13 Best Ultra-Thin Clear Cases for Galaxy S20Plus in 2023

Clear Cases for Galaxy S20

Protecting and upholding the pristine condition of the Galaxy S20Plus is really hard until you choose to buy the best case for Samsung S20Plus. However, many users, don’t want to add bulk by covering up the phone with a case, but I can assure if you buy one of the best clear cases for Galaxy S20Plus, you will get quality safety alongside, preventing the back from scratches.

Besides, the clear case reflects the real shine of your Galaxy S20 Plus, at the same time protecting it from accidental drops. Another benefit of covering up the phone is you get great to resell value compared to roughly used devices, consider it as a small investment on your Galaxy S20Plus.

Best Samsung Galaxy S20Plus Clear Cases in 2020

ESR-Soft Case with Air Guard CornersESR-Soft Case with Air Guard Corners

The ESR has designed Air Armored clear case for Galaxy S20Plus with extraordinary durability and protection to your device. Its hybrid material is a combination of hardback, ultra-flexibility and helps absorbing shocks that usually happen while accidental drops. However, the front screen, as well as the cameras of your Galaxy S20Plus, is highly secure from scratches.

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Spigen Ultra-Slim Crystal Clear CaseSpigen Ultra-Slim Crystal Clear Case

While preparing a list of best Samsung S20 Plus Clear Cases, we can’t forget to include Spigen Crystal Clear Case. Without adding much bulk to your device, it can provide reasonable protection against daily scratches and bumps. This series of Spigen is the very first choice for the people who love to cover their device with clear cases, because it covers your Galaxy S20Plus, but still you can access all the buttons, ports and cameras with its precise design.

You Can Buy Spigen Clear Case from Amazon

OtterBox Dual-Material Clear CaseOtterBox Dual-Material Clear Case

Another reputed brand that delivers the best protective case for Galaxy S20Plus is OtterBox. Preserving the slim profile of your device, it is made up of dual-material that can easily fight and save your device from drops, plus, it is easy to install and remove all the way. You might find this case, a bit expensive than Spigen and ESR, but it is worth buying.

You Can Buy OtterBox Case from Amazon

Daisy Floral Flower Clear CaseDaisy Floral Flower Clear Case

For a change, we have included a flower pattern case for Samsung S20Plus; however, it is transparent with constructed with soft TPU for maximum protection and maintaining the lightweight of your phone. The case is printed with the natural eco-friendly decal print, for perfect finishing and stylish look. At only $12, you can assure overall protection to Galaxy S20Plus.

You Can Buy Daisy Floral Flower Case from Amazon

TORRAS Thin Case for Galaxy S20PlusTORRAS Thin Case for Galaxy S20Plus

This case has received the highest positive reviews, so I don’t need to explain why should you go for this case. Nevertheless, we will still highlight a few key points such as it is made up of Odor-free Bayer TPU gel material, continuing the lavish look of your Samsung phone. Normally clear cases turn yellow after using it a few months, but this case won’t.

You Can Buy TORRAS Thin Case from Amazon

Miracase Shock Absorbing Anti-Yellow CaseMiracase Shock Absorbing Anti-Yellow Case

The Miracase clear case comes in handy, to show off the Galaxy S20Plus but also want to protect the edges as well. Similar to other clear cases, this case is also strengthened with Hybrid TPU material for greater flexibility and protection. Meanwhile, if you wish to charge Samsung S20Plus wirelessly, go for it, there is no need to remove the case to charge Galaxy S20 on the wireless charging pad.

You Can Buy Miracase Case from Amazon

WATCHE Magnetic Mount Clear CaseWATCHE Magnetic Mount Clear Case

Here comes another clear case, but with additional Magnetic Mount, feature to secure the phone while using on the go, along with keeping up tight while you drive. Generally, magnetic mount cases are bulky and of cheap color combination, this is much different than other smart cases. Its frame is highlighted with black color and also the ring is of black color to give a phone vibrant look.

You Can Buy WATCHE Case from Amazon

Schnail Metal Frame Case for Galaxy S20PlusSchnail Metal Frame Case for Galaxy S20Plus

The only difference between WATCHE and Schnail case is, of Magnetic Mount, while both of the cases have a metal frame to stand against drops and reinforced corners to keep the screen and camera away from the surface. Its back is clear, just like water, also supports wireless charging and guards from sharp objects. Three color options are available, Red, Black and Iridescent.

You Can Buy Schnail Metal Frame Case from Amazon

Galaxy S20Plus Slim Fit Clear CaseGalaxy S20Plus Slim Fit Clear Case

If you are looking for a case who barely comes in the eyes of the third person, then take a look at this one. It is entirely designed for better protection, TPU edges with enhanced grip, and thin-profile to keep the Galaxy S20Plus in its original state. And, the precise cutouts ensure easy access to camera, ports, and speakers.

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i-Blason Clear Bumper Casei-Blason Clear Bumper Case

i-Blason’s Bumper Case provides clear scratch-resistant back to draw special attention to your phone. Also, it has a built-in screen protector that fits perfectly to your Galaxy S20Plus and sets fine with the case. The port can be covered with given port guards, to prevent dust, dirt, and moisture from entering into the device.

You Can Buy i-Blason from Amazon

Caseology Crystal Clear CaseCaseology Crystal Clear Case

The Caseology Crystal Clear Case designed with reinforced corners that absorbs the bumps and shocks. Its flexible TPU material ensures greater protection while keeping the Galaxy S20 Plus slim fit, without adding much of bulk to your pockets. Although, the accurate cuts and responsive buttons give the final touch to the phone and works normally with the wireless charging pad.

You Can Buy Caseology from Amazon

Speck Clear Case with Side GripSpeck Clear Case with Side Grip

If you are looking for extra protection, then check this Speck Clear Case with an excellent grip. Look at the design, the innovatively crafted case will let you use the phone without worrying about drop damage and knife cuts. They say the Samsung S20 Plus can bear damage when dropped from 13-foot after covering with this case. Raised bezels secure the front display when placed upside down, from dust and scratches.

You Can Buy Speck Clear Case from Amazon

Raybeon Clear Bumper Case

Raybeon is a big name when it comes to accessories, its ultra-thin clear case for Samsung S20 Plus costs only $8. Perfectly crafted, to fit the phone end to end, easy access to the Camera, Charging Port, Speakers, and other hardware functions. Don’t worry it won’t get yellowish after using it for a few months.

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