Best Screen Protectors for Samsung Watch 5 [40mm/44mm]

Best Screen Protectors for Samsung Watch 5

Bought Samsung Watch 5? Great! Today, we’ll show you the best Screen Protectors for Samsung Watch 5 40MM and 44MM. Finding the best screen protector for any device is not as easy as you think unless you know what to look for while choosing the screen guard. Sometimes, we intentionally buy a screen guard to protect the screen, but any cheap quality or incompatible screen protector could damage and hence will scratches could destroy the experience. First thing you should be careful about before placing an order is checking the Watch model with size because often in hurry most people order incorrect size and cheap quality.

That’s why we’ve curated the best screen guards for your futuristic Samsung Galaxy Watch 5. Read the buying guide and shop for the superior compatible protector to keep the screen safe from scratches and random knocks.

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Best Samsung Watch 5 Screen Protectors [40MM and 44MM]

KIMILAR Waterproof Screen Protector – 40MM

KIMILAR Waterproof Screen Protector - 40MM

When you’re seeking to keep the watch screen intact for a long time, KIMILAR Waterproof Screen Protector is what we recommend. With its extraordinary abilities like anti-explosion and scratch proof, there’s no need to worry about drops, bangs, scratches, and other heavy damages that could empty your pocket. Maintaining the original touch sensitivity and high transparency, it keeps the watch lightweight as if there is no screen protector on it.

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Tensea Anti-Fog Screen Protector + Case – [40MM and 44MM]

Tensea Anti-Fog Screen Protector + Case – [40MM and 44MM]

A common concern with Smart Watches is when you’re out in the humid weather, the screen gets covered with fog and hence blocks the visual. Problems with other screen protector is oftentimes we have to remove the screen guard to clean up the fog and put it back, but following this practice for long is not so recommended. Plus it comes with case, there wont be any issue with compatibility, in a snap, you can fit and remove the screen protector and case from Watch.

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HASDON Tempered Glass Protector + Case – 40MM/44MM

HASDON Tempered Glass Protector + Case - 40MM 44MM

Looking for something funky embellish? HASDON is there for you. At only $13.99, it comes with shiny diamonds covering the radius and glowing all the time. Having no doubts with manufacturing, this combo will definitely a good piece of protection that too doesn’t affect touch sensitivity and most importantly won’t bulk up the Watch. It is available for both; 40MM and 44MM Watch Models.

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Hierusre 9H Hardness Screen Protector – [40MM and 44MM]

Hierusre 9H Hardness Screen Protector - [40MM and 44MM]

Need nothing except for plain, clear glass protector? Hierusre is a perfect match. Without adding bulk to the Watch, you can retain high transparency, same touch sensitivity, and ensures ultra low reflection. To control over the sweat and fingerprints, it is made up with oleophobic and hydrophobic coating. It is packed with three alcohol pads, two dust proof stickers, and an instruction manual. What’s more, the flawless design and 9H hardness tempered glass for enhanced protection.

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GGOOIG HD Screen Protector – [44MM]

GGOOIG HD Screen Protector – [44MM]

A Pack of 4 by GGOOIG 9H Hardness Screen Protector is designed to cover only the display, without compromising the screen quality. With 99% light transmission and 9H Hardness, GGOOIG is offering an amazing deal that too is very protective and at the same time, retaining the same display quality. Go get one for yourself before stock gets out.

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YMHML Tempered Glass – [44MM]

YMHML Tempered Glass 44MM

This 5-Pack of tempered glass for Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 44MM from YMHML are easy to install and remove without leaving any residue or affecting the screen. Adding an extra layer of protection to the Watch is definitely a good investment and the best part is, it covers the Samsung Watch display securing it from fingerprints, oils, dusts, dirt, etc. Plus, this pack of 5 will only cost you $5.49, which you can share with friends and family.

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