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2021 Samsung Pay Not Working On Android Device | Here’s The Fix!

Samsung Pay Not Working

Samsung Pay has the most valuable innovation done by Samsung in the mobile market. Million of android and Samsung users use it on the regular basis. However, we all know the as the technology is intriguing, it’s not possible without flaws. Users of Samsung Pay encounter petty errors such as Samsung Pay failed transaction, Samsung Pay not working android, or else Samsung Pay keeps not working on the Gas station.

If you are a user of Samsung Pay and facing several problems like incompatible app or else not Samsung pay not supported to the device. Well, here is the most effective workaround to fix the issue so continue to read the article.

Why Is Samsung Pay Not Working?

Restart Your Phone

We tend to let out the simple thing from time to time. “Why is Samsung Pay not working on my phone”, the first thing you need to do is simply restart your device. Usually restarting the device will fix all the remaining minor bugs that feature transaction failed in Samsung Pay. In fact, you need to make a habit to restart the device once in a week as a precautionary step.

Force Stop Samsung Pay

Sometimes the application misbehaves that ultimately results in the app keeps crashing. To prevent it, force-stop an app that will clear all the background and foreground activities. It’s the most preferable step when Samsung pay not working S10. To perform it, follow the given below steps.

  • Navigate to Settings.
  • Select Apps>Samsung Pay.
  • Hit Force Stop.

Assure Having Stable Internet Connection

To do a transaction through Samsung Pay, your device must have a stable internet connection. So keeping all the possibilities behind Samsung Pay not working after pie update it’s always good to verify that your device has a stable internet connection.

Look At Permission

To get the application to work smoothly, permission for various functions is required. So if you wondering NFC payments not working, it’s feasible that aren’t enable the permission perfectly. In this scenario, the only option is to re-enable the permission for Samsung Pay.

  • Navigate to the Settings>Application Manager.
  • Select Samsung Pay.
  • Hit toggle next to the permission option.

Remove And Re-add A Card

If you received Samsung pay not working on galaxy watch or android while doing payment through a particular card. Because there are high chances the card you have used might causing Samsung Pay crashing. To fix it! the best option is to remove and add the card.

  • Navigate to Samsung Pay>Menu.
  • Select Cards.
  • Choose the card you want to remove.
  • Tap on More Options>Delete Cards.
  • Hit DELETE.

Reset Samsung Pay

If there is an in-app-related issue then the only way to fix is to reset Samsung pay. Only thing is to remove all the card information before performing it.

  • Go to Samsung Pay>Menu.
  • Select Settings>Reset App.
  • Choose the option why you want to reset the Samsung Pay, lastly hit RESET.
  • Re-write PIN or enter biometrics to confirm.

Detach Phone Case

Always using a thick for phone can obstruct the NFC which is an integral part of Samsung Pay. Also, the MST gets block if the case has a magnetic or metal part. This is why we suggest detaching the case from your phone. After detaching the case if the problem has been fixed then the case is the culprit.

Ensure Date And Time Settings Are Correct

The date and time settings play an important role while using apps like Samsung pay. In order to do payment through such apps, you must date and time perfectly synced. If it’s not perfectly synced then you will encounter Samsung pay not working on s21. To verify the date and time settings, follow the given below steps.

  • Navigate to Settings.
  • Hit General Management>Date And Time.
  • Select Automatic Date And Time.

Ensure Credit Or Debit Is Working

Whether you encounter a Samsung Pay transaction error on the retailer’s payment terminal. Verify if the issue lies within debit or credit card, like insufficient balance, or issue with a transaction server, or else credit card or debit card reached the expiry date. To verify contact with the card issuer.  

Disable Power Saving Mode

If you want to prevent battery draining on an android device, the power saving mode is most powerful feature. However, the power-saving mode restricts several background features which ultimately results into Samsung pay stuck on verification. In such case, turning off the power-saving mode is a great solution.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Search and hit Device Care.
  • Tap Power Saving Mode.
  • Lastly hit the toggle next to it.

Update Samsung Pay

An outdated application can cause a crashing problem, so to fix it developer launches the fix minor bugs and add advancement in the application. Check if there is an availability of the update for Samsung pay on your google play store. If yes, then instantly update the app.

Contact Samsung Pay Support

If still the issue is not fixed, you can contact to Samsung support for help.

  • Go to Samsung Pay>Menu.
  • Hit Help>Contact Us.

Does Samsung Pay Works With Android?

Yes! Samsung is compatible with both the watch and phone. Only ensure that your android device is having Android 6.0 or higher.

