8 Best S Pen Tips and Tricks for Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Best S Pen Tips and Tricks for Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

For the first time in history, out of the box, Samsung is offering S Pen with Samsung Galaxy S Series, to be precise, Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. S Pen includes nifty features that could make your life easier and better, than ever. From capturing Selfies to taking customized Screenshots, this stylus is jam-packed with new capabilities. And if you have switched from iPhone to Samsung, I presume this will be your life-changing decision. But this all is in vain unless you read this article and learn the best S Pen Tips and Tricks for Samsung S22 Ultra.

The best part is none of the tricks are hefty but can be remembered. Make sure to go through all the points, use them and get the most out of your Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Best S Pen Tips and Tricks for Samsung S22 Ultra

Unlock your phone with S Pen

Personally, I’m tired of unlocking phones with Fingerprints and sometimes Face IDs too. It requires precision and trusts me, nobody wants to be that precise in life. What if I tell you, by pressing the S Pen button you can unlock the phone. Yes, it is possible to unlock the phone with a click on S Pen. Whether you’re reading something or habituated with S Pen, this will definitely help you out.

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Tap Advanced features.
  3. Select S Pen.
  4. Turn On S Pen unlock.

Wait, wait, wait! There are some downsides of this feature that you should definitely know like you cannot unlock the phone with S Pen if it is disconnected from the phone. If your phone is lying unused for 2 minutes or more, S Pen won’t unlock the phone.

Capture Selective Screenshots

It is always a pain in the head capturing screenshots and cropping the unnecessary part of it and then sharing. What if you’re allowed to capture a particular area of the screenshot? This will eliminate the process of cropping and saving the screenshot, instead, directly take selective screenshots and share.

  1. Pull out the S Pen from phone.
  2. You will see S Pen menu popping out of the sidebar.
  3. Tap on Smart Select (crop icon), select the portion of screen and then Save.

Switch Camera Modes

Till now everyone is aware that S Pen can capture Selfies and Photos with ease. However, this isn’t the end, there’s much more we can accomplish with S Pen. For that Air Actions needs to be enabled.

  1. Go to the Settings app.
  2. Select Advanced features.
  3. Go to S Pen.
  4. Tap on Air actions.
  5. Turn On Camera. You should see some sort of guidance card, read it and know how to use it.

Quick Notes

Whether you’re College Student, Employee or Businessman, we’re not that powerful enough to remember each and every word of mouth for a long time. To overcome this, we do note down things on paper or Notes app, or in other third-party apps. With S Pen, you can anytime jot down the notes without unlocking the phone or opening any app. All you have to do is take out the S Pen and start noting down.

  1. Go to the Settings app > Advanced features > S Pen. Enable Screen off memo option.

Create Quick Notes

Press and hold the S Pen button and then tap the screen twice with your S Pen to create a new note. This is another groovy S Pen feature that allows us to quickly note down things.

  1. Head over to the Settings app.
  2. Tap Advanced features.
  3. Go to S Pen.
  4. Enable Quick create notes.

Translate Using S Pen

This is one of the coolest features to have if you love to visit different countries or are interested in learning new languages and cultures. No need to open any Translating app or Google, just highlight the text that you want to translate and take out and tap on the Translate option from the S Pen Smart menu. To change translation language, select it from the menu bar that appears once you select the Translate option from Smart Menu.

Add App Thumbnail

You might don’t want to clutter the home screen with a massive Thumbnail, but you also don’t want to miss important tasks that could change your life, isn’t it? That’s why, we recommend learning this trick, but use it when needed. Simply, open the app or anything that you want to save as Thumbnail, take out S Pen, and select the Glance button (looks like Eye with green background).

At a time, you can only have one Glance, and that’s the biggest limitation of this feature. To remove Glance from the home screen, touch and hold and drag it to the Remove option when appears on the screen.

Customize Smart Menu

Since you have gone through the topmost tips and tricks of the S Pen for Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, now is a time to make a priority list of apps and programs that you wish to see in the S Pen Smart Menu.

  1. Take out the S Pen out of slot and tap on settings cog.
  2. Now you can move/remove/add apps from S Pen smart menu.

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