How to Manage Notifications on MacBook, Mac

You are relaxed on the couch. Your macOS device is on the tea table, received a notification, and is curious to grab the device to look at the notification you received. It’s getting irritating. You are feeling disturbed all the time whenever you encounter the notification. As so many in the little time!

Sounds great! You can manage notifications on macOS and adjust them. So don’t be a slave to all the notifications apps. Make them work according to your time. Well, these works great on macOS Monterey and apple will make it handier than before to control the wanted and unwanted notifications.   

How to Check and Manage MacOS Monterey Notifications: MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac

How To Use Focus To Adjust Your Notifications

What is the focus mode on macOS Monterey? The focus mode is an updated version of the “Do Not Disturb” aspect that Apple has launched across the devices. This feature allows managing the notifications, messages, calls, and alerts during the late-night healthy sleep. With the help of the focus feature, you can adjust and manage notifications on the macOS Monterey on the desired hours.

For example:- If you want to sort out the notification for when you are at the gym, home, or the office. You can easily manage it using the Focus mode.

How To Use Focus Mode? Well, there are different steps to manage notifications for contacts, groups, and contacts.

To Adjust Your Contact Notification Settings:

  • Go to System Preferences right from the mac’s dock.
  • Choose Notifications & Focus.
  • Tap on the Focus tab.
  • Select Focus you desired to change present at the left side of the Notification & Focus.
  • Highlight People present below the Allowed Notifications From Section.
  • Press the +, then select someone from the list of contacts.
  • Choose the Add Button.
  • Perform the same steps to add more people.

To Adjust Your App Notification Settings:

  • Select System Preference right from the mac’s dock.
  • Choose Notification & Focus.
  • Tap on the Focus tab.
  • Select the Focus you desired to change present on the left side of Notification & Focus Box.
  • Highlight Apps present right below the Allowed Notifications From Section.
  • Tap the +, then feature an app you desired to add.
  • Choose the Add Button.
  • Perform the same steps to add more apps.

You can customize the settings for each of the Focus Groups. And to share Focus settings across all the devices, simply follow the given below steps

  • Select System Preference right from Mac’s dock.
  • Touch Notifications & Focus.
  • Hit on the Focus tab.
  • Switch on Share Across Devices.

Do Not Disturb On Focus Mode

Focus feature only allows to set up the mac, apple watch, iPad, iPhone at the same time. So that you are only interrupted and notified according to your desired ways. To manage notification on macOS Monterey, go to Focus> Notifications> Notification & Focus. And that’s where the old Do Not Disturb is hidden. You can enable Do Not Disturb, you can do so by tapping off/on the toggle, but for more flexibility, you have still option to schedule the time.

Enable the Do Not Disturb, and you will receive who disturb you. But by default, no app or contacts can send you notifications.

This means there it will take time to set up the Do not disturb as anyone can contact. But don’t worry it will it doesn’t prevent

Coping With Emergency

Your boss will call you. But there are chances where you have blocked everyone using the Do Not Disturb, and there where the emergency plays an important role. By default, Do Not Disturb handles this situation by offering 2 optional settings. The one option is Allow Repeated Calls and another is Allows Calls From.

All Repeated Calls:- It allows if someone tries to call you twice or thrice in quick times, the device will let them contact you.

Allow Calls From:- This option will allow the group of desired people to whom you have selected.

Choose Your Times

You more flexibility you can set a time in which you allow the Do Not Disturb to be activated. This means the time period you have selected, at that particular time only the Do Not Disturb will be active. The rest of the time it will be disabled. To do so simply follow the given below steps.

  • In the Focus Panel> Do Not Disturb> Set a desired time for it.

How To Temporarily Mute Notifications

If you are continuously receiving notifications from an app or person, and want to temporarily mute notifications, thankfully the macOS offers to do so.

  • Tap on the Time present at the right side of your mac menu bar.
  • Right-click on the desired Notification you want to mute.
  • Select the muting option, in which, you can select Mute For Today or Mute For One Hour or else Turn Off.

What Are The Other New Features Launched By The Apple On The MacOS Monterey

For advancement along with time, Apple has added new features in macOS Monterey.

New Look For Notifications: Now you can receive the notification from the desired contact along with Photos and larger icons of apps.

Muting Suggestions: If the thread is active and you are not able to engage with it, you will receive the suggestion to mute the threat notifications.

Communication Notifications: Notification from the contacts across all the communications apps now visible the feature contacts profile for a handy way to identify.

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