Does Samsung Pay Have A Limit?

No matter whatever the invoice amount is you can use it with any retailer without any kind of limitation.

My Galaxy Watch 4 Not Connecting To Galaxy Store| Here’s The Fix!

Galaxy store not connecting

If your Samsung Galaxy store is not connecting or not working on Samsung watch 4. Or any other issue related to the Galaxy store on the Samsung watch. Don’t worry! it can be the petty bugs that can be fixed by performing the handy steps.

So here in this article, we have mentioned some workaround perform it on your watch step-by-step and see if the galaxy watch 4 not connecting to galaxy store is fixed or not.

Fix Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Not Connecting to Store

Force Stop Galaxy Store Application

From your watch, go to the App Screen, and hit the Recent Apps Symbol. Scroll up to the Galaxy Store Application and close it. Or else hit Close All.

Verify If You Have Stable Internet Speed

To run an application like Galaxy store your device should have a stable internet connection. So check if your galaxy watch 4 has a stable internet connection, if it has then go forward to next workaround.

Restart the Samsung Watch is an effective solution to fix the galaxy watch that cannot connect to galaxy store as it will refresh the watch memory and stop un-needed background features. To do so follow the given below steps.

  • From the Main Screen, press the Home Key until it features the menu.
  • From the menu select Power Off.
  • Once the device is shut down, wait for a few seconds and press the Power Key until the logo appears on the screen.

Check If the Permission Request

While installing the application, it always asks for permission request. And if you didn’t accept the permission request you might encounter my galaxy watch 4 not connecting to the galaxy store. So check if you have accepted the permission request.

Clear Cache Of the Galaxy Store

A corrupted cache in the application always decreases the performance of the device, as the cache is used to keep the shape application well. To fix it! follow the given below steps.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Tap Apps.
  • Choose the Galaxy Store from the list.
  • Hit Clear Cache.

Re-install the Galaxy Store App

Re-installing the application is always a great method as it downloads the app with fresh new files that help the app to run without causing any type of issue.

  • Navigate to App Screen that includes the app you want to delete.
  • Keep touching the Galaxy store Application.
  • Tap Delete Symbol>Check Mark.
  • Lastly, hit Uninstall>OK.

Reset The Watch

The last option is to reset the watch as it brings back the watch to the default settings. There are high that you have unwillingly set up the unwanted settings, which ultimately results in apps keeps crashing on the Samsung watch.

Well before resetting the watch, we recommend to back-up all the data stored in the Samsung watch. As resetting the watch will clear all the important data stored in the device.

  • Go to Settings>General.
  • Hit Reset>Done.

2021 How To Fix ECG Not Working On Samsung Watch 4 And Watch 4 Classic

ECG not working

Usually, bulky gadgets are capable to measure ECGs, but nowadays ECG can be measure using small gadgets like Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 series. With the present trend of adding health features the Samsung user while using it has encountered ECG not working on Galaxy Watch 4.

What is ECG in Samsung Watch? An ECG is a process that calculates the electrical activity of the heart. It measures and analyzes the heart’s electrical activities to instantly measure the heart to encounter the heart issue.

Fix ECG Not Working on Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic

Restart The Device

Firstly before performing any of the high-end workarounds, we suggest you to restart both your Samsung watch and phone. Because restarting the device will refresh all the memory and fix all the minor bugs present in the device.

Disable And Enable Bluetooth

If restarting both phone and watch doesn’t solve galaxy watch 4 ECG not working, enabling and disabling the Bluetooth on your watch and phone might help.

Clean Your Samsung Watch

Over time, debris and dirt may accumulate in your Samsung watch 4 classic. These impurities may affect to sensor from working accurately. So to remove this unwanted dirt, simply follow the given below steps.

How To Clean My Samsung Watch

  • Ensure that your Samsung watch is turned off. If not, simply switch off and detach it from the charger.
  • Detach the best leather for the Samsung watch, specially it’s manufactured using leather.
  • Use a lint-free and non-abrasive cloth and with the soft hand clean the surface of the Samsung watch along with the sensor.
  • After gentle soft cleaning, dry the Samsung watch using a non-abrasive cloth.
  • Now instantly restart the Samsung watch 4.

Setup The Health App

Ensure firstly, that you have set up the health app on your phone accurately. The health apps delivered the correct health-related data to your device.

Reset The Health App Settings

After performing the basic workaround and the effective workaround still not solving the ECG not working on the Samsung, it’s time to reset the health app.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Hit Apps.
  • Select the Health App.
  • Lastly, tap Reset.

