10 Reasons To Buy Samsung Earbuds in 2023

Reasons to Buy Samsung Buds

In Earbuds years, Samsung has just started ruling. The latest and finest Samsung Buds is a star lineup that offers great advancement and a true answer to Why Buy Samsung Buds? Well in this line of an article we have shared some of the most popular reasons to buy Samsung Buds that we usually got to know after using them personally. Right from the ear-fit to handy-to-carry design these Samsung Buds bring lots more comfort and pleasantness at a reasonable price tag.

So if you are looking for a reasonable pair of Earbuds that can compete with Apple it’s time to break the Best features of Samsung Buds. Noise Cancellation, Ambient Sound Mode, Control Over Music and Calls, Long-Lasting Battery Life, and all features that you desired to have in your device.

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Long-Lasting Battery Life 

Samsung Galaxy Buds Battery Life

One of the most common features people look for is battery life in earbuds. Looking at the battery life of Galaxy Buds, it’s quite impressive! With Six Hours of continuous usage when the noise cancellation feature is off and five hours of continuous usage when the noise cancellation feature is enabled, which is comparatively better than other Earbuds in the market. However, there is no exact amount of time mentioned by the company that how much time Samsung Buds takes to charge up, but you can expect around one hour to charge with a single shot.

Enjoy Premium Quality Sound & Wireless Connection

Samsung Galaxy Buds Active Noise Cancellation

The Samsung new wireless Buds are craved with Bluetooth 5.2 which has the ability to offer a stronger and more reliable connection. They claim to stay connected with a phone for up to 25 feet, with all blockage in between. Moving forward to the sound quality, I am glad to say it offers an enjoyable sound with more bass and the vocal are clear as a mirror reflection. Samsung Buds is worth it; as they offer more realistic and immersive sound the Galaxy Buds Pro comes with a 360 Audio which offers sound from all directions by following your head movement.

Pairing The Buds In Handy Manner

Right after unboxing any earbuds, the only thing people always get confused about is why do my earbuds won’t connect to my device? Well, it can be due to an un-proper pairing mechanism but that’s not the case with Samsung Buds, you need to simply unlock the device and open the lid of the case. Right after that, you will receive a pop-up on the screen prompting if you want to pair earbuds. Follow up the process for 30-seconds and enjoy listening to the music. Keep in mind that if you linking the buds with a Samsung device, you should have a Galaxy Wearable App, which is preinstalled, and in the case of any other third-party phone; you should install Samsung Companion App.  

Control Over Calls And Music

Samsung Galaxy Buds Smooth Syncing Switching

Gone were those days when answering calls and control over music with tangling cable while driving a car or scooter was a tough task to do. The Samsung Buds come with a large touch area along with built-in commands to increase the user experience. So just with a simple swipe or tap you can Answer and Decline Calls, Skip Music, & Play Music. What makes these Samsung Buds worth buying is they allow you to customize those touchpad commands for Using Voice Command, Increasing-Decreasing of Volume & Turning ON Ambient Sound moreover, you can also launch the Spotify Music App on the latest models.

Note: Those touch commands vary from model to model.

Ambient Sound Mode

Samsung Galaxy Buds Ambient Sound

People always have a habit to drive scooters or cars while listening to music. But sometimes those habits can lead to a sudden accident. So to prevent such a situation Samsung Galaxy Buds+ is launched with Ambient Sound Mode. Ambient Sound Mode on the Galaxy Buds+ offers the surrounding environmental sound without drawing away from whatever you are listening to on your device.  

Active Noise Cancellation

Samsung Galaxy Buds Noise Cancellation

Most people get disturbed while listening to their favorite playlist. In such a case, those people search for a location where there is no disturbance. But using Samsung Buds can fix the problem. As the Galaxy Buds Live, Galaxy Buds Pro, and Galaxy Buds2 are carries noise cancellation features. Enabling the noise cancellation feature will clear out all the surrounding sounds.

Automatic Tweaking From Active Noise Cancellation To Ambient Sound Mode

As Samsung is always known for manufacturing smart gadgets. And in the list of those smart gadgets, Galaxy Buds Pro ranks at the top. As it offers automatic tweaking between ASM to ANC features. There is no need to go to the Galaxy Wearable App and manually change the Buds settings. It automatically detects the surrounding environment and gets changes automatically. That’s the reason the Samsung Buds are the most popular wireless earbuds right now!

Seamless Tweaking Between Samsung Devices

Having multiple phones is always good to go. But connecting Buds from one device to another manually is quite frustrating. But in the case of Samsung Buds, you can easily tweak between the multiple devices. For example, if you are listening to music in one Samsung S22 and now want to watch video on Samsung Tab, you can handily switch between devices without manually performing a connection procedure. It doesn’t limit here, the Samsung Company claims this feature works on other third-party devices once you have completed the initial pairing procedure.

Charge The Device According To Convenience

The Samsung Buds come with great battery life but if you rush to go to the door and forget to charge the device, it is quite an irritating situation. But there is no need to worry as the Samsung Buds can be charged with different modes such as Via USB Cable, Via Wireless Charger, and Via Wireless PowerShare.  

Water Resistance

Are Samsung Buds water-resistant? In this case, the most-highest standard rate of water-resistant is craved in a Galaxy Buds Pro, IPX7. With this standard rating, your Samsung Buds can be submerged in freshwater for up to 1 meter, a maximum of 30 minutes. However, the device can also get damaged only if you have followed the IPX7 standard.  

Have One!

You might have got impressed by reading this impressive feature of Samsung Buds. However, if you still have doubts or else want more clarity regarding the product, simply drop in the question right comment box.

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