Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 Lagging? How to fix it!

Many users have complained that their Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 is running slow. They are going through various problems, such as app loading slowly, music app crashing, battery draining faster, and even the touch screen responding slowly. However, the reasons behind the issue vary; it can be due to multiple apps running in the background, corrupted apps, low storage, and more. To tackle all these possible reasons, we have covered different solutions to fix the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 lagging. So, without any ado, let’s get started. 

Solution#1. Restart Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5

Traditionally solution to fix any problem, including Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 lagging, is restarting your device. For this, press and hold the power button until the power off screen appears. In the power-off screen, tap on the Green Restart Button. Once the restart procedure gets finished, check if it works for you. If not so, move forward to the next solution. 

Solution#2. Close All Background Running Apps

If multiple apps run in the background, it causes Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 lagging. Heavy-coded apps like Facebook, Instagram, and more are slow or laggy. For this, head to the Home Screen and tap on the Three Vertical Line. There, you’ll see all background running apps; swipe up all of them to close background running apps.

Solution#3. Delete Unused App 

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 handles multitasking very well, but if you’re running resource-intensive apps that are no longer useful, it could be a reason for the latest Samsung Z Flip running slow. In this case, we recommend deleting all unused applications. To do so, touch and hold on to the App Icon, tap on Info Button, and atlast, select Uninstall.

Solution#4. Clear Storage

Your Samsung Galaxy Z Flip show sign of declining performance or slowing down when there is insufficient storage space. Hence, in this scenario, you only need to delete unwanted photos, videos, documents, etc. that consume a lot of storage.

Solution#5. Software Update

Every month, smartphone companies like Samsung release software updates to fix the bugs, as well as new aspects and improvements. So if many Galaxy Z Flip 5 users are going through the same problem, then it’s obvious Samsung will do something. You should, therefore, install the latest software on your Samsung Z Flip 5 and see if the problem gets fixed or not. Here’s how to update your device. 

  1. Head to the Settings App.
  2. Tap on Software Update.
  3. Hit Download And Install. Wait for a while until the firmware gets updated.

That’s It!

Solution#6. Wipe Cache 

Another effective solution to Samsung Z Flip 5 freezes or lags is to clear the cache. Fuss not, performing this procedure will not affect data or files. To do so, follow the steps below. 

  1. Turn off your Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5.
  2. Press the Volume High and Power Buttons simultaneously until you feel the vibration. 
  3. Hold the button in place while letting out to bring up the Recovery Menu.
  4. Choose the Wipe Cache option by pressing the Power Key after heading to the opportunity with Volume Keys.
  5. To choose Yes, press the Power Key.
  6. Tap the Reboot Now option by pressing the Power Key

Solution#7. Factory Reset Flip 5

You can fix your Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 problem by performing a factory reset if none of the above solutions worked. Performing this will clear out all files, and apps will be removed from the phone, making it just like you have recently unboxed it. Thus, before performing this procedure, create a backup of all your data stored in your device. To do so, follow the steps below.

  1. Head to the Settings app on your Samsung phone.
  2. Tap General Management.
  3. In the Reset menu, select Factory Data Reset.
  4. Scroll down and select Reset.
  5. If prompted to reset, jot down a password or PIN and hit Delete All.

Re-configure the Samsung phone from scratch and check whether the issue gets fixed or not. 

Solution#8. Still, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 Lagging? Contact Samsung Support!

Suppose none of the solutions mentioned above has helped you resolve the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 stuttering, freezing, or lagging issue. In that case, the only option left over is to contact the Samsung Support Team. So you can contact them directly and ask for a further solution. 

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