play on their own. And it will go away after a few seconds. Once you finish watching update from contact, you will automatically head to the next. If contacts update multiple status, you can do a lot more things.

Alternatively, Whatsapp allows viewing by tapping on the contact profile photo. 

Pause A Status: Long press on the screen while watching the status. The best part is that the Contact’s name will disappear so you can capture Screenshot.

Head Back To Previous Status: Hit on the left part of the screen or swipe left to see status of previous contacts.

Move To Next Status: Tap on the right part of Screen. 

Reply To A Status: While seeping the status, swipe up from the bottom screen to reply to a particular status. Doing so will open up the text field that includes emojis and attachment options. 

Find Out Views On Your WhatsApp Status Samsung

To check the view on the WhatsApp Status. Follow the steps below. 

  1. Go to WhatsApp > Status.
  2. Hit My Status. In this scream, you see the number of viewed your status. 

To know who recently viewed your status, open the status and swipe up from the bottom of the screen.

How To Change WhatsApp Status Privacy On Samsung

With the latest WhatsApp Update, users now have more control over it. However, predefined status are shared with all your contacts. But now, like Instagram, you can share your status with a selected person.

If you are willing to share with the selected person, tap My Contact Except and uncheck the people to which you don’t want. At the same point, to share with an array of contacts, select Only Share With and choose accordingly. 

How To Share WhatsApp Status Updates With Other Apps

You can share WhatsApp status update with different applications like Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook Stories, etc. 

  1. Navigate WhatsApp and choose Status.
  2. Select Three Horizontal Dots next to the My Status. Next, hit on Three Vertical Dots beside the status you want to share an update of.

If you want to share status to FaceBook Stories: Select Share to FaceBook > Allow. Furthermore, configure privacy settings and, atlast Share Now. You can select Share from the same screen at the same time. From the Share Sheet, select the app you want; that’s it!

How To Mute Or Unmute A Contact’s WhatsApp Status Update

If you have some of the annoying contacts and no longer want to see it’s status of them, you can mute them. When you configure it under the mute settings, the status won’t appear at the top of list.

  1. Access the WhatsApp App > Status.
  2. Go to Status Tab, long press contact, and then select Mute

In the future, if you have change your mind and are willing to unmute the status of contact, follow the same steps.

How To Delete A WhatsApp Status On Samsung 

If you have uploaded the wrong image or want to delete the status for personal reasons, you can firmly delete it. 

  1. Access the WhatsApp > Status Tab.
  2. Select Three Horizontal Dots and then go through the list if you have uploaded multiple images.
  3. Now tap on the Three-Vertical Dots next to status, and from the pop-up, select Delete.

How To Forward a WhatsApp Status On Samsung

For instance, if someone likes your status and willing to have same video or photo, you can now directly share it from the status. 

  1. Go to WhatsApp > Status.
  2. Select Three-Horizontal Dots next to My Status.
  3. And then tap Three-Vertical Dots and from the pop-up, choose Forward and from Forward To screen, select the desired contact. And then choose Send Button, that’s all!

Share Status On WhatsApp!

From now on, I can consider you familiar with what WhatsApp Status is and how you can use it on a Samsung phone. If you like this guide, give thumbs up in the below comment box!

What Size Of Video Or Photos Can I Upload On WhatsApp?

You can now upload images and video; it should be compressed to 16MB.

What Video Format Do WhatsApp Supports?

The video format mpeg4 and 3GP is supported by WhatsApp.

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How To Make a Checklist On Samsung

When taking notes, hundreds of options are available, some are free, and some are freemium. But when you have Samsung, there’s no need to invest in third-party notetaking apps like Evernote, etc. Samsung Notes is one powerful notetaking app featuring all the modern elements to keep you engaged with the Note Taking activity so you don’t forget to complete essential tasks. Thankfully, Samsung Notes can save pictures, voice notes, recordings, and text as a part of notes.

One of the most frequently asked questions regarding Samsung Notes is, does Samsung have a checklist? The answer is YES. Samsung Notes also supports Checklist. Create a checklist, and mark them closed once you’ve completed the task. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to create Samsung.  

How To Make A To Do List In Samsung Notes

Create Checklist On Samsung Notes

With A Samsung Notes App making a checklist is relatively easy. Open the App tray from the home screen, select Note App on your Samsung phone and follow these steps to make a checklist on your Samsung phone. 