Best GaN Charger To Buy in 2021 | Top Rated GaN Chargers

Best GaN Chargers

Of late, GaN charger has made a huge shout in the consumer technology world. Craved with different types of attributes, there are a bunch of advantages in comparison to the normal silicon charger, along with fast charging. Considering the important research of few hours, experts thought to research about the GaN charger review without you.

Considering all the important aspects of GaN charger we have line-up the best GaN charger to buy. So keep scrolling the article and learn what gallium nitride charger is? And select the best one for your device.

Best GaN Chargers | Why Use GaN Chargers?

What Is GaN Charger?

In the early days, GaN was used as a semiconductor to manufacture LED lights. It gives great output result to the LED light to bright up more even in the morning sunlight. Apart from these, it was also used in the solar cell used in the satellite. After getting the better result in all the formats, now the experts are using GaN, is that it produce low heat compare to the other charger.  

Why Is Gallium Nitride Charger Important Than Silicon?

Silicone is high used material in the manufacturing of semiconductors. No matter, whatever the limitation is, technology has not made the desired progress. On the other side, gallium nitride offers great advancement along with small size, less price, and more capable to charge the device efficiently compare to silicone.

Why Should I Buy GaN Fast Charger?

Size of Charger: Thankfully, GaN charger is well capable that it doesn’t require more components compared to a normal silicon charger. These factors allow the technician to make GaN charger more compact, making it travel-friendly essentials. Hence, an owner can look forward to increase flexibility and comfort. As this premium technology gains more popularity as this charger will never let you down.

Cost Saving: It’s truly said that GaN chargers are more expensive compare to normal silicon ones. But as they are capable to charge all types of devices efficiently. Makes you less dependent to carry extra essentials like circuit and filter component. Finally results in to cost-saving. In future, the price of those GaN chargers will eventually reduce as production will be done on the large scale.

Better Energy Transfer: GaN chargers transfer more efficiently compare to normal silicon charger. More energy will travel to the device rather than be lost in heat. Hence, charger passes energy to the device, results in to less time to charge the device. And ultimately results in to less consumption of energy bills.   

Improved Switching Frequency: the switching frequency of this GaN charger is higher as it supports wireless power transmission.  

Tips To Find The Right GaN Charger?

  • Bring Your Own USB-C Cable: Normally USB-C laptop charger has a wall wart design, along with a single chassis and prong that folds in the inner direction for handy storage. Moreover, the GaN charger doesn’t include the cable in the box, which means you need to buy a separate cable.
  • Mind The Second Port: Many GaN chargers in the nearer market come with dual ports through which you can extra essential like mobile, but it will decrease amperage from the main port.
  • Other Things You Should Consider While Purchasing GaN Charger Search for the Safety Icon Printed On the Charger.
  • Look at the Parameter Label.
  • Check the Compatibility.
  • Check the Warranty Of GaN Charger.
  • Check the Material Used to make GaN Charger.

Is My Device Compatible With GaN Charger?

  • Tablet, Laptops, Cellular Phones, Google Pixel, Samsung, iPhone

List Of Best GaN Charger | Top Review GaN Chargers

Amazon Basics

Searching for an affordable GaN charger, the Amazon basic GaN charger is the best choice, as it offers 30w to your belonging device. Considering the GaN attributes, it produces less waters and heat compared to a normal silicon charger. Apart from this, it comes with an LED indicator it turns blue when linked with the power socket. This GaN charger for laptops includes safety features to prevent overheating of devices. Don’t wait! Just allow the GaN charger to ring your doorbell.

Check out on Amazon

Hyper-Juice 66W USB-C GaN Charger

The hyper-juice is the high efficient GaN charger, which is an industry-tested charger that prevents the device from over-current, over-heating, and over-current. The more power GaN charger is craved with semiconductor technology is more compact charger compare to other chargers. As a compliment, this GaN USB-C charger comes with an EU, AU, and UK pin converter so it becomes a choice for you if you normally go on a business tour. What else you need, simply go for it!

Check out on Amazon

Anker GaN Charger

The flash-speed charger from Anker offers an output of 45W. It has a slim design and can charge four flagships simultaneously, plus it includes a USB-C port and 3 USB ports. Moreover, the ultra-slim Anker GaN charge is powerful and didn’t heat up when charging device. Some complimentary features come with improved efficiency, heat dissipation, and compact size. The box of GaN charger comes with a 5 ft detachable cable that completes your device hunger. Order it! As fast as possible.

