Best Free Calendar Apps for Android in April 2023

Best Calendar Apps for Android in 2020

Scheduling every day of our life is the most difficult task, I think everyone has to deal with when they woke up early morning. One day you have to attend a business meeting, another day it is your friend’s birthday, attend a family function, remember your bae’s birthday or your own anniversary and there’s a lot waiting for you. Unluckily, if you ever forget to attend one of those days, then, believe me, you’ll have to prepare yourself for the upcoming battle with your friend and beloved ones.

To avoid those clashes and smoothen relationships alongside, completing work before the deadline, why not use these best planner apps for Android. Look at our collection of best free calendar apps for Android.

Best Calendar Apps for Android

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is one of the most well-known calendar apps for Android devices. The official Google app helps you to defend time and makes every day useful. It delivers various ways to highlight your calendar and quick shift between days, week, and month. The Google calendar app is handy to run. The events from fight, hotels, birthday, and other functions are automatically added to it. Along with this, you can also compute your goals to make yourself a perfectionist.

It is also known as all in one calendar, can collaborate with all calendars in your device, including exchange. Free to download available on Google play store.

Click here to download Google Calendar

DigiCal Calendar

The DigiCal Calendar has clean UI and various agenda views to plan schedule easy and quick. It is one most considerable and flexible app for Android. It allows you to sync and exchange the information & event with Google calendar. You can schedule an event with the help of planners that offers overall views of all your function or event. One of the best advantages of this app is it notifies you about public and 560k+ holidays, no matter from which country you are.

It comes with lots of features like a weather forecast, pre-installed searching for a location, energy saver at night, and various color options to differentiate your events. Compatible with all android devices 4.4 and above. Free to download available on Google play store.

Click here to download DigiCal Calendar

Calendar FreeCalendar Free App

The calendar app is the most delicate and handy to run the calendar app for android. It is a new way to explore and note at professional, business, and tech events happening. In a nutshell, it offers simple features like security, live event status, and set priority of functions. Compatible various types of languages, no matter from which country you belong too. Moreover, it helps you to create, edit the event and allows you to share through email or SMS.

No need to worry about data loss because it has backup and recovery mechanisms. Supports all android devices 2.3 and above. Free to download available on Google play store.

Click here to download Calendar Free

Calendar Widget Month + AgendaFree Calendar App for Android

The Calendar Widget Month + Agenda is a combination customizable calendar widget with agenda view and month view. With the help of this app, you can add a new and attractive calendar. The calendar widget will composite with the main screen of the device. The app automatically syncs with Google calendar to highlight the forthcoming event. It allows you to create the event selecting the date and time on a particular day. There is a various highly optimized feature like shows events from Facebook, colorful maker to highlight a particular event.

Initially, this app has 7 days free trial version with no limit. After that, it will ask you to purchase a license key to access various features. Compatible with all android devices 4.0.3 and above. Free to download available on Google play store.

Click here to download Calendar Widget Month + Agenda

Business Calendar 2, Agenda Planner & OrganiserBest Planner App for Android

Business Calendar is a complete overview of your events, it is handy to run and offers highly mechanized tools for scheduling and planning your task and appointment. It is listed in the essential android app of 2018. There are varieties of calendar widgets available so you can select a desired one. It has an input voice feature so you can directly add tasks, birthday, and event without typing. It also provides a smart suggestion for a location, attendees, and title based on previous entries. There are pop notification features that notify for an upcoming event.

You can also send alerts to the participant through email or verify the task directly through the notification panel. It easily syncs with Google calendar, outlook, Microsoft Exchange, etc. Compatible with all android devices 4.4 and above. Free to download available on Google play store.

Click here to download Business Calendar 2

TimeTree – Free Shared Calendar

TimeTree allows you to relate the event on a single app. The app was also awarded as the best calendar app of 2015. The “full month” aspect highlights the upcoming events and shows by the month. It has a color-coded mechanism, so you can differentiate monthly and weekly events to assist in a better way to attendees. Notify every group to keep them alerted. And can easily sync with other calendars to keep a record of your upcoming personal events with Time Tree.

The memo feature can be shared with other attendees and help you to plan to create small notes, events, and functions. Through multiple calendars, you are allowed to create multiple calendars and can share amongst coworkers, family, and friends.

With the help of “My Schedule”, you can see multiple calendars events on a single page. It supports various languages, no matter from which country you belong to. Compatible with all android devices 5.0 and above. Free to download available on Google play store.

Click here to download TimeTree – Free Shared Calendar

Calendar + Schedule Planner AppPlanner Apps for iOS

Calendar + allows managing the business programs and events from a single app. Moreover, the calendar from Google account can sync automatically to highlight programs, event, and consultation alert all on one single app.

Let you modify the calendar with personalized options and views. Offers a quick scheduling feature to add or modify the new event. It makes powerful home widget functionality, let you compute the desired widget on the main screen. There is a professional home screen widget theme available modern, translucent, darkness and much more.

Download it and start scheduling important for electronic personal or business calendar events. Compatible with all android devices 4.2 and above.

Click here to download the Calendar + Schedule Planner App

Holiday Calendar 2020Holiday Planner Apps for Android

The holiday calendar has a simple feature and beautiful User Interface. The app delivers details of holidays, festivals, and events. This app contains global calendar, that list out upcoming holiday of the desired country, no matter which country you belong too. It is designed with high mechanized features like add calendar shortcut, various colors to differentiate the holiday, easy swiping from one month to another, allows adding personal detail, and much more.

The mentioned features don’t have hidden purchase, completely free and no ads. Compatible with all android devices 4.1 and above. Free to download available on Google play store.

Click here to download Holiday Calendar 2020

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