[2023] Best Speech To Text Apps For iPhone, Android

Best Speech to TEXT Apps for iPhone, Android

Application with enhanced voice text capabilities allows you to take notes no matter whatever the surrounding situation and languages are. It helps you to be a multi-tasker, which means you can do two tasks at the same time. Just for example, while riding the cab to answer an important message. And many of them work great with Android and iPhone devices, meaning you can handily switch to dictation apps anywhere everywhere.

So if you are a multi-tasker student or businessman and having a hard time to search the best speech-to-text application which can help you to convert the audio into notes? If yes, then in this article we have mentioned some of the best applications for Android and iPhone.  

Top 8 Speech To Text Application For Android & iPhone

SpeechTexter (Android)

Speech to text application for Android like SpeechTexter is something awful. It’s free to download app available in the Google Play Store. Using this application; allows you to create Personal Commands along with Unique Words in the application’s dictionary. Moreover, you can create your Daily Text Notes, SMS, Tweets, or Professional Emails through spoken words. No matter whatever your mother tongue language this best speech to text app comes with 60 Languages with a recognition accuracy of 95%. At the end, the application doesn’t require an Internet Connection as the recognition mode works great in offline mode. Don’t wait simply install it on your device.

Download SpeechTexter

Voice Notes (Android)

Want something that makes your typing handier and simpler, then go with this talk-to-text app for Android from Voice Notes. The application comes with an array of features; and is helpful for those who want to make Memo, To-Do-List, or Notes. To make this application work, you need to open application, and just by tapping on the microphone button; whatever you speak will convert into the notes. After the completion of the note, it will automatically Store In Calendar. An for reminder you set particular timing from the settings. It offers handy sharing of notes with friends and family, plus, with compatibility of 20 User-Interface Language and 120 Languages this application is something out of the box. The only drawback there is Limit Of Speech Recording Time in free version

Download Voice Notes

Voice NoteBook (Android)

Using unreliable applications can lead to speech-to-text not working on Android, but using Voice NoteBook neglects such situations. As the application is developed by the best tech experts. You will be able to download it from Google Play Store, but there are some In-App Purchases to get premium features. Moving forward, it allows to record voice notes and store them in the cloud service or in the device memory. If you want to make own style of voice notes, it allows replacing specific punctuation accordingly. Unfortunately, there is also an offline mode available but only for a specific language. Rather than it’s quite good to use.

Download Voice NoteBook

Speech To Text (Android)

If you are searching for a dedicated and free speech-to-text application on Android, Speech To Text is for you. Unlike the other application, this helps to write down long-tail paragraphs by converting your voice to text without any disturbance. Whether it’s Script, Email, or SMS, all the tasks from your side will accomplish by this application by simple commanding. For more clarity, the application comes with a Built-In TTS Engine that allows the application to speak out the notes. Moreover, it’s craved with advanced features like Sliding Tab offers a handy way to have access to the application. With this application, you will always experience No Typing And No Reading  

Download Speech To Text

Evernote (iOS)

Evernote is one of the most widely used speech-to-text applications for iOS devices. And if you are a multi-tasker then this application is best choice as it offers varieties of features like Clipping Articles, Scanning Document, and also permits you to add content no matter if it’s Audio, Video, or Picture. Moreover, the application is recommended to the student as it allows Take, Track, and Create Separate Notes, plus, you can bring together projects and people for some new ideas. Just simply navigate to the keyboard and hit on the mic present below to start detecting the text. And if you have multiple devices in the array you can simply sync with them. Just have it, as it’s Free To Use!

Download Evernote

Transcribe (iOS)

Another best talk-to-text app for iPhone is Transcribe. It offers the feeling of a personal assistant as it have power to transcribe Voice, Video & Memos To Text, with just a simple tap you can begin your task. Installation of app is free but you receive 15 minutes of free trial after that either you have to go to the Premium Version or else Purchase Add-On Hour. The premium version comes with a bunch of advanced features that allow exporting the voice note in PDF, DOCX, and TXT format. As a complimentary in the premium version, you will receive 5 Hours of Free Transcription. No matter whatever the task, this top application will never let you down.

Download Transcribe

Dictation (iOS)

With the best Voice Recognition Technology, the Dictation is for is definitely for you. No matter whatever the surrounding situation is with this advanced recognition you can easily add an important point to the journal. Not to mention, you can simply add the Picture, Videos, or Drawing to the notes which is a completely time saver. Apart from this, the most accurate speech-to-text application can handily sync with all the applications that works as an messages app. It is available on the App Store in both paid and free versions. The premium version is compatible with varieties of languages like French, English, Deutsch, and more.

Download Dictation

Rev Voice Recorder & Memos

The Rev Voice is the last one in this line-up. Most of the users of Rev Voice claim that they receive 99% of accuracy while using it. It comes with a simple and handy-to-use User Interface. It allows you to use the recorder right in the background which shuts off when you receive the calls on your device. The application is free to download from the App Store but is charged 1 credit to transcribe the voice for a maximum of 1 minute. Similarly, if you subscribe to this plan from the website it will take $1.50 for a maximum of 1 minute of transcription. This is a quite simple app but works great.

Download Rev Voice Recorder & Memos


That’s over, these are some of the top speech to task application for both iOS and Android which is complementary to both professional and students. If you have a query or suggestion regarding the speech to text application drop it in the below comment section!

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