Check out on Amazon 

Neckteck GaN Charger

The sturdy, high-speed charger is compact and offers a power output of 100w. Considering its size, the 100w USB-c charger is 30% compact than the MacBook charger. This results, handy to carry even in the tough situation. Along with the adapter, it has a 6 ft long cable that offers more flexibility. Don’t hesitate! This GaN PD charger is UL listed. Don’t waste your time, no option better than this.

Check out on Amazon


TECKNET is well-known for the best-quality GaN charger for laptops and smartphones. The best thing about this TECKNET charger is compatible with USB-PD charging which is usually found in both iOS and Android devices. You also receive high efficient charging even in the new iPhone 13 series. Take note, GaN charging works greater with USB-C so assure that you are using the right cable.

Check out on Amazon

Are You Planning To Buy GaN Charger?

The GaN charger doesn’t take time to earn a reputation in the market. Along with fast charging, the list of GaN wall chargers also assures the safety and durability of your GaN adapter.

All of the GaN charger reviews in the article are personally checked by the experts of seektogeek.com. So you can go for any of them without any kind of hesitation.

Best Tips to Save Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic Battery

save samsung galaxy watch 4 battery

It’s tough to live without the Samsung smartwatch these days, and with so much dependence on these nano gadgets, so we don’t want to receive the pop-up saying that “battery low, please plug-in charger”.

In this article, we have mentioned some of the effective tricks to save battery on Samsung watch 4. So continue to read the article and follow all the given below steps as it will definitely help to extend the battery life of the Samsung watch 4 and also prevent the Samsung watch 4 battery from draining fast.

Tips To Increase The Battery Life Of Samsung Watch 4 And Watch 4 Classic

Keep The Watch Updated

  • From the connected device, go to Galaxy Wear App.
  • Hit Setting Tab>About Watch.
  • Select Update Watch Software.

Use Black Watch Faces

As of now, all of us might be familiar with how the AMOLED display works and how to manage the AMOLED display to prevent battery drain. For those unaware, we are here.

The AMOLED display doesn’t have a backlight like a regular LCD. Rather all the individual pixels in the screen bright up when something is ON. Similarly, it remains off when not in use. Hence, the display having black wallpaper or else dark shades will not active all those pixels, which ultimately results into less consumption of battery. So we suggest to using only the black wallpaper to prevent the battery from draining.

Disable Unused Health-Related Features On Your Watch

If you are using the health feature in the normal situation results in to the battery keeps draining on the Samsung watch 4. To prevent battery draining we recommend turning off the health-related features on your Samsung watch.

  • Press the Power Button.
  • Select Samsung Health.
  • Scroll down and hit Health Menu for function to disable it.
  • Sleep: Hit Settings>Disable Switch>OK.
  • Heart Rate: Select Auto HR Settings>Never.
  • Stress: Select Auto Stress Settings>Disable Switch Off.

Clear Unnecessary Storage And Close Apps Running In The Background

The device is filled with corrupted data or else a useless app can be the reason the Samsung galaxy watch battery draining too fast. So to prevent it, it is necessary to clear all the data and background running apps.

  • From your device, head towards the Samsung Galaxy Wearable App>Settings.
  • Select About Watch>Storage>CLEAN NOW.
  • Select the Back Icon>RAM.
  • Lastly hit Clean Now.

Disable The Network And Bluetooth Connections On Your Watch

Unlike unnecessary storage, unnecessary features like Bluetooth or network-related features can affect Samsung watch 4 battery life. So it’s better to disable those features when not in use.

Disable Wake-up Gesture

Completely true! It looks super cool when your screen simply lights up all the time with simple raise off hand. But such features can form a serious impact on battery life. And especially for the people who do the sturdy works outside the house.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Select Advance and hit toggle to disable the Wake-up gesture.

Take Control Notification Settings

The unwanted receiving notification from the messages apps or emails or else pop notification from the social media application makes the smartwatch more in work. Ultimately results in galaxy watch 4 battery life decreasing. So simply those unwanted pop-up notifications

Disable Always On Display

Don’t think wrong “Always On Display” is a great feature on the Samsung galaxy watch 4. And we loved tracking the times and workout by simply raising the wrist. Even though Samsung claims that it doesn’t drain the battery, but according to the experts it’s one of the hungriest features. So if you enable this it’s better to disable it, as soon as possible.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Hit Display.
  • Select Watch Faces>Watch Always On.
  • Lastly, hit Switch to disable it.

Reduce The Screen Brightness

The increase in the screen brightness always results in the Samsung galaxy watch battery draining too fast. So to prevent it, simply decrease the screen brightness of the Samsung galaxy watch 4 classic.

