How to Fix Snapchat Not Working On iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14

How to Fix Snapchat Not Working On iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14

If you are born to use Snapchat who had the misfortune of using it on the new iPhone or else after updating to the latest iOS version? Here’s what you can do to fix iPhone Snapchat app that’s not working.

Apps that worked perfectly fine until the last iOS update are customarily bugging as they are still not used to the new iOS on iPhone. However, Snapchat that keeps crashing and not loading properly on iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro can also be due to certain unexpected possibilities. But do not worry more, as this article includes tested and proven troubleshooting steps for how to fix Snapchat keeps crashing on iPhone, additionally, some tips to prevent iPhone 14 camera shake Snapchat.

Fix Snapchat Not Working On iPhone 14 & iPhone 14 Pro

Whatever the causes are, keep reading the article to get rid of Snapchat not loading videos on iPhone completely. But before we proceed to any troubleshooter; verify Snapchat Server Status. If it’s down, wait until things get fixed. 

Note: This troubleshooting can be performed on the iOS Snapchat app on iPhone having iOS 5 and above.  

Check iPhone Wi-Fi Or Cellular Connection

The quickest and easiest way to know Snapchat couldn’t connect to iPhone 14 Pro is to open the alternative application that works through the internet. Since the corrupted Wi-Fi or an unavailable network in the current location can cause Snapchat that won’t open. 

Try troubleshooting Wi-Fi or else move to another location where there is a stable or active internet connection available. 

Toggle Airplane Mode On and Off

If everything related to mobile networks or Wi-Fi seems to be perfect; another handiest way to fix Snapchat when it’s not working is turning on and off the Airplane Mode. Why Airplane Mode? Because it refreshes the connection between the Internet and network server.

Restart Snapchat App

Some users might face opening the Snapchat application from the recent menu. The breathtaking troubleshooter is restarting the Snapchat App. What I mean to say is don’t minimize it, simply force close and reopen it once again. 

  • Step 1 → Scroll up from the screen’s bottom and pause to open the multitasking screen.
  • Step 2 → Swipe the Snapchat app to close it. And then hit on the Wallpaper to go back to the main screen.

Restart iPhone

Restarting the complete iPhone can cure any app-related issue just as Snapchat notifications not working. More than often, doing frequent restarts can always prevent the bugs from making it into the iPhone. Try performing the steps mentioned below.

Check Wi-Fi And Cellular Data

Snapchat not working on latest iPhone; do not worry it might be due to unstable or corrupted Wi-Fi or Cellular Data. If connected to cellular data, try enabling and disabling the cellular data. At the same point, check network status on region you are located in. 

When connected to Wi-Fi, detach the router from the power source hold it for a while, and reconnect it to the Wi-Fi. Moreover, if your Wi-Fi isn’t yet finish and still there is an issue with Wi-Fi, contact Internet Service Provider.  

Log-Out And Log-In Back From Snapchat

The quickest way I found to disconnect Snapchat from the server to refresh it is log out and log in back to Snapchat. While it has also been found to be an effective solution to let out when Snapchat is not working on an iPhone. 

Update Snapchat App

As always, the Snapchat App seems to be unresponsive and faded after updating to the latest iOS, which ultimately means that apps consume older processors. Ensure that iPhones connect with stable internet and hold for a few seconds and let the app complete its update cycle. Nevertheless, if there is no update available, wait until the developer releases the update. 

Free Up Space

If your iPhone doesn’t have much more storage; that’s the reason, your Snapchat is not sending a security code. Considering this as a cause, clear out the unwanted images, documents, videos, and at-last corrupted files.

  • Step 1 → Go to Settings > General.
  • Step 2 → Select iPhone Storage. Right in the iPhone Storage Screen, pick out multiple options to make the iPhone more spacious. 

However, there is a color-coded indicator too, which shows how much space is consumed by apps, messages, media, and other data.

Turn Off iPhone’s Content & Privacy Restriction 

Is Your Snapchat Crashes On iPhone 14 Pro? You might have configured the application under content and privacy in the past to limit the screen time for Snapchat App. If that is so, the best way to disable the settings. Follow the given below steps.

  • Step 1 → Go to the Settings App > Screen Time.
  • Step 2 → Select Content & Privacy and disable the Toggle next to the settings.


You can add the Snapchat app to the list of exception applications; to do so, Navigate to Settings > Screen Time > Content & Privacy > Restrictions > Allowed App. That’s It! 

Reset iPhone’s Network Settings

Snapchat not working on iPhone 14 can be due to Snapchat not connecting with the Snapchat server. And at last even after performing troubleshooting steps, if nothing works on your side, it’s better to go with iPhone Network Settings.

  • Step 1 → Move to Settings > General.
  • Step 2 → Select Reset > Reset Network Settings.

After completion of the workaround, we suggest manually configuring Cellular or Wi-Fi on the iPhone. At last, restart the phone to make it with refreshed memory. 

Reset All Settings

Reset All Settings, however, it doesn’t harm the data store in the device. But aim to clear iPhone’s preferences. Doing so will also clear out conflicting settings causing Snapchat from working properly.  To do so, head to Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content And Settings > Reset All Settings.

Contact Snapchat Customer Support

Snapchat App won’t open error on iPhone still stuck on your iPhone or else forces wait until for the repair, contact the Snapchat support to insights behind the problem.


Considering Snapchat not working on iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro as software-related bugs, you can perform 9 troubleshooting steps to fix it. If the issue persists, go through the various forums, if it seems all you users are facing similar problems, wait until the issue gets itself fixed.

Why Is Snapchat Not Working On Data?

Snapchat not working on iPhone 14 Pro, check if the mobile data on iPhone is enabled. And if that’s not so, try switching to a different Wi-Fi network.

How Do I Fix Snapchat Notifications?

If Snapchat notifications are working, as usual, assure the notifications are turned on iOS. Next, head to the Snapchat Account, and tap on the Notifications you want to receive. Also, ensure that DND is disabled on your iOS and Android phones.

How Do I Fix The Snapchat Camera?

To get rid of the Snapchat Camera issue, try restarting the iPhone, and verify the issue on various Forums to know if there is a serious Snapchat bug. However, you can check your internet connection, camera permission, and at-last update Snapchat to latest update.

How Do I Fix Snapchat Camera Quality?

If your Snapchat has camera stability issues, is low-quality, or blurry the best workaround needs to try is restarting the phone, Snapchat Update, clearing Snapchat Data Cache, and at the end, re-installing the Snapchat App.

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