Why Notifications Not Appearing on Galaxy Note 10? 11 Fixes

notifications not appearing on Note 10
notifications not appearing on Note 10

The notification not appearing on Samsung Note 10 is one of the serious issues in terms of notifying the user. Because what new is happening in the device is not known to the user. So if this kind of issue occurs in a high-end device then it is quite irritating. But there no need to worry more about it. It could just a petty glitch or minor firmware issue.

This problem can be fixed on its own there is no need for any technician. It will be fixed by some workarounds. To fix notification not appearing on note 10 continue to read this article.

Fix Notifications Not Working on Samsung Note 10

Before performing any workaround you just cross-check that your Note 10 is running on the latest software version. If there is any update available, immediately update the device

Update Software

Samsung periodically releases the firmware updates to ensure the phone works smoothly and doesn’t cause any random errors. If Notifications on Note 10 not working, updating the system software should be your first choice.

  • Connect the phone to Wi-Fi and make sure the battery level is more than 50%.
  • Open the Settings
  • Tap About phone.
  • Tap Software update, and Check for updates.

Update the App Causing Issue

When Gmail Notifications not working on Note 10 or Snapchat notifications not working on Samsung Note 10 or with any app you are experiencing the notification issues, then update that app.

  • Visit the Google Play
  • Then search the specific app that you want to update.
  • Tap Update

Verify Do Not Disturb Settings

In some instances, we need to enable Do Not Disturb mode on our smartphone to avoid certain contacts or to keep the phone low on alerts. However, when DND is turned on, it completely cut-offs the functionality of applications. Though, while turning on the Do Not Disturb mode, the system will ask you whether to use Do Not Disturb mode for 1 hour, Ask every time, and Until I turn off.

All you have to do is, disable the DND if enabled.

Allow Background Data Usage

The data saver mode tends to prevent additional mobile data usage on Samsung phones. Apparently, if you rely on mobile data for most of the time, then, using the phone in Low Data Mode is necessary to avoid mobile service charges. Unknowingly, we’ve been using dozens of applications that use the internet in the background to send notifications, refresh the content, etc.

It might be the case, the Low Data Mode of your phone is stopping the notifications from appearing right on time.

  • Go to Settings
  • Select Connections.
  • Find, Data Usage.
  • Tap Mobile data usage.
  • Toggle on Allow background data usage.

Alternatively, check this out, Settings app > Connections > Data usage > Data saver > Disable Data saver.

Disable Battery Saver Mode

Nowadays people prefer phones that are best in terms of battery, considering Samsung Note 10, it comes with a special battery saver mode to control the battery usage. Consequently, to save the battery, the phone will limit certain features, and notifications can be one of them. Turn off the battery optimization of Note 10.

  • Launch the Settings app.
  • Tap Apps.
  • Tap More menu (three-dots menu).
  • Select Special access.
  • Hit Optimize battery usage.
  • Tap the dropdown menu.
  • Disable the toggles for the apps.
  • This feature works a per-app basis, so you might have to disable one by one if enabled.

Turn Off Adaptive Battery

Unlike Battery optimization, Adaptive Battery preserves the battery usage of whole device. This feature isn’t well known but truly works great to save battery. Disable it to fix Galaxy Note 10 notifications not working or appearing.

  • Go to Settings app.
  • Tap Device care.
  • Choose Battery.
  • Tap App power management.
  • Disable Adaptive battery.

Check the Sleeping Apps List

Similarly, in the App power management settings, you can find the sleeping apps. If one of the applications is sleeping then it won’t send notifications. Here’s how to see Sleeping Apps.

  • Navigate to the Settings app.
  • Select Device care.
  • Tap Battery.
  • Tap App power management.
  • Open Sleeping apps

Ensure that notification settings of the device are properly set

If the problem is due to smart switch then the first thing you need to do is verify the notification setting on Note 10

  • Hit the Menu Icon.
  • Navigate to Settings.
  • Select Notifications.
  • Touch the Message Toggle to enable it if it is disabled.
  • Hit App Icon to enable or disable.
  • From the given list. Select General Notification, Emergency Alert, or New message.
  • Ensure that the lock screen option is enabled.

Do a soft reset

It is mainly performed to refresh the device software. This workaround solves the petty glitch which could generate the problem in the device.

  • Hold the Volume Low Button.
  • Along with Volume Low Button press the Power Button.
  • Hold both the Keys for 10-15 seconds.

Check if the issue occurs in Safe Mode

Sometimes the app you download is not well programmed so there are chances that it may generate an issue. To verify it run the device in safe mode because it will allow accessing only the default app.

  • Switch off the Note 10
  • Hold the Power Button until the model name is passed.
  • Instantly hold the Volume Low Button.
  • Press the Volume Low Button until note 10 completes the restarting.
  • Safe Mode will be featured on Bottom Left Corner.
  • Release the Volume Low Button when safe mode is featured.

If the problem does not occur in safe mode then there confirms that the issue is with the third-party app. The issue occurs then moves further to the next trick.

Wipe Cache Partition

There is a chance where the cache stored in the device can get corrupted so it may lead to many issues in the device. To neglect the possibility that is generating issue you will have to perform wipe cache partition of the device.

  • Switch off Note 10.
  • Press the Bixby + Volume High Buttons, along with it press the Power Button.
  • When the Android symbol is appeared let out all the keys you have pressed.
  • Hold the Volume Low Button to feature Wipe Cache Partition.
  • Hold the Power Button to select the options.
  • Press and hold Volume Low Button to feature YES.
  • Reboot System Now is appeared after the completion of Wipe Cache Partition.
  • Use the Power Button to restart the device.

Factory reset

Performing factory reset will fix all the petty bugs present in the device. And it will bring back the device to default settings.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Hit General Management.
  • Select Reset.
  • Tap Factory Data Reset.
  • Touch Reset.
  • Select Delete All.

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