  • Hit Brightness.
  • Hit the bezel to modify and adjust the brightness to the desired level.
  • Press the Back Key.
  • Hit the Auto Low Brightness to enable it

Decrease Auto-Lock Time

The longer the screen is ON, the more battery will be consumed. Therefore, try to decrease auto-time. Watch android offers you to choose from various options: 10 seconds, 15 seconds, 30 seconds, 1 minute, and 5 minutes. So select according to your need.

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Best Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic Band Replacements

Best Galaxy Watch 4 Classic Replacement Bands

Maybe you adore your Samsung galaxy watch 4 classic, but for a classy look, you might be looking for the best bands. Maybe you need something that reaches everyday needs or else searching for a brand new strap that looks perfectly fit. We are here to clear all your doubts and needs of, which band should I buy? If you want to include some sort of third-party straps for Samsung watch there are different varieties of options available in the nearer market.

Our experts have some of the best galaxy watch 4 classic straps, so continue to read this article and select one companion for your Samsung galaxy watch.

Best Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic Bands | 40mm | 44mm

Which Type of Galaxy Watch 4 Strap Should I Buy?

Well, it depends on you, what look do you want to achieve? You can go for a leather loop strap, office acceptable strap for Samsung watch, bracelet strap for occasional function, or else rugged woven nylon band. Also, the different watch bands come with a variety of closures as well, so if you are searching for stainless steel buckle for a Samsung watch, thankfully, they really exist.

List of Best Galaxy Watch Bands Amazon to Buy 2021

Shangpule Stainless Steel Band

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic Metal Band

No color is more versatile and timeless than black color. This is why the black stainless steel for Samsung galaxy watch 4 classic from Shangpule is the top pick. No matter, if you receive contrasting silver stainless steel or matching black, the overall band is height of sleek and swish. The stainless steel strap comes quick release lug in both ends, which holds the watch precisely. Also, adopt the folding clasp that holds the watch securely and prevents random falls and drops.

Buy From Amazon

Fintie Silicone BandSamsung Watch 4 Silicone Band

You can definitely love the watch band on Amazon less than $10, and you are a fitness freak then I will urge the users to go with Fintie silicon band. The finite band for Samsung galaxy watch 4 classic is made up of high-performance smooth silicon which is comfortable, durable, and swim-ready by nature. Same distance holes on the band offer adjustable length, plus, the instant release buckle offers an easy removing and wearing experience. Available in different varieties of colors, so that you can match with your outfit.

Buy From Amazon

Meliya Metal BandGalaxy Watch 4 Metal Band

This Samsung galaxy watch 46 mm band is made up of long-lasting woven stainless steel mesh which is quite fashionable by look. The mesh design makes the band breathable and lightweight, plus it’s available in different varieties of colors to match your different occasion outfit. For a handy release and lock experience, its craved with the strong magnetic buckle that securely holds the delicate watches. If you are thrilled about these fantastic luxurious bands, just grab one for yourself!

Buy From Amazon

OTOPO Genuine Leather StrapSamsung Watch 4 Classic Leather Band

This 20mm leather strap for the Samsung galaxy watch 4 classic is manufactured using premium quality leather. The leather pattern band is durable, lightweight, and dries, plus, if you are a sturdy outside worker or else fitness freak, then it dries up the sweat faster. For easy insert, the leather band comes with the pin on both the end, which can be easily inserted in the whole without using the tool. This best leather band is fitted to various sizes of wrist starting from 150mm to 205 mm wrist. If your wrist is such range, what else you are looking for, just go for it!

Buy From Amazon

Five Star Fabric Stretchy Nylon BandSamsung Watch 4 Nylon Band

This is the best nylon strap I have ever seen before, craved with a strong stainless steel buckle for an effortless adjustable size experience. The stretch elastic strap for the Samsung watch is made up of high-quality nylon that can be wash without worrying. Plus, the skin-friendly watch strap includes 2 pins on both ends that hold the watch firmly and securely. This durable textured nylon strap is available in dark green color, no matter whatever the occasion is, it will never let you down!

Buy From Amazon

GEAK Silicone Floral BandSamsung Watch 4 Rubber Band

The unique silicon floral band is something you can taste for. Simply personalize your look according to the outfit and mood with its advanced printing craft assures the fadeless and vivid patterns. Manufactured using sport silicon, which is durable, lightweight, sweat-resistance, and offers comfortable touch and feel to the hand. These women silicon galaxy watch band size strap for the Samsung watch 4 classic is suitable to wrist size between 140-215mm.

