Best Apps for Breaking News Alerts On Android in 2023

Best Apps for Breaking News Alerts for Android in 2020

Finding the best apps for breaking news alerts in 2020 is a fairly time-consuming and complicated process. Even if you end up with a news app, there is no guarantee that the particular app will send breaking news alerts on your Android device. So we are here with another article that will sort out all the confusion of what’s the best app for breaking news Android or the best News Apps for Samsung, here’s everything covered. These apps is will keep you up to date with the world’s latest headlines on the go, whether it is Politics, Sports, Movies, or any other controversies.

Not all people can manage to read a newspaper or blog magazines or podcasts, but since, the technology has moved ahead to the next step, why not take advantage of it and download the best news app for Android in 2020, to directly hit the major headlines and stay updated.

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12 Best News App for Breaking News Notifications on Android

1. PocketNews headlines app android

Pocket News App tops the list when it comes to storing the news to read it later and in offline mode. It offers a large collection of news blogs like The Guardian, Washington Post, New York Times, Business Insider and more, to deliver all the latest tech and other news in a single app. Tired at the office? Then Pocket app features hands-free and eyes-free learning with its Listen feature. Or even if you love to read the articles, there is no harm to eyes, because its interface is great.

Click Here to Download Pocket from Google Play

2. Must for Movies & TVBest Movie News App for Android

If your main purpose to download the breaking news app on Android is to stay updated with the latest Movies and TV Shows, go with Must for Movies & TV app. It is a great way to keep track of what’s new coming this weekend or what movie should I watch? Everything is covered by this app. Share the news with friends and plan your weekends.

Click Here to Download Must for Movies & TV from Google Play

3. AP NewsBest Breaking News Notification App for Android

The AP News has a huge team that covers all the latest trends and news all over the world. Only want to read the Top Stories? Then merely tap on the Top Stories tab and spent your precious time reading the news that matters to you. Other than that, AP News is also well-known for covering Sports, Movies, Travel, Controversies, and other categories. Though the AP News is full of ads, you may get harass with the ads popping up while reading the news.

Click Here to Download AP News from Google Play

4. CNNBreaking News Headlines App Android

You can’t miss a New Network like CNN, which is popularly known for Cable News, and now they have made all the news over a CNN app. Access all the trending stories and CNN originals that won’t be available on any other network, but CNN. Though for those, who are a fan of Visuals, then CNN is waiting for you, it covers and shows the news in Videos even though it is an Android app.

Click Here to Download CNN News App from Google Play

5. The New York TimesBest News App of 2020 for Android

The New York Times is one of the US’s most popular news sources and well-known for sending breaking news alerts on Android phones. However, The New York Times isn’t available to download for free, you’ll need to pay $15/MO or $130/Year to read articles and enjoy all the basic features of the app. From the latest news to entertainment, this app has covered your back with all the stories on the go. Both video and audio, options are available.

Click Here to Download The New York Times from Google Play

6. RedditBest News Notification Alert App

If you are searching for a combination of entertainment and social news, Reddit Newsfeed for Android is the best option for you. Many users don’t know what is Reddit? It is blending of news aggregator, social media and message panel to share your experience with the reader. Reddit is well-known for having the intended community and also provide a chat feature option. Same as the Reddit website, Android application provides millions of attractive topics. You can also subscribe to the desired topic and gather some knowledge. It is one type of knowledge center.

Click here to download Reddit from Google Play

7. Google FeedGoogle News Feed

Google feed is a simple way to get news. You can select the desired topics in the settings and the app highlight more topics related to your search on the internet. You will get fairly regular feeds about the topic you have shown interest earlier. It is hard to deliver your opinion on the genuine sites that’s one of drawback. Additionally, it also displays the related topics that you have searched 6 months ago. It’s superficial and it delivers other aspects as well. That makes it an attractive option.

Click here to download Google feed from Google

8. FlipboardFlipboard News App Android

Flipboard is the most popular news app. Flipboard allows you to create a custom feed on your desired site, news source, and other stages. It is flashy, that differ it from other news feed app. Additionally, it has features for things like discovery. The UI of the Flipboard contains large images and fun animation that gives it an attractive look as digital magazines. It is completely free to download, available on the Play Store.

Click here to download Flipboard from Google Play

9. BBC NewsBest News Alert App for Android

At just one tap it delivers the latest news from every country. It is known for delivering non-sensational and unbiased news. The only app that offers the authority over the data shared by the application. The live-streaming section comes in a different map and even enlarge the news feed section within the application. The BBC news app allows you to modify the background syncing off and notification settings. It is a free news app available on the Google Play Store.

Click here to download BBC News from Google Play

10. Podcast AddictBest Podcast News App for Android

The Android app upholds YouTube, Chrome-cast support, Podcast playlists, and even supports definite news feed. It brags storage of 450,000 podcasts. Furthermore, you can select the desired source. We can say it good all-in-one solutions for news feed applications. It is the blend of a podcast app and RSS readers. There are numbers of RSS reader and podcast app, but there is no better option than Podcast addict.

Click here to download Podcast addict from Google play

11. Smart NewsBest Free News App for Android

The name itself says that it is the best news app for Android. The app searches the trending news article and places it under each topic. It runs the same as News360 and the News Republic and other apps. It analyzes the numbers of news sources and prescribes top news. One of the best thing about this app is that it has “Smart News Mode” that highlight your news with low graphics when there is a slow network.

Click here to download Smart News from Google Play

12. FeedlyFreedly News App

Feedly is one most popular app in the category of RSS reader. It works the same as Flipboard. You can build your profile for news from the desired place. It comes with collaboration with Twitter, OneNote, Facebook, and many other social platforms. Furthermore, you log in to your profile through phone and computer through there website. All the services in the app are free and easy to use.

Click here to download Feedly from Google Play

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