Fix Samsung Watch 6, 5, 4 Not Reading Heart Rate

Samsung Watch 6 heart rate not working or heart rate monitor not working on Samsung Watch? Well, no worries, its just a minor glitch that we can easily fix. There are several reasons like software glitch, broken hardware or loose band, continue to read and let’s figure out a way to fix the heart rate monitor on Samsung Watch. 

Fix Samsung Galaxy Watch Not Reading Heart Rate

Remove and Wear the Watch Again

Heart Rate Sensors to work correctly, the fitting of your Samsung Watch must be perfect, lose fit or inaccurate fitting will not give proper heart rate reading in any case. Therefore, make sure that you’re wearing the watch in the right way and try to recheck the heart rate reading.

Keep note that don’t push the band too excessively to tighten up, otherwise it might break in a few days. 

Check for Dust and Dirt

Over the time, the Watch attracts foreign particles and covers up the important sensors including ECG Sensor. Though, there are many folks who regularly cleans-up the Watch, but if you’re not among them, remove the watch and check for the dirt particles. 

Bring a soft clean piece of cloth, and make sure to not use any chemical or liquid substance, it might damage the watch. Simply, clean the watch.

Reboot the Watch

Samsung Watch is just like a Samsung Phone, a lot of Apps, Software, Functions, are available at your fingertips. Samsung Watch 6 not reading heart rate or any Samsung Watch’s heart rate is not working, you should reboot the watch immediately. 

Press and hold the Power button and Back button until the watch reboots. Once the watch restarts, try recording heart rate.

Check for Software Update

Did you check for the updates? Do you regularly update the Samsung Watch? Well, Samsung regularly analyses and sends security patches and bug fixes through updates, but if you dont update the watch, you’re carrying the bug with you all the time. It’s better to update the Watch.

  • Launch Galaxy Wearable app in your phone.
  • Tap Watch settings.
  • Tap Watch software update.
  • And follow the on-screen instructions to start software update.

Tweak the Heart Rate Settings

Still if the heart rate monitor is not working on Samsung Watch 6, Samsung Watch 5, Samsung Watch then change the settings of the Watch and observe the watch. If it doesn’t work, then jump to next section and factory reset the watch.

  • Go to the Settings.
  • Select Samsung Health.
  • Tap Heart Rate.
  • Choose Measure continuously or Every 10 mins while still.

Factory Reset Samsung Watch

This is the last troubleshoot that you can perform on your own to fix the heart rate sensor of Samsung Watch. Keep note that doing this will remove all your data from the Watch.

  • Go to the Settings on your Watch.
  • Tap General > Reset.
  • Read the on-screen instructions and tap Reset.

Contact Samsung Support

A faulty hardware can also cause a failure, in that case, reach out to nearest Samsung Store and get it fixed.

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