Buy From Amazon


All the mentioned straps are well-reviewed galaxy watch bands 46mm and 44mm for Samsung watch by the experts of seektogeek.com. So now you can go for one, without any kind of hesitation and confusion.

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Fix Twitter Not Working on Samsung Galaxy S21, S21Ultra, S21Plus

twiiter not working s21

Twitter won’t load on your Samsung S21 or S21 plus and you don’t know why it is happening? Not being able to go through the social news can be frustrating, especially when your device says it’s connected to Wi-Fi or a data plan. In this blog, we will clarify why Twitter is not working on your Samsung S21, S21Plus, and S21Ultra.

There are various factors behind the issue it could be a minor firmware issue or system bug or else an in-app issue. Don’t worry it could be fixed performing some effective mention below in this article

Why Twitter Is Not Working On Samsung S21Ultra, S21, S21Plus | How To Fix It?

Close Twitter And Open It Again

Before performing any high-end workaround, try closing all other apps and Twitter running in the background and see if it fixes the problem or not. It is feasible that this problem is due to a petty glitch and can be fixed by performing simple steps.

  • Hit Recent Apps Key to feature all background running apps.
  • Hit Close All.

Refresh Your Device Memory

Still, the culprit is not captured, it’s necessary to reach all the myths and solutions. Considering the memory there are chances of system glitches due to which twitter not working on Samsung is encountered. So the next thing you need to perform is to force restart the Samsung device. It will refresh the complete memory and services of the device, plus, reload all the applications.

  • Press the Volume Low Key and the Power Button. Doing so will trigger the smartphone to shut down and power back up.
  • When the Symbol appears, let out all the buttons and allow it to continue the procedure.

After the completion of reboot process, check if the Twitter not working on mobile data is fixed or not.

Ensure Its Not Widespread Issue

Usually, Twitter encounter server problem and that finally result into Twitter not working on chrome. So to see if it’s a widespread issue, go to DownDetector.com and search for Twitter, and see all the recent reports in the last few days. Or else you can compare the most commonly reported with issues you are recently experiencing. If there are a lot regarding twitter not working on Samsung, what you need to do is wait, twitter will fix the bug itself.

Verify The Time Zone Are Set To Update Automatically

If you are receiving an Invalid or Unauthorized username and password when trying to log in, this could be due to incorrect time zone settings. So firstly ensure that the time zone is set to update automatically.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Hit Date And Time. Ensure the option to Set Automatically is turned on.

Clear The Cache And Data Of Twitter App

If “why is Twitter not working today” is not fixed yet, the third effective solution is a clear cache of the Twitter app. The cache is a temporary file that helps the app to load faster, and if this cache gets corrupted you will continue to receive Twitter keeps crashing.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Search and hit Storage.
  • Hit Clear Cache and Clear Data.
  • Lastly, hit OK.

After the completion of the procedure, launch the app once again and see if Twitter keeps crashing Samsung s21 is fixed or not.

Uninstall Twitter And Re-install It

The last biscuit you can take a bite of is to reinstall the application. Doing so, will clear the old files of the Twitter application and install it with the latest version.

  • Go to Twitter Application.
  • Tap and hold on the icon of Twitter Application.
  • Hit Uninstall>OK.
  • After the completion of the procedure, go to Google Play Store.
  • Search Twitter on the search bar.
  • Tap on Install.

After the installation, re-write same Twitter credential you have entered before. And see if the issue is fixed or not.

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Fix Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Keeps Overheating: Battery Draining

Fix Galaxy Watch 4 Overheating

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is the nanocomputer itself, the only difference is the size of the gadget compared to the PC. But unlike the smart computer, the Samsung watch doesn’t come with cooling fans. So when you constantly use it throughout the day, you may experience galaxy watch 4 overheating or battery draining fast.

Whenever the gadget gets hot, its performance is needed to be considered. The more you use the Samsung watch, it handily gets hot. But if you use it often, still the Samsung galaxy watch keeps overheating, probably there is another culprit to look on. Also, many of them encountered the Samsung galaxy watch 4 overheating while charging. But there is no need to be worried it happens with almost every wearable and can be fixed by performing some of the handy workarounds.

Fix Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Keeps Overheating

Update Your Watch

It’s common! When the device having an old version of the OS there are high chances of Samsung galaxy watch overheating issues. So it’s better to see if there is an availability of an update. If yes, then instantly download and install the software update on Samsung galaxy watch 4. To do so there are two methods one through the smartphone and another itself from the Samsung wearable. If you are not fond of it simply follow the steps.

  • When your device and watch are linked with one another, you can update from the Galaxy wearable app. Open the galaxy wearable app on the device linked with the Samsung watch 4.
  • Hit Watch Settings>Watch Software Update.
  • If the watch highlight a Home Tab, scroll to and hit Band Software Update or Watch Software Update.
  • Lastly, tap Download And Install.
  • In some cases, you will need to hit About Band, or About Watch to open the software update menu.
  • Or else if you want to automatically update the watch over Wi-Fi network simply hit on the Switch next to “Auto-Download Over Wi-Fi”.

After doing so see if the Samsung galaxy watch 3 or 4 is fixed or not. If not go to the next step.

Free Up Storage

Got too much junk in the smart wearable! Want to clear some space to fix galaxy watch 4 overheating while charging. Follow the given below steps.

  • On the device connected with the watch, go to Galaxy Wearable App.
  • Hit About Gear or About Watch.
  • Tap Storage>Clean Now. Here you see the space captured by apps, images, videos, and audio files.
  • If you have installed lots of unused apps you can simply uninstall apps from the watch.
  • If you have an old music collection, which you never listen to. You can delete some songs to clean up more space.

Lastly having lots of collection images which already stored in the alternative devices, then you must try to clear them for more space. Press the Home Button>go to Gallery>More Options>Delete. After that select the images you want to remove, then hit Delete>Checkmark. Free Up Memory

Cleaning the memory stops the app running in the background, so your Samsung watch 4 will never overheat.

  • From the phone, navigate to Galaxy Wearable App.
  • Hit About Gear or About Watch.
  • Tap on the Memory Icon.
  • Deselect the apps you want keep running in the background, and then hit Clean Now.

Force Restart

The force restart always refreshes the device’s memory and keeps the device steady to prevent an unwanted situation like Samsung watch overheating when charging.

To force restart press the Up and Down Button simultaneously until the Samsung Rebooting appears on the screen.

Reset the Watch

The last option is to reset the watch as it is the first and last effective method to fix galaxy watch overheating. Before you reset the Samsung watch, we recommend back-up all the important data stored in the device. These will assure you can easily restore all the old data even after the reset. If you forgot to do so you will never receive old important data in your smartwatch.

Reset Through Phone

  • On your smartphone, go to Galaxy Wearable App.
  • Hit Settings Tab>Find My Watch>SET SECURITY KEY.
  • Next, hit Reset Watch>Reset.

Reset From Watch

  • In the watch, go to Settings.
  • Scroll and hit General>Reset>Done.


All of the above mentioned are well checked by the expert of seektogeek.com. If still the galaxy watch 4 overheating in a normal state is not fixed, we suggest taking the gadget to your nearer Samsung service center.

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Best Cases for Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 [40mm/44mm]

Your Samsung Watch 4 deserves the same rigid protection as your smartphone has, but many users always ignore about putting the case over the Samsung watch. Which results in a higher probability of damage due to random falls and drops.

So selecting the best case for Samsung watch 4 keeps the smart gadget safe without any kind of interfering with the performance and look. The given below list are some of the best galaxy watch 4 (44mm, 40mm) rugged case, once after the selection check out the tips and trick Samsung watch 4.

Best Cases for Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

Is a case better for a Samsung Watch?

If you are only worried about the scratches on the Samsung watch 4, a sturdy screen protector may be the top pick. Or else if you are willing to make the Samsung watch 4 more capable to intake the powerful falls and waterproof then you must try Samsung galaxy watch case 44mm or 40mm.

Goton Casesgalaxy watch 4 cases

Here’s is one of the best Samsung watch cases you search right now, offering a decent design and ready to battle against all odds. Constructed from premium PC material, the case for Samsung watch 4 intakes all the random falls and drops, plus the screen protector prevents scratches on the delicate screen. It also boasts the bezels, safeguarding the delicate watch display from indirect or direct impact.

Koconh Casesamsung galaxy watch 4 cases

Made up of premium quality metal electroplated PC material, which is lightweight, long-lasting, and not fragile by nature, offering all-round protection to the Samsung Watch. The hole position of the case are perfectly craved, allowing easy access to all the buttons present on the watch. The protector case from the koconh is thin, so it will never reduce vividness and brightness of the Samsung watch screen.

YUEGOO Caseprotective case s for samsung galaxy watch 4

Your Samsung watch will always be a threat to the random falls and scratches once it’s wrapped with the best galaxy watch 4 cases with a screen protector from the YUEGOO. The precision design of the cases is compatible with heart rate monitor BIA body composition measurement. Also, the case maintains the original touch and view experience without type interruption. Don’t need to detach the case if you are willing to use a wireless charger.

Spigen Casessamsung galaxy watch 4 spigen case

If you are a rugged outdoor worker, the Spigen case for the Samsung watch 4 is the top pick. This case well matte-finished adds a stylish modern look to your fashion. The raised bezels prevent the screen from the random falls and scratches. Plus form-fitted and slim design with precise cutouts offer easy access to the keys on the watch.

Eyamumo Casescase for samsung watch 4

This eyamumo case is suitable for both men and women, this case is made up of premium quality soft TPU material makes the case tougher and sturdy against all odds situations. It includes a screen protector which prevents the watch from dirt, dust, and scratches. The case will always offer original touch and feel experience without any kind of unwanted interruption. Available in three colors black, transparent, and silver.

Are cases worth to buy for Samsung Watch 4 series?

It completely depends on you. As you need to make the galaxy watch 4 waterproof earlier, a case is a must need for the Samsung galaxy watch 4. And if you simply want to protect the smartwatch against dust and dirt then there is no required of case, you can go for the best screen protector for the Samsung watch 4 series. Lastly, if you have more budget and an outdoor sturdy worker passing various adventures activities and chances damage are high, the best case for galaxy watch 4 is indeed needed.


All the above-mentioned cases for Samsung watch 4 series are well-reviewed by the expert of seektogeek.com. So without any kind of hesitation, you can go for one, if you are willing to have on your smartwatch.    

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Best Tips and Tricks for Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 [Both Models]

The things are different as the newly launched Samsung galaxy watch 4 has adapted Google wear OS. Apart from the UI and the new aspects like blood pressure and EKG, this smart swatch from Samsung comes with some tips and tricks to work. Not only it boost up the performance of the smartwatch, but you can also customize the smartwatch according to your preferences.

So if you are willing to make your smart-watch more powerful and handy to use just simply continue to read these article. As it will help to make your smart-watch more above your vision.

Best Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Tips & Tricks

Rearrange Applications

One of the most advanced customization in the Galaxy watch 4 is the app arrangement. While in all the previous models the application was arranged in the circle but now in the newest model it’s arranged in the hexagonal shape. And considering the default settings of apps, it’s quite difficult for you to perform the task effortlessly. But wishfully, it doesn’t need to have an technical knowledge to arrange apps as per your need, just simply tap and hold an application and move to the location of your choice, isn’t it cool?

Edit Quick Responses

Reviewing the Samsung watch 4, we have encountered that the watch allows you to send the handy sets to respond to the message you received. As we all know the default message are simply in the tune of NO, and YES but if you are willing to send some sort of long messages, then require to add new ones with the content containing the character of 30 words.

Bring All Important Complications Forward

Unlike the other procedures, the Galaxy watches 4 allows to customize the watch faces. The watch offers two face options either a minimal watch or an activity-focused watch face. As an add-on complementary, you can modify the watch faces and bring the complication to make it easy. For example, if you need a Barometer, AQI, to be visible on the main screen instead of other things, thankfully, you can do so.

  • To do so, long press on the Watch 4 watch face.
  • Hit Edit>Customize.
  • After that, hit on the complication spot and select one as per your need.

Customize Notification

The smartwatches are always considered as an extension of smartphones, in short, it contain the same features present in the smartphone. For example, whenever you will receive any notification the watch will vibrate, which is the major point of distraction. So to enable the notification for the app you want to be notified, follow the given below steps.

Go to Settings>Notification>hit the toggle next to the apps you want to be notified.

Sync And Send Songs And Music Tracks

The people have their bunch of songs which they usually listen and wanted carry to there each device, thankfully the Samsung galaxy 4 allows to do so within the fraction.

  • Go to Manage Content>Add Track.
  • Now the select the track>tap Done.

Edit Quick Settings As Per Your Needs

Quick panels are always great, no matter how many shortcuts you have added to your screen. For instance task performance, the smartwatch allows to edit the quick panel according to your need. To do so follow the given below steps

  • Go to Companion Application.
  • Hit on the Quick Panel Key.
  • Hit on the Minus Function you doesn’t need.

Enable Automatic Location Detection

As an advanced companion, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 comes with detection for running swimming and walking. Once it knows the time of exercise it will automatically log in all the details. Sadly the watch doesn’t come with automatic location detection and turning on the GPS is considered to be a huge battery drainer. But if you are a fitness freak who never misses a day, it’s good to enable location detection. this the only way to track the walk and calories burned by you.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Hit Samsung Health > select Auto Detect.
  • Swipe down until you encountered Record Location and hit Toggle.

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