Best DIY Apps for iOS and Android in 2020

    Best DIY Apps for iOS and Android

    Starting a new DIY project for the first time is really difficult, there is no guarantee that the project will successfully complete or at least it will begin correctly. You need some of the best tools, more experience, quality materials, sufficient tools, and indeed Confidence. But then, DIY Apps comes in the picture, if you follow guides, howtos, steps of these best DIY apps for iOS and Android, definitely you’ll learn something new if you don’t leave this article in middle.

    Thankfully, there are dozens of devoted DIY applications available including, Furniture DIYs, Home Décor DIYs, Mobile DIYs, and more. We’ve listed some of the best DIY apps for Android and iPhone to download for you.

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    Best DIYs Apps for iOS and Android

    wikiHowwikiHow DIY

    No other app is better than WikiHow, you can say, WikiHow is a dense forest of howtos, DIYs, Tutorials, covering all the major categories, whether it is life hacks, or to repair the phone, everything is widely available in this platform. The application is enriched with step-by-step guides illustrated and explain with images and also, some contain quick video shots. wikiHow is the ultimate place where you can access more than 150,000 DIYs and howtos to learn and design innovative things. The Application is free to download on both iOS and Android phones.

    Download wikiHow: iOS & Android


    iFixIt is a mainly focused website that contains hundreds of repairing DIYs, whether it is a smartphone, tablet, PC, cars, heavy vehicles, furniture or anything that you want to repair on your own. However, it seems like iFixIt is only accessed over the web interface, Android or iOS application for this app is taken back from the respective stores. Straightly search the string that you want to repair or replace the parts, and if it is there on the website, a quick guide will appear. Moreover, there’s an online store run by IFixIt that has a collection of a wide range of tools and replacements, so you never stuck while repairing or creating DIY just because of small pieces of the machine.

    Visit: iFixIt

    Houzz-Interior Designer DIY AppHouzz

    As the name suggests, Houzz- the app that is totally dedicated to home decors and related DIYs. Whether you are planning to be an interior designer and looking forward to knowing how it feels to be a designer and will I fit in this profession? Houzz is the one. Besides, it is a storage of more than 15m photos, that can really inspire you to try out home DIYs in this vacation, whether it is living room or bathroom, Houzz, will show you how to remodel the home.

    Download: iOS & Android

    ColorSmart-DIY to Choose Color for HomeColorSmart Home Decorative DIY

    Decided to paint the home, this vacation, but unable to choose the paint, I can understand how difficult is to select a color for the living room, bedroom, and kitchen. To overcome this issue, nowadays several paint companies have already developed a DIY app, to make sure you choose correct paint. Download the ColorSmart App and preview multiple paints directly from the app and also get an estimation regarding how much paint will be required to complete the project.

    Download: iOS & Android

    Eden Garden Designer-DIY App for Garden

    This app is the ultimate option to decorate your lawn or to recreate the garden. Basically, with the Eden Garden Designer app you can check for trending gardening designs, plants, prompts, and much more to fill the lawn with inspiration. If you are new to this profession or haven’t done this before for your home too, then this app is a great way to start by exploring beautiful designs, without spending money on gardening courses.

    Download: iOS

    iHandy Carpenter-Furniture DIY AppCarpentar DIY for iPhone

    iHandy Carpenter app uses the iPhone’s smart sensors to find the flat surfaces, the verticality of lines or walls. It comes handy when you want to calculate angles, measure the length with an inbuilt ruler, and much more, right with the iPhone. You don’t need to buy hardware tools just to measure the surface for once, download the iHandy Carpenter Furniture DIY app.

    Download: iOS

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