Battery Replacement Cost for Samsung Phones in 2023

Battery Replacement Cost for Samsung S7, S8, S9
Battery Replacement Cost for Samsung S7, S8, S9

Battery replacement for the Samsung phones is crucial and necessary to some extent, definitely after using the phone for 2-3 years. Nowadays, the Smartphone comes with a non-removable battery, so if you’re just a common person without any technical knowledge or experience in changing the battery, you might end up in trouble. After passing years with various Android phones, it’s clear to me that, even the high-end phones like Galaxy S20 or Galaxy S7, won’t run for more than three years, especially, the first thing to be affected is the battery itself, that ultimately, forces us to either replace the battery or buy a new phone if you’re okay with spending money.

There are certain factors to be taken care of, such as Is my phone really need a battery replacement? Where to buy the original Samsung battery for S7, S8, or any model? How much the battery replacement cost for Samsung S8, S9, etc. Once you’ve all the answers, it’s a good time to visit the store for battery replacement of the device.

What is the Battery Replacement Cost of Samsung?

How Do I Know My Samsung Phone Needs Battery Replacement?

It’s quite funny to answer this question, its obvious you’re reading our article because your phone is not performing well, the battery is draining quickly without any rough use, and also, the phone takes longer than usual time to charge.

Still, if you’re not so confident about the battery replacement, then try our common tricks to fix the battery draining issues on Samsung phone. Implement all the tips on your phone for 2-3 days and see if the condition is improved or still the battery is drastically draining.

Download the AccuBattery App on your Samsung phone to get detailed insights about Battery Health, Charging Time taken by Phone, Standby time When Using the Phone, Charging Speed, Battery Used By Apps, and many other parameters. It’s an all-in-one pack with a plethora of features to measure the battery and related facts.

Can I replace the battery by myself?

Long gone are the days where we used to remove the back cover and swap batteries own our own, whether the phone is glitching or battery needs to be replaced, it can be fixed by just removing the cover from the phone. With the increase in pricing of phones, smartphones start coming with several safety features like water resistant and many more. However, if you’re the person who usually keeps the same phone for 3-4 years, the battery might go dead in that time span and for that matter you’d need to find a local repair shop or reach out to the nearest Samsung Store.

Since the battery is non-removable, users are advised not to replace battery or repair the device, as it could harm. Professionals have the necessary tools and enough knowledge to deal with any type of problem.

Know Battery Replacement Cost of Samsung?

Well, it totally depends on which store do you prefer for the battery replacement of Samsung phones. The official Samsung Store can get you battery replacement at approximately $69, but it is a safe and secure option than visiting any other local un-trusted store. While some local or reputed stores will sell you battery replacement starting from $30, keep note that the price may vary as per the device as well as the region, you’re living in.

Conclusively, it’s your call, whether do you want to go for the third-party store for battery replacement or visit the official Samsung Service Center.

How to Prepare a Samsung Phone for Battery Replacement?

Before reaching out to the store, there are a few points you should note and perform. Since you’re giving your phone to an unknown person, what’ll be the first thing you do?

  • Remove the SIM Card
  • Remove the MicroSD Card
  • Backup the Phone

Best Battery Replacement Stores for Samsung S7, S8, S9 Near Me? Note 20, S20, S10, Note 10

As long as you’re willing to spend $69 on battery replacement, don’t go anywhere except the official Samsung Store. Indeed, there are few third-party reputable repair locations we’ve mentioned below after looking at their customer reviews, and of course the service. You may want to explore the list.

1. Samsung Store

Starting off, the Samsung Store offers great support for the repair and servicing options, whether it is Samsung Galaxy S Series, Samsung Galaxy Note Series or Samsung Galaxy Tablets, or any other home appliances. They’ve got a dedicated team for the repair and maintenance of products, including smartphones.

It works in four simple steps, first is to backup your phone, schedule an appointment, let the technician repair your phone and get your phone within time after complete battery replacement.

You have three different options, visit the Authorized Service Center, Walk-in Service, or Mail-in Service. Check the link, and choose whichever is appropriate to you. Though keep the IMEI Number and Serial Number with you. Open Phone app > dial *#06# to know the IMEI and Serial Number of the phone.

Samsung-Official Support Service


IFIXIT is a well-known store if you’re thinking about replacing the battery solely, from IFIXIT Store, you can buy the battery replacement toolkit at a reasonable rate and follow their guide for the battery replacement and start doing it. I’d not recommend this option for the inexperienced and newbies.

Overall, the IFIXIT is a trusted place for the technicians who are used to repair the phones, as it sells the parts at a genuine rate, avoids additional fees.

Check IFIXIT Site


UBREAKIFIX is an authorized Samsung service provider but also provides its service if you directly visit the nearest store. They offer a 90-day warranty on any repairs, so if anything happens within the warranty period you can reach them out and ask for assistance, of course, it will be free of cost. Many big brands including Samsung and Google are partnering with the UBREAKIFIX for faster results.

Check UBREAKIFIX for Samsung Phones

4. Cell Phone Repair

CPR short for Cell Phone Repair is the only store most widely available around the world, that’ll repair the devices within 40 minutes, there can be some exceptions. Go to the Official Site of CPR and type the Zip Code to find the nearest store.

Find Nearest CPR Store

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