Fix Spotify Not Working On iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14

Fix Spotify Not Working on iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14

Many of us are fond of using Spotify Music rather than Apple Music on the iPhone. So when Spotify is not working on iPhone as desired and featuring varieties of unexpected causes just like Spotify App keeps pausing or suddenly stops working, it totally impacts our equilibrium.

If those scenes appear the same on your iPhone 14 & iPhone 14 Pro; either songs on Spotify keep crashing or else Spotify stops working, won’t load, or keeps crashing on iPhone after the latest iOS update, you can easily fix it by performing troubleshooting steps. First of all, we will begin the article with a handy workaround and thereafter we will move forward to an efficient solution.

Why is Spotify Not Working on My iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro?

There are a few reasons why Spotify playback keeps pausing on the iPhone. This can either be due to the corrupted app files, low power mode, bad internet connection, and at last low Spotify server status. Hence, to get rid of it we have made an array of troubleshooters that you must try out!

Spotify Not Working On iPhone 14 & iPhone 14 Pro, Here Are The Real Fix!

Having a bad day means Can’t Play Spotify on the new iPhone flagship? Go through our guide to make it work normally once again. 

Force Close Spotify And Re-Open It

Force closing the Spotify App and re-opening it eliminates various minor bugs. Spotify is stuck on iPhone 14 Pro, at the same, it doesn’t let you scroll through the list of songs. Our recommendation is to quit and re-open it.

  • Step 1 → On an iPhone having Face ID, scroll from the bottom of the screen and pause. Similarly, on iPhone with Home Key, instantly double press it.
  • Step 2 → From the App Switcher Menu, drag out Spotify to force quit it.

Wait for a couple of seconds, and open the Spotify App. 

Restart iPhone

Just like closing and opening Spotify works wonders, in this case, restarting the iPhone fixes minor bugs causing the Spotify player not to work properly on iPhone 14 Pro.

Check Internet Connectivity

No service on iPhone is another reason for suddenly Spotify playing tracks on iPhone 14 Pro. In this scenario, try moving to the location where there is a stable network. Moreover, if your device is connected to Wi-Fi; connect your iPhone to alternate Wi-Fi or simply switch to Mobile Data. 


  • Step 1 → Navigate to Settings > Wi-Fi and see if the phone is connected to Wi-Fi. Secondly, the connected wifi is at the highest strength bar. 

Cellular Data,

  • Step 1 → From Settings > Cellular and verify that the toggle is enabled for Cellular Data. From the same screen, assure that Mobile Data isn’t turned off for Spotify. That’s It!

Check Spotify Server Status

Spotify lyrics not working iPhone issue seems to have appeared globally? If yes, it is nothing but an issue with a Spotify Server. Usually, this kind of issue doesn’t appear randomly, but at this stage, it is better to Check Spotify Server Status.

Log Out And Log In Again

If Spotify disallows you to log in, then the app might fail to work accurately. In such cases, you can try logging out and back in again to see if it works for you. Seemingly, you will be familiar with the steps, if that’s not so, follow the given below steps. 

  • Step 1 → Open the Browser on the Computer or PC and head to the Spotify Web. Now login to your Spotify Account.
  • Step 2 → Choose the Profile Icon located at the right top corner and select Account.
  • Step 3 → Swipe down and click Sign Out Everywhere at the bottom.

Now move forward and log in once again to check if the app works accurately. 

Clear Spotify Cache

Unlike the other applications, Spotify loads up with a temporary cache. Over time, this Spotify App cache gets corrupted and ultimately results in Spotify Down on iPhone 14. Thus, clearing the cache eliminates such situations.

  • Step 1 → Open the Spotify App > Gear Icon right top corner to access Settings.
  • Step 2 → Navigate to the Storage > Delete Cache to vanish Spotify Cache.

Not to worry more, as there might be no data loss. 

Update Spotify App

To make it suitable to work with every iOS, the developer launches frequent updates. And that’s where you need to Update Spotify, if available.

  • Step 1 → Go to App Store > Profile Icon.

Swipe through the screen to see available updates. Select Updates present beside the app or else choose to Update All. 

Reinstall The App

If the other workaround doesn’t work well, try re-installing Spotify App. Doing so will clear out Spotify Data from iPhone 14 Pro. Right after that, log in with the same credentials and wait until everything seems(Favorites, and Playlist) to be loaded.


Most probably, every iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 users have their Spotify suddenly stopped working issue fixed. But if that’s not so, try contacting the Spotify Support Team as they can give a clear view regarding Spotify Outrage Issue on iPhone 14 Pro. 

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