How to Measure your ECG on Samsung Watch 5

Measure ECG on Samsung Watch 5

In a world, full of breakdowns, it’s critical to keep track of your health, especially your heart health. Earlier, with the launch of the Samsung Watch Active 2, Samsung released an ECG feature that lets you monitor the heart rate at your fingertips and share the ECG report with a doctor or anyone in a few taps. Since then, Samsung continue to keep this feature in all the Watches including Samsung Watch 5. You may have heard of other brands implementing Health and Fitness features in smartwatches, but when it comes to Samsung Smartwatches, it’s better than ever.

The below-mentioned guide is applicable to Samsung Watch 5 and Samsung Watch 5 Pro; both newly introduced smartwatch models. Read the steps carefully and learn how to measure and use ECG on Samsung Watch 5 Pro and Samsung Watch 5.

How to Measure ECG on Samsung Watch 5

Basically, we’ve divided the guide into different steps to make it easier for you to understand.

If you’ve switched to a Samsung phone or using the ECG feature for the first time, downloading the Samsung Health Monitoring app is mandatory, as it keeps sync and track of your health metrics between Samsung Watch and Phone.

Step 1: Download Samsung Health Monitor App

  1. Navigate to the Galaxy Store App in your Samsung phone to which Samsung Watch 5 is paired.
  2. Search Samsung Health Monitor app.
  3. Select Install.
  4. Once the Samsung Health Monitor app is installed and ready to use, unlock the Samsung Watch 5.
  5. Open the App Drawer on Samsung Watch.
  6. Find ECG app icon, and open it.
  7. Allow access to Samsung Health Monitor app to use necessary sensors to measure ECG.

Step 2: Setup Samsung Health Monitor App

  1. Up next, launch Samsung Health Monitor App in your phone to which Samsung Watch 5 is connected.
  2. Since you’re using the Samsung Health Monitor app for the first time, tap Accept to initiate the setup procedure.
  3. When the Samsung Health card pops up, turn on All permissions. Doing this will give access to ECG Sensor alongside your User profile.
  4. Select Done.
  5. Create your profile with basic details.
  6. Tap the Get started button.
  7. Read the guide thoroughly on How the ECG app works and what Sirus rhythm, Atrial fibrillation, Inconclusive, and Poor recording results mean.  

Step 3: Record ECG using Samsung Watch 5

  1. Launch Samsung Health Monitor app on your Samsung Watch 5.
  2. Follow the instruction shown by Watch; Make sure the watch is snug on your left wrist.
  3. Now, to get more precise results, you need to put both your forearms on a table.
  4. Lightly rest your fingertip on Home Key for 30 seconds.

Once the ECG recording starts, the very first thing you should see is how much time is left to complete the ECG, your real-time beats per minute, an ECG Graph in the middle of the screen, and lastly a notification that says the App never looks for heart attack; well, keep note of it.

After the ECG Test is completed, the Galaxy Watch 5 will show results, and when you scroll down you should see Average HR, with Symptoms. And in the Symptoms section, you can add whatever you’re feeling at that time, like Dizziness, Fatigue, etc. Tap Save. With all details, the app will warn, that the app never looks for signs of a heart attack.

How to Download, View and Share ECG Report from Samsung Watch 5?

Sad to say, viewing, downloading, and sharing reports directly from Samsung Watch 5 is yet not possible. However, with the help of the Samsung Health Monitoring app, all of these actions can be performed.

  1. Navigate to the Samsung Health Monitor app on the phone to which Samsung Watch 5 is paired and connected.
  2. Tap See details, on the latest ECG Report.
  3. You’ll be shown the ECG Graph, Avg Heart Rate, and Symptoms (if added by you). Also, there’s a Delete button to remove this ECG Graph from the app.
  4. To Share ECG Report from Samsung Galaxy Watch 5, tap on Share this report. The report can be shared via WhatsApp, Email or any other sharing app.

Limitations of Samsung Watch 5

Not to mention, we’ve seen exceptional developments when it comes to smartphones, and smartwatches, from ringing calls on the watch to tracking health and fitness on daily basis, these smartwatches are more than we can expect. However, these are not made to replace the doctors, if you’re feeling unwell, then consulting a doctor is primary, then completely relying on the Samsung Watch 5.

Secondly, the ECG and Blood Pressure measuring features won’t work when you use Samsung Watch 5 with a non-Samsung device like Google Pixel, iPhone, OnePlus, etc.

What is ECG on my Samsung Watch?

ECG Is a part of Health and Fitness feature added by Samsung far back with the release of Samsung Watch Active 2. ECG can track your heart rate and show you the ECG graph on the Samsung Health Monitoring App.

Does Samsung Watch 5 have ECG?

Yes, Samsung Watch 5 comes with ECG.

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