How To Fix Touchscreen Not Working On Phone: Android & iPhone

Fix Touch Screen Issues on iPhone Android

The touch screen on the phone is one of the best things when they work per your fingertip, but when it goes in a different direction, all-important work of the day gets stopped and at the same point makes you frustrated. One of the most common issues with the smartphone, the touch screen stopped working makes you feel completely out of the world as you experience totally disappearing from the social life.

In recent times, the users of smartphones like iPhones or Android experienced sudden stops of touch screen. If you are also going through the same issue, fortunately, we have worked on it and lineup an effective solution to fix touch screen-related problems on phone.

Best Way To Fix Touch-Screen Not Working On Phones: Android & iPhone

Clean Screen

We always learn from our school days that we should keep our precious things clean, and undoubtedly smartphones are always precious as they are expensive and at the same point useful in our daily life. Are you keeping your Android or iPhone clean? Well, I also didn’t clean the device screen properly due to which I recently experienced the phone touch screen not working can’t able unlock. So if you are experiencing the same problem, we suggest cleaning the device screen using the Clorox Disinfecting Wipes and Isopropyl Alcohol Disinfection. Ensure to dry the delicate screen of the phone. Rather than this, some of the users; used the device while wearing the hand gloves, unfortunately, the phone screen doesn’t work perfectly. In this is the case we suggest letting out the hand gloves and seeing if the screen start working properly or not.

Detach Screen Protector

Using a corrupted screen protector always disturbs the working of the touch-screen of the device. If you have recently installed any corrupted or cheap quality screen protector after that you have experienced Android or iPhone touch screen not working during calls; it’s confirmed the screen protector is the culprit. In such a case, there is no other option than to detach the case from the device. After removing the screen protector, remember to clean the screen properly with Isopropyl Alcohol Disinfection and Clorox Disinfecting Wipes  

Detach Connected Third-Party Accessories

Some of the users also reported that touch screens stop working on iPhone or after connecting to third-party accessories. Android phone screen becomes unresponsive due to the cheap or faulty accessories or else minor software glitch. So it’s better to disconnect and always ignore using such a product. Always select the MFi-Certified products.

See If Application Is Not Causing Issue

Moving forward to all the possibilities, the installed apps in the phone may cause an unresponsive Android phone touch screen. So if you installed the application, you need to check if the apps are not causing the issue.

For iPhone: The iPhone craved a feature known as the Analytics Mode, which is used to know the culprit app behind the issue. This mode works regularly in the background to look out the corrupted files, applications, or data stored in the device. To enable this feature, simply follow the given below steps.

  • Go to Settings > Privacy.
  • Select Analytics & Improvement > Analytic Data.

The list of the application will feature, Go through the complete and see out thee file which are shown multiple times and after that simply uninstall the application.

For Android,

Unlike the iOS device, the Android phone comes up with the feature called safe mode. In the safe mode, only pre-installed applications are allowed to work. if the device works perfectly in the safe mode, it is confirmed the third-party app is causing the issue.

  • Press the Power Button to feature Power Off Menu.
  • Keep pressing on the Power Off Icon until the Safe Mode appears.
  • Tap on the Green Safe Mode Icon.
hit on Safe Mode

If the touch screen responds perfectly after booting to the safe mode. Its time to uninstall the third party from the device one by one and see if the issue gets fixed or not.

Update the Version of Software

Sometimes the outdated version of the software or buggy software might cause an unresponsive iPhone touch screen. Well, most developer launches a new version of software to enhance the performance of the device and at the same point fix the bugs present in the device. So if the device you are using has the latest version of the software.

For Android,

  • Go to Settings > Software UpdateDownload And Install.
software update

For iPhone,

  • Navigate to the Settings > General.
  • Select Software Update.
  • Select Update > Download And Install.

Factory Reset Device

If none of the above-mentioned workarounds works to fix the touch-screen stopped working on the smartphone, it’s time to factory reset the iPhone or Android device. Before performing the steps we suggest keeping the backup of all the data stored in the device. As this workaround will vanish all the data stored in the device.

For iPhone

  • Navigate to the Settings > General.
  • Select Reset > Erase All Content & Settings.
  • Hit Erase Now.

For Android,

  • Go to Settings > General Management.
  • Hit Reset > Factory Data Reset > Reset

Last Words,

These are some of the effective workarounds to fix those bugs that are causing the touch-screen not to work on the smartphone. If you find it useful, let us know which workaround help to fix the issue in the below comment box.

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