How to Change Refresh Rate on Samsung S20[Ultra], S20Plus

change refresh rate on Samsung S20
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For a very long time, Samsung is been making dedicated displays for Samsung Phones, looking at the quality, the supply chain of Samsung is broadened and as of now, various popular smartphone companies are buying high-resolution displays from Samsung. Eventually, no one can compete with Samsung, in terms of display. Coming to the latest flagship of Samsung, the Galaxy S20, looks like there’s something more to know about its display and resolution. You may have heard about refresh rate while buying Gaming Laptops or your friend may have asked you about refresh rate while playing high-end battle games on phones.

One of the offbeat features that had been rumored prior to the launch of Galaxy S20, was that the Galaxy S20 lineup may come with a 120Hz refresh rate, and guess what, the rumors were true. The Samsung S20, S20Plus, S20 Ultra all of these devices can change the refresh rate to 120Hz.

I would like to discuss what is 120Hz refresh rate on Samsung S20 and what are the benefits of using high-refresh-rate on Samsung phones.

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How to Change Refresh Rate on Galaxy S20 to 120Hz

What is 120Hz Refresh Rate?

As of now, high-end smartphones are packing up with 120Hz display panel, Samsung has already released the Galaxy S20, with 120Hz and OnePlus’s next phone may come with the same. The 120Hz refresh rate is responsible for smoother operations while playing high refresh rate games like PUBG, Fortnite, COD, and more. The high-resolution display boosts scrolling, touching and user interaction, much faster.

However, using a display with a 120Hz refresh rate has only one downside, a quick battery drain. If you are using Galaxy S20 at a 60Hz refresh rate, the device will consume less power and the 120Hz refresh rate doubles up the battery usage.

What are the Benefits of Using 120Hz Refresh Rate on Galaxy S20?

If you are gamer, then always play games by turning on a 120Hz refresh rate on Samsung S20, S20Plus. Otherwise, for normal use, it’s okay not to use the high refresh rate, because it will directly affect the battery of Samsung phones.

How to Turn On 120Hz Refresh Rate on Samsung S20, S20Plus, S20Ulta?

The Galaxy S20 is packed in the box with a 60Hz refresh rate, so if you want to change, here’s how to turn on the 120Hz refresh rate on Samsung.

  1. Open the Settings of your Galaxy device.
  2. Tap Display.
  3. Select Motion smoothness.
  4. Select High refresh (120Hz).
  5. To make changes, tap Apply.
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