Can I Use Google Pixel Watch with iPhone?

Second iteration of Google Pixel Watch is already launched and available in the market with better features and capabilities. Google Pixel Watch 2 is an Android-based operating system that may fascinate you to invest in this watch, however, you should read this article before placing an order. 

Unfortunately, Google Pixel Watch is not for Apple iPhone or Apple devices. Like, Apple dont allow Apple Watch to pair with Android devices, Google is also taking stand and won’t let you pair the Pixel Watch with any iOS device, which forcefully makes you to stick with either Android or iOS, when it comes to Watch or Mobile or Earbuds.

However, there are plenty of Smart Watches available, like Garmin, Fossil, FitBit, AmazFit and more, which work seamlessly with all the iOS devices. Filled with Health, Fitness and Accessibility features, which will make your day easy. 

Now, it’s very clear that you cannot use Samsung Watch and Google Pixel Watch with any iOS device, but if you cannot afford Apple Watch or are bored of using Apple Watch, many other companies are offering wide compatibility without restricting the pairing. 

What are the best alternatives of Google Pixel Watch for iPhone?

Well, you can opt for Garmin, Amazfit, Fossil, Casio, Fitbit, etc. All of these brands work perfectly fine with iOS, and Android devices without any hiccup or compromising any feature. 

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