  1. From the bottom right corner, tap on the Create Button.
  2. Give name to new note in the title field at the top of the screen and tap on Done on the keyboard.
  3. Then select Checklist Icon(Tick In The Square Box) from the keyboard.
  4. A Square Box will appear on the screen. Move forward and write down the work to do. Up next, tap on the Return Icon from the keyboard.

Carry on with the same procedure until you are done. At last, if you are willing to enter the text below Checklist. Tap on the Return Button twice to convert it into text. Type the note you want to enter. Tap Back Button twice, and the Checklist you have created on Samsung will automatically save. 

How To Share A Checklist Or Note

In simple words, a checklist is a note created inside the Samsung Notes App. If you have created one and are willing to share it with people, follow the steps below.

  1. To share, open the Checklist in the Note app you created.
  2. Within the notes, tap on the Three Vertical Dots at the top right corner of the screen.
  3. From the following pop-up, select the Share Icon. There you will receive four options; Samsung Notes Files, PDF File, Microsoft Word File, Microsoft PowerPoint File, Image Files, and Text File. Select the one and share it through the platform you want.

How To Collaborate And Create The Checklist Notes On Samsung Notes 

If you are willing to collaborate with multiple people on the same checklist notes, here is how you can do so.

  1. Go to Samsung Notes App.
  2. Choose Hamburger Icon (Three Horizontal Lines).
  3.  Select Shared Notebooks.
  4. Click on the + Icon.
  5.  From the next screen, edit and give a name to the Note. Now select Contact or Account and then invite the person by adding a credential. 
  6. Once you finish up, click on the Shared Note you have created. Tap on the Pencil Icon below and give Tittle to it.
  7. From the keyboard, right from the top row, select Checklist Icon(Square Box With Tickmark).

Now, press the Return Button to add Checklist once again. And tap Return for twice to enter the text below the Checklist. After this, all the changes made by you and shared contact will automatically get updated on Checklist Notes.

How To Stop Sharing Collaborated Notes

If you no longer wish to share the collaborated notes on the Samsung notes app, here are the steps you need to follow.

  1. Go to Samsung Notes App.
  2. Choose Hamburger Icon.
  3. Select Shared Notebook.
  4. From the list, select the name mentioned on Shared Notes.
  5. Then select Three Vertical Notes, remove Account, choose the Person from the list, and give further confirmation; that’s it!

Bottom Line

Samsung Notes is an all-rounder application. You can use to create a quick checklist and share it. Moreover, you can also export/transfer to the other device. Just step by step follow the above-mentioned guide and create a checklist in no time on Samsung Notes app.

How Do I Create A New Note In Samsung Notes?

You can create to enter the text using the keyboard or by drawing or handwriting on the Samsung screen. Moreover, you can insert voice recordings or images too. Access Samsung Notes > + Icon to create and perform such activities and tap Save.

What Is Write On PDF?

The write-on PDF app is best if you are willing to annotate PDF files. You can write down the notes directly in your PDF using it’s pre-defined tools.

Are Templates Available In Samsung Notes?

The best part is the templates are available while editing and creating a note; access the menu and select Page Templates; up next, hit on the desired template to use it on your note.

What Permission Are Required To Use Samsung Notes?

To use Samsung Notes, you will require Camera, Microphone, and Storage permission. To give permission, go to Settings > Apps > Samsung Notes > Permission. And atlast, configure three of them under Allowed Menu.

Can I Use A Different Background Colors For Notes?

Keep a note, background of Samsung Notes will always remain White. And there is no away to change it.

Why Won’t Samsung Notes Update?

First thing first, connect the Samsung phone to stable and active internet. However, to update Samsung Notes, tap on Menu > Settings. Up next, choose About Samsung Notes and update it.

I Locked My Note With A Password. Can I Restore A Forgetten Password?

Notes gets locked with Samsung Account. If don’t have access to Samsung Account, you will require to reset password. You will not allowed to Edit or View a locked Samsung Notes.

Can I Add A Samsung Note Widget To Home Screen?

Yes, you can configure the Samsung Notes Widget on your Home Screen for quick access to it. The procedure is same as you add other widgets.

When I Open A Note On A External SD Card, Why Is The File Read-Only?

Unfortunately, the Samsung Phone doesn’t allows to write and edit the notes stored on external SD.

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Fix Always On Display Turns Off Itself on iPhone after Update

Always On Display is quite a useful feature that offers glances about the time, calendar, and notifications. It’s the best way to quickly watch iPhone’s Battery level to Check If It’s Not Draining Faster. Being habitual of the feature makes it hard enough to live without it.

If Always On Display, turning itself off after an iOS update is distracting. So here is a simple and quick solution to get rid of the issue.

Fix Always On Display Not Working on iPhone after Update

First Thing First Check If Feature Isn’t Disable 

Is your AOD enabled? Most of the nothing big because misunderstanding can be a reason behind Always-On Display automatically turns off. Navigate to Settings, and choose Display & Brightness. And then tap Always On Display. Enable the toggle next to it. 

Your iPhone Is In Pocket Or Face Down

On the latest iPhone, the feature AOD will automatically turn off when it’s face down or in the pocket. This because it’s helps the device to save the battery from draining. 

Sleep Focus Is On

Users prefer using the Sleep Focus on iPhone to prevent distractions during sleep time. And that can cause AOD to turn off. So the check feature isn’t scheduled on iPhone; Navigate to Health App, select Browse Button and then select Sleep. Swipe down to Your Schedule and choose Full Schedule & Option—Disable Use Schedule For Sleep Focus.

Low Power Mode

Unlike Sleep Focus Mode, when Low Power Mode is turned on, the AOD feature will turn off. Since the aspect aims to long-last iPhone battery by implying the restriction on various aspects. To disable Low Power Mode, go to Settings > Battery and toggle to disable Low Power Mode. 

Your iPhone Is Connected To CarPlay 

Carplay is a safer and smarter way to use the iPhone while driving. When your iPhone is connected to CarPlay, you can get Directions, Make Calls, Receive and Send Messages and enjoy exploring your favorite music. This means everything visible on iPhone’s screen will appear on the car’s built-in display. And that could be why AOD is not working or keeps turning off.

To turn off CarPlay, navigate to Settings and choose General > CarPlay. From the list, the vehicle, and lastly, tap Forget This Car

You Are Using a Continuity Camera 

Continuity Camera is an aspect where you can use iPhone as a webcam with Mac. And when Continuity Camera is enabled under Settings > General > AirPlay And Handoff is enabled. The iPhone will automatically get detected by nearer Mac. And this could cause AOD not to work on the latest iPhone or iOS. So check if this isn’t the scenario with you. 

You Haven’t Use iPhone For a Long Time Or Move Away From iPhone When Paired With Apple Watch

Interestingly enough, Apple says that the AOD feature on iPhone will only work when you use it for a short time or move away from it when paired with the Apple Watch. At the same point, it also turns off and on if you have a scheduled alarm or sleep. Considering all these points can restrict the AOD feature to prevent the battery from draining. 

Force Restart iPhone 

In rare cases, some minor bug on iPhone might be a reason for AOD not working; but with a normal restart, it can get a fix. Press either the Volume Button or the Side Button. Drag the slider to turn off the device. Hold for a few seconds, and re-press the Side Key to turn back on the iPhone. And if this isn’t fixing the issue, Force Restart iPhone!

  1. Press and instantly release the Volume Up Button.
  2. Press and immediately let out the Volume Down Button. And then long-press the Side Button; when Apple Logo appears, let out Side Key.

Contact Apple Support

If none of the abovementioned tricks work for you. The last resort is to Contact Apple Support and ask for further assistance. 

Bottom Line

Always On feature is an admirable feature from Apple. But it can sometimes play wrong due to minor bugs or hardware issues. Hope so this troubleshooting guide can fix the problem. If you have further queries, drop them in the below comment box. 

Can You Edit The Always On Display iPhone?

Yes, you can now modify AOD by personalizing the iPhone’s lock screen with wallpaper, photos, with stylized colors, fonts, and widgets.

How Do I Enable AOD On iPhone?

To use AOD on latest iPhone, navigate to Settings > Display & Brightness > Always On Display. And then enable the toggle next to AOD.

What Is Benefits Of Always On Display?

AOD on iPhone, offers the quick glance to the time, widgets, and atlast important notifications received from app or person. Similarly, you can keep eye to check whether iPhone’s battery isn’t draining faster.

Does iPhone Always On Display Drain Battery?

During the testing it’s found the iPhone having wallpaper during AOD on latest iPhone will consume around 0.8% battery per hour and 0.6% without wallpaper.

Does iPhone Always On Damage Screen?

No, this aspect will not damage iPhone’s screen or cause any screen burn-in issue.

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