How to Use Samsung Notes on Windows 10 PC

How to Use Samsung Notes on Windows 10
How to Use Samsung Notes on Windows 10

From editing current content to adding new content, there is ultimate comfort-ability and freedom by using the Samsung Notes App. Also, you can use the S Pen write down the content, then you can easily convert into the text. Moreover, you can convert these handwritten files in different shareable formats such as Word, PDF, files, images, and more. But sometimes the users get bored with a small screen at that time sharing the view notes on Windows 10 becomes tremendously helpful.

Although they can share the view files through the messaging apps like Whatsapp but isn’t it becomes a lengthy process? If yes, then don’t worry! we have found a way to use the Samsung notes app on windows 10. All you need to do install the Samsung Notes app on your device, however, there are chances where you may receive the “app is not compatible with your device”. For that we have accomplished an easy way to fix the incompatibility of Samsung notes app windows.

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How to Use Samsung Notes on PC | Samsung Notes Won’t Sync with PC

Step 1: Navigate to the Samsung Notes Page on the Microsoft Store website through any browser.

Step 2: Now login with the same that you have login Microsoft Store app on your Windows 10 PC.

Step 3: Tap Three-Dots next to the Get Button, after that, hit Add To Cart.

Step 4: Doing so will bring you to the Samsung Cart Page.

Step 5: Touch on Checkout.

Step 6: Select Place Order from the review page.

Step 7: Head towards Microsoft Store App and search Samsung Notes. Touch Install Button, if still, the app doesn’t install, tap Three-Dots near the Install. Now hit Install On My Device and finally select your device and install it.

Step 8: There are still chances were doesn’t install, for that tap Three-Dots Icon located on the top of the Microsoft Store App. Choose My Library from the list, doing so will feature Samsung Notes. Tap Install located near it.

Step 9: After completion access to the Samsung Notes App on your PC.

Step 10: Go to Samsung Notes Settings in the app.

Step 11: Choose Samsung Cloud and sign up with the same ID you have used with the Samsung Notes app on the Samsung device.

Samsung Notes Not Syncing with PC

But some of the users reported that there Samsung Notes not sync to Windows 10 PC. Here is the best way to fix it.

Trick 1: Restart Computer

If your personal notes don’t appear we suggest you restart the computer.

Trick 2: Second way is to verify your Samsung account, verify that you have used the Samsung account you have used in both your PC and mobile.

Trick 3: Re-enable Samsung Cloud on PC and Mobile

Still, if it doesn’t work, we suggest you re-enable the Samsung cloud on both mobile and PC.

In PC: Go to Samsung Notes Settings, and tap the toggle under Samsung Cloud and hit the toggle once again to enable it.

In Mobile: Hit Three Dash located>Settings Gear> Samsung Cloud Toggle.

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