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Fix Samsung Watch 4 Keeps Overheating: Battery Draining

Fix Galaxy Watch 4 Overheating

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is the nanocomputer itself, the only difference is the gadget size compared to the PC. But unlike the smart computer, the Samsung watch doesn’t come with cooling fans. So when you constantly use it throughout the day, you may experience galaxy watch 4 overheating or battery draining fast.

Whenever the gadget gets hot, its performance is needed to be considered. The more you use the Samsung watch, it handily gets hot. But if you use it often, still the Samsung galaxy watch keeps overheating, probably there is another culprit to look on. Also, many of them encountered the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic Overheating while charging. But there is no need to be worried, it happens with almost every wearable and can be fixed by performing some of the handy workarounds.

Fix Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Keeps Overheating

How can I make my Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Battery Last Longer?

There are many ways and tips to ensure your Galaxy Watch 4 battery life last longer than usual. Like, such disabling Always On Display, Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi, etc. such features that we don’t need every time. Besides, keeping the Watch Software up to date is mandatory if you want to use the Samsung Watch’s programs to be healthy.

How long does a Samsung Watch 4 battery last?

Typically, the Samsung Watch 4 battery lasts for a day, however, it also depends on how optimally you’re using the Samsung Watch. If you find your Watch draining before 24 hours, then follow this post and fix Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 battery draining fast issue.

Quick Tricks:

Disable Notifications: You might be receiving notifications from multiple applications on Samsung Watch, some are useful while some are irrelevant. Here to preserve the battery life, you should disable the Notifications from the unnecessary apps. Open Galaxy Wearable App > Notifications.

Use Stock Watch Faces: Watch Faces are the one that differentiates your Watch from others and keeps you feeling fresh with New Faces. At the same time, it directly affects the performance of the Apple Watch. Hence, for some time, avoid using Watch Faces from third-party applications, use the default instead.

Reduce Screen timeout: This decides how many seconds/minutes do you want to keep the screen on once it is unlocked. Its better to keep it 30 seconds. Go to Settings > Display > Screen timeout.

Disable Media Auto-Sync: With this feature enabled, all of the images and music stored on phone keep syncing with Samsung Watch in the background. Go to Galaxy Wearable App > Watch settings > Manage content and disable auto-syncing.

Disable Automatic Health Measurements: Samsung Health keeps monitoring your health including Heart-Rate, Blood Oxygen Levels, and Stress Levels, at the cost of a battery. Disable these features for some time to save battery. Open the Samsung Health App > Settings > Measurement.

Update Your Watch

It’s common! When the device has an old version of the OS there are high chances of Samsung galaxy watch overheating issues. So it’s better to see if there is an availability of an update. If yes, then instantly download and install the software update on the Samsung galaxy watch 4. To do so there are two methods one through the smartphone and another itself from the Samsung wearable. If you are not fond of it simply follow the steps.

  • When your device and watch are linked with one another, you can update from the Galaxy wearable app. Open the galaxy wearable app on the device linked with the Samsung watch 4.
  • Hit Watch Settings>Watch Software Update.
  • If the watch highlight a Home Tab, scroll to and hit Band Software Update or Watch Software Update.
  • Lastly, tap Download And Install.
  • In some cases, you will need to hit About Band, or About Watch to open the software update menu.
  • Or else if you want to automatically update the watch over a Wi-Fi network simply hit on the Switch next to “Auto-Download Over Wi-Fi”.

After doing so see if the Samsung galaxy watch 3 or 4 is fixed or not. If not go to the next step.

Connect Galaxy Watch 4 via Bluetooth

Galaxy Watch 4 LTE Overheating is caused due to LTE Connection, the straight solution to this is, simply to connect your Galaxy Watch 4 via Bluetooth to your phone. This will reduce the strain and the Samsung Watch Overheating issue might be eliminated.

Turn Off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Battery Drain Overnight? Well, in that case, disabling the wireless services like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS could stop battery draining issue. While sleeping, I presume you don’t need to access this features, therefore its better to disable Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, until the Samsung Watch 4 battery draining issue is resolved.

Disable Always-On Display

Always On Display is an amazing feature that keeps us up to date with Time, Messages, and Notifications, by just raising the wrist and most importantly, it doesn’t require any human intervention of pressing buttons or anything. At the same time, when you don’t want to see time or notification but have just raised the wrist for another purpose, the Galaxy Watch 4 will light up and that leads to battery drain.

  1. Unlock your Galaxy Watch 4, and open Settings app.
  2. Locate and tap Display.
  3. Find Watch Always ON and disable it.

Disable Wake-Up On Assistants

Earlier, we would need to press a button to call a Virtual Assistant like Bixby, S Voice; however, that time is long gone, now the watch is gotten even smarter and these assistants remain active all the time, and upon calling them, the assistant will reply you back. Which obviously consumes more battery.

  1. Open the Bixby or S Voice in your Galaxy Watch.
  2. Tap on three dots for more options.
  3. Disable Voice wake-up.

Customize Watch Notifications

Nowadays we receive more notifications than messages. With every notification, the Samsung Watch wakes up and drains the battery. Fortunately, we have several customizing options to manage notifications and ultimately, you can save battery.

  1. Open the Google Wear App or Galaxy Wearable App in your phone.
  2. Find and open Notifications.
  3. Choose the one which you think will consume less battery and could probably improve battery life.

Remove Unnecessary Apps

Like smartphones, with Samsung Galaxy Watch, there are many apps that come pre-installed, and unfortunately, we don’t need them at all. Apart from this, we have to download apps that we need in our daily routine. Apparently, these apps constantly use the battery to update resources, even when the Watch is in an idle situation. Therefore, uninstall the applications that you don’t need. Touch and hold the app icon and Delete it.

Free Up Storage

Got too much junk in the smart wearable! Want to clear some space to fix Galaxy Watch 4 overheating while charging. Follow the given below steps.

  • On the device connected with the watch, go to Galaxy Wearable App.
  • Hit About Gear or About Watch.
  • Tap Storage>Clean Now. Here you see the space captured by apps, images, videos, and audio files.
  • If you have installed lots of unused apps you can simply uninstall apps from the watch.
  • If you have an old music collection, which you have never listened to. You can delete some songs to clean up more space.

Lastly having lots of collection images which already stored in the alternative devices, then you must try to clear them for more space. Press the Home Button>go to Gallery>More Options>Delete. After that select, the images you want to remove, then hit Delete>Checkmark. Free Up Memory

Cleaning the memory stops the app from running in the background, so your Samsung Watch 4 will never overheat.

  • From the phone, navigate to Galaxy Wearable App.
  • Hit About Gear or About Watch.
  • Tap on the Memory Icon.
  • Deselect the apps you want to keep running in the background, and then hit Clean Now.

Update Your Apps 

More than often, minor bugs in the application can cause excessive battery usage. So ensure that all the application you have installed in the Samsung Galaxy Watch is updated. 

Do Not Place The Watch In Heat Exposure

Keeping the Apple Watch in contact in hot or cold temperature can drastically decrease the Watch’s Battery Life and eventually leads to serious damage. Considering this scenario, we always suggest keeping it safe from such an atmosphere. 

Enable Power Saving Mode

When Power Saving Mode is enabled, your watch’s Main Screen will be displayed in Grayscale and all features will be disabled, except Messages, Calls, Bluetooth, and Notifications that use Wi-Fi. However, the Mobile Data will be disabled, and performance will be restricted. 

  1. Press the Home Button on the Apple Watch. Select Settings from the App Tray. It depends on the Watch, you may need to select Battery or Battery Management. 
  2. Then, select Power Saving > Checkmark to enable Power Saving Mode.
  3. Similarly, disable Power Saving Mode, choose OFF your Watch Main Screen, and then choose Checkmark. 

Now after enjoy the watch with limited features.

Force Restart

The force restart always refreshes the device’s memory and keeps the device steady to prevent an unwanted situation like Samsung watch overheating when charging.

To force restart press the Up and Down Button simultaneously until the Samsung Rebooting appears on the screen.

Reset the Watch

The last option is to reset the watch as it is the first and last effective method to fix galaxy watch overheating. Before you reset the Samsung watch, we recommend back-up all the important data stored in the device. These will assure you can easily restore all the old data even after the reset. If you forgot to do so you will never receive old important data in your smartwatch.

Reset Through Phone

  • On your smartphone, go to Galaxy Wearable App.
  • Hit Settings Tab> Find My Watch > SET SECURITY KEY.
  • Next, hit Reset Watch>Reset.

Reset From Watch

  • In the watch, go to Settings.
  • Scroll and hit General > Reset > Done.

Contact Support

Still no luck with Battery Overheating and Draining issue on Samsung Watch? Now it’s about time you should reach out to Samsung and elaborate on the issue. This could be happening due to hardware fault and they’re the ones who can fix this.

Ask for Replacement

You can also check if your Samsung Watch is eligible for replacement, visit Samsung Store and verify from there.

Why Does My Samsung 4 Watch Battery Drain So Fast?

Why your Galaxy Watch 4 could drain battery faster may be due to the outdated third-party application. Usually this app gets updated when Watch OS is updated. However, you can also see if multiple network feature (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth…) is not causing the issue.

How Do I Stop My Samsung Watch 4 Battery From Draining?

There are various ways to do so, such as Update App, WatchOS, disable unused feature and application. That’s It! For more in-depth precautionary steps, you can follow the above guide to prevent battery draining issue on Galaxy Watch.

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