Fix Disney+ Not Working On iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro

Fix Disney+ Not Working On iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro

Disney+ plus is the most well-known streaming app in recent times, after Netflix. Eventually, it doesn’t mean it’s always bug-free. Complete dependence on the Internet Connectivity, Hardware, and Updates can sometimes cause Disney+ not working on the latest iOS flagship.

The Disney Plus not working on iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro is the most recent issue that every user is experiencing. Is that the same issue with you, your Disney Plus app crashing, disney+ not opening, unable to load movies, here are the troubleshooting steps you need to follow.  

How To Fix Disney+ Not Working On iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro

Why Disney+ not working is quite difficult to know as there are certain possibilities. But fixing it is petty simple as we have completely mentioned effective troubleshooting steps to fix Disney Plus not showing up in the App Store.

Check Disney+ Server

The Disney+ Hotstar is an online streaming app that completely relies upon the server. However, when the server falls down, you will encounter a Disney Plus app not working on iPhone 14. To verify the server status there is a third-party platform known as Downdetector. It’s the platform that offers status information. 

Fix Disney Plus Not Working on iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro

Update iPhone

It’s feasible that iPhone doesn’t compatible with Disney + due to the outdated version of software. Check if there is latest iOS software update available and install it; go to Settings > General > Software Update.

Close Other Applications

As of now and forever, the iPhone needs RAM in order to run Disney + without any problem. However, we frequently use iPhone, means we live a lot of application running in the background. 

To close the application, swipe up from the bottom of the screen and then gently swipe all the application card one by one. 

Turn Off VPN

Sometimes running the VPN on your iPhone can be the reason for various iPhone 13 problems. As of now, it creates difficulties connecting the iPhone to a network. So turn off the VPN, that’s it!

Restart Your iPhone 

The common issue with Disney plus can get easily fixed by performing the common yet effective troubleshooting steps. What I mean to say is try restarting the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro.

  • Step 1 → Press the anyone Volume Button, and simultaneously, press the Power Key.
  • Step 2 → Drag the slider, then hold for 30 seconds