Fix WiFi Not Working on macOS Monterey/Big Sur

WiFi is the most preferred layer to connect with everything amazing in this world. But sometimes just after an update from the Mac to macOS Monterey or Big Sur, or else Catalina, many users encountered problems with WiFi such as frequent disconnection, no internet, enable to join a network, decrease in internet speed, has been caught.

Thankfully, these macOS Monterey wifi issues can be sorted successfully by following the given below tricks on your device. Let’s begin to swim in the article and fix the wifi not working on macOS Catalina.  

Fix WiFi Not Working on Mac, MacBook after MacOS Monterey, Big Sur

Why Does My Mac Not Connect To Wifi? Identify Issue!

Initially, we will try to identify how much issue is difficult as the device uncertainly reaches wifi not working on macOS Monterey. That might usually be, since a long or just after a macOS Monterey update. Simply try to follow the primary workaround and Get rid of the wifi interface missing Mac big sur.

  • Ensure VPN is disabled if installed in a device. Also, disabled Antivirus software if it’s installed.
  • If the issue is the software installed then enable safe mode in mac and verify wifi not working on macOS Catalina is fixed or not. Because safe mode on the mac always determines the software bug on startup your mac. After that WiFi not working only on safe mode. At this point, we recommend reinstalling macOS.
  • If you have enabled Apple private relay service then you might encounter slow internet connectivity, because sometimes your Connection passes from Apple’s proxy server and doesn’t allow unwanted attacks.

Run Wireless Diagnose On Mac

To fix MacBook wifi not working, try is troubleshooting step to reach out to the Network problem in your office or home network. Don’t worry it’s handy an automatic procedure.

  • Press the Option Button from the keyboard.
  • Add the WiFi present top mac menu.
  • Click on the WiFi present at the top Mac Menu> Open Wireless Diagnostics. After that, follow the on-screen instruction.

Reboot Your Router

One of the things you must consider to fix big sur 11.2.3 Wi-Fi is restarting the router. More often, it can work great. To perform this, disconnect the router from the plug and plug it back. After doing so, enable Wi-Fi. If the wifi works accurately, then feel lucky!

Reboot Your Mac

Another trustworthy workaround that can eliminate the macOS Monterey wifi issue, forcing the MacBook to reboot.

  • Hit Wi-Fi Menu and enable.
  • Hit Apple Menu> Restart.

Forget the Network And Reconnect Your MacBook

Believe it or not, this minor workaround has worked perfectly to fix several issues like MacBook air wifi not turning on. Therefore, we suggest performing it.

  • Navigate to System Preference> Network.
  • Now, select Wi-Fi from the list and hit Advance.
  • After that, select the Network and to forgot click (-) to remove.

Update Date & Time On Your Apple Mac

It sounds weird, though an incorrect date and time result in various problems on the mac such as big sur unsupported mac wifi. Therefore, always choose Date & Time automatically, after selecting the particular region.

  • Hit on the Apple Logo> choose System Preference.
  • Navigate to Date & Time.
  • Choose Time Zone.
  • Select the Checkmark next to the Set time automatically with help of the current location.
  • Apart from this, turn on the Location Service, also assure the MacBook detects perfect location.

Update Software On Your Mac

“Software Update” is always a great workaround for fixing miscellaneous or common issues like wifi not working on mac but works with the phone. And the great thing is! The company frequently releases updates to fix all the minor glitches and also gives the advancement in performance.

Exclamation Mark Point Issue On WiFi Symbol On To Menu: Renew DHCP Lease

Get or renew the DHCP lease address that creates and refreshes a new connection with the IPV4 address, router, and subnet mask.

  • Navigate to Apple Menu on the device. Next, select the System Preferences option.
  • Now navigate to Network.
  • The first option you will receive is WiFi present in the left panel. And if you receive an exclamation mark, then choose WiFi.
  • Search Advanced> TCP/IP from the multiple tabs. In this section, you will capture IP address, and if no IP address then assigns an IP address for your mac and click on Renew DHCP Lease.
  • Now you will capture the IP address, and if not IP is captured, simply assign the IP manually to the mac

Try Using the 5HGz Band

If you are still not able to fix MacBook wifi not working, try using the 5HGz band, if possible! The reason why I recommend as it offers high bandwidth as compared to 2.4GHz, plus it is more effective and efficient. To begin a new journey with the 5GHz on dual-band router, ensure to separate the 5GHz and 2.4GHz on a router. To do so, follow the given below steps.

