How to Fix Samsung S21Plus, S21Ultra Stuck on Black Screen

When your Samsung Galaxy S21 is stuck on a black screen and it refuses to turn on, then it may be due to hardware damage or system error. Undoubtedly any device of any variant can go through the same problem at some point of time. Mostly these type of error is related system crashes which can be solved through basic steps such as force restart. And if there is a hardware issue, that device can be solved without any need of a technician if it’s not a serious issue.

Mostly it depends upon how the issue begins, the Samsung S21 stuck on a black screen can be a minor firmware issue or genuine hardware issue. So to verify you need to perform the given below steps.

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Fix Samsung S21, S21Plus, S21Ultra Stuck on Black Screen

How do I fix my Samsung Galaxy S21 Black Screen?

Most of the times Samsung S21 goes black and won’t respond due to battery drain, tech experts recommend to keep the phone charged at least 30-40% to avoid such instances. Now, what you can do is put the device in charge and wait for some time, if it doesn’t help, go through the workarounds mentioned below and get it fixed.

Why is my Samsung phone working but the screen is black?

Samsung S21 is working but the screen is black, which obviously means that the device is in working condition but screen is gone rogue or damaged. Or it might be the firmware related issue, that can be fixed by force rebooting the device. The steps to force restart Samsung S21 are mentioned below, refer to those and complete the procedure.

Samsung S21 black screen but vibrates

The Samsung S21 is working, vibrating but screen is black, you might be receiving calls and messages but the screen isn’t working for you. That’s the case of display damage, try our workarounds and if that doesn’t work, visit the nearest Samsung Store and let the technician fix the phone.

Samsung S21 screen won’t turn on

When Samsung S21Ultra/S21 won’t turn on, simple connect it to charge and leave it for an hour. Then restart the device or force restart, and if that doesn’t work, contact Samsung Support.

Force Restart the Device

My S21 is stuck on a black screen, which mainly happens due to the crashing of firmware. And this occurs usually due to multiple apps running in the background. So when it continuously goes on, it turns into a black screen and remains unresponsive for hours.

For this, the basic and effective method is force reboot. To perform it follow the given below steps.

Press the Volume Down Key and the Power Key both at the same time for 15-20 seconds. Doing so will make the device unresponsive until the procedure is completed.

Charge the Device

It’s possible that a low battery can lead to Samsung S21 stuck on a black screen, try to verify by neglecting to charge it with a duplicate charger. if the device charge properly then there is no issue with device. But in some cases, if the device doesn’t reply to charger, then it’s confirmed firmware crashed and as soon as the battery drained out it will turn into black screen. And if the device turns black move to further steps.

Clear up the charging port of the device

There is a chance where your there is dust stuck in the device charging port. So try to gently clean the charging port with help of earbuds. After doing so try to charge the device if it works or not. If not then move to the given below steps.

Verify the charger is connected to a working socket

Some bad or loose connection in the socket can also be the reason for s21 stuck on black screen. So verify that the slot you are charging is working or not. If yes, then your device has a hardware issue.

Contact Samsung Support

After performing the methods, it proves that there is a serious firmware issue. For this, it’s better to take it to service center.

Why does my S21 Ultra have a black screen?

Your Samsung S21Ultra might have a black screen due to a drained battery, or software crashing, or damaged display. These three could be the possible reasons why Samsung’s black screen of death won’t turn on. Try our workarounds and fix the black screen of death on Samsung S21.

What to do if your Samsung Galaxy S21 goes black?

First and foremost, plug charger and leave the device for one hour, and keep an eye on it. Do you see any changes? If not then force reboot the device, if the firmware crashing in the background, then it won’t let the screen turn on, therefore try force restarting the phone.

Samsung S21 5G Screen Went Black

There are many instances when Android phones stop working or it works but due to black screen, you cannot operate. For the starters you can fix it by charging the device, force restarting, and give some time to the device, it will automatically come back in working condition.


What Do You Do If Your Samsung Phone Is Stuck On A Black Screen?

The first thing you must do is simply connect the Samsung phone with a PC and then select Android Repair, now write down your Samsung Phone information doing so will delete all the data in the Samsung phone. However, if such a situation occurs after random fall, it’s better to take your device to the nearest service station.

How Do I Unfreeze My Samsung Ultra S21?

If your device is stuck on the black screen, press the Power Key and the Volume Low Button for 10-15 seconds to restart the phone. If still, it doesn’t respond, go through the complete guide to fix it.

Why Is My Samsung Phone Working But The Screen Is Black?

In this case, first of all, you need to check is whether the device screen is not damaged, secondly verify there is no issue with device battery, if their none of this scene, read our guide to get rid of it.

Why Is My Phone Screen Suddenly Black?

If you have still encountered the black screen, it is feasible that the cable has disconnected to the logic board of the display. Unfortunately, this can only be fixed by taking the help of a technician.

How Do I Troubleshoot Black Screen Of Death?

Turn On the system on and off multiple times, and the next attempts, the system itself will bootup to the Diagnostic Mode…> Troubleshoot > Advance Options > Startup Settings and then choose Enable Safe Mode. 

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