  • Hit System Preference> Network Phone.
  • Then, choose Wi-Fi> Advance Button.
  • Lastly, you will need to drag the 5GHz Network present at the top.

Run Apple Diagnostics

“Apple Diagnostic” can help to reach out to the culprit behind wifi not working macOS Catalina. So try to run this on your mac to reach the root cause of problem.

  • Firstly, link out all the external devices, which means, if you connected earphones, mouse, or something else then simply disconnect them.
  • Now, switch off the mac.
  • Switch on the PC while pressing the D Button.
  • Next, they will prompt to select WiFi Network> Language.

Wait for a couple of seconds to permit Apple Diagnostic to find out the problem. Once completed, check if big sur wifi issue 2021 or macOS Monterey wifi issues are fixed or not.

Use Apple’s Wireless Diagnostics

macOS includes wireless diagnostics that allow to detect common wifi issues. Plus, this application helps to monitor wireless connections for interrupted connectivity failures. It also alerts your device encountered connectivity failure.

  • Go to Wireless Diagnostics on your device.
  • Choose the Windows> Performance.
  • Now you will capture three graphs, featuring the noise and signal level and transmission rate signal quality.

It features the data rate to the network your connected with. In some cases, the data rate remains constant. Moreover, if encountered below par, ultimately means something went wrong. Look at the center graph, which is by forget as Quality, which visible the ratio of the signal. If it comes with a straight line along with tiny lines, it means it’s steady. But it doesn’t seem like, something went wrong with the network. The last graph is named a signal. It features the measured noise and signal strength and features as Decibel-milliwatts and dBm. If you are thinking, what it is wondering! Let me clear your confusion, it mentions the unit of power.

Check Out the DNS Settings

Are you feeling helpless ever after performing workarounds to fix big sur unsupported to mac wifi, it’s time to look at the DNS settings. Wondering what DNS settings means? Don’t worry! I will clear all your doubts. Well, the full form is a domain name system that helps the device to convert the domain name into IP address. Now see, whether is DNS working or not? Thankfully, it’s simple to understand, navigate to After that, you will reach the Apple website.   

  • To get rid of problems, navigate to System Preference> Network> Network.
  • Hit Advanced> DNS.
  • In the DNS section, an IP address will be featured.
  • Now, tap on the Plus-Sign (+) Button and write
  • You have to perform the same procedure using OK> Apply.

Customize the DNS Setting For Your Network

If none of the workarounds works, it would be customizing the DNS settings. Only remember to delete the WiFi preference file.

  • Go to Finder> Go> Go To Folder.
  • Write down the code and then hit on the Go.
  • /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguaration/ search for the file and then move them in the Backup folder on your PC.
  4. network interface.plist
  5. preferences.plist

In some cases, this workaround doesn’t fix the issue, try making the new Wi-Fi network location by adding DNS and MTU details. Ensure to exit all apps that run with the help of Wi-Fi.

  • Navigate System PreferencesNetwork.
  • Hit on Wi-Fi> Drop-Down Menu Next To Location> choose Edit Locations.
  • After that hit “+” to establish the new location and name it.
  • Hit Done.
  • Next, choose Advance> Renew DHCP Lease present under TCP/IP.
  • Now you will receive the warning pop-up saying Renewing DHCP lease cause any unsaved change to be lost. Would like to apply your changes before renewing the DHCP lease?
  • Hit on Apply.
  • Move towards DNS Tab> Write and in the DNS server.
  • After that, choose Hardware And Configure Manually.
  • Then, you need to customize MTU directly to Custom and configure it to 1453 and choose OK.
  • Select on Apply.

Detach All the Accessories From Mac

Often, we are addicted to keeping linked with external accessories like a keyboard, mouse, external hard drive, headphones, and more. All these external peripherals might decrease the performance of the MacBook and which ultimately results in several issues like MacBook wifi not working. So we recommend disconnecting that’s one not in use.

Add Some Custom Location On Your Mac

It’s a mac setting in which it works according to its owns preference, so there is no need to interfere unless there is no problem. However, in this situation, you might need to add the custom network location

  • Hit on the Apple Logo present in the menu bar.
  • Choose System Preferences> Network.
  • You will receive, Location.
  • Go to it and choose Edit Location.
  • Hit Plus (+) and add a new location and give the desired name.
  • Hit Done.

Clear Out Unnecessary Profile From MacBook

It’s feasible macOS Big Sur 11.2.3 wifi issue is happened due to an unwanted profile that you have installed from a corrupted or random website. Simply remove the profile.

  • Navigate to System Preference> Profiles> Custom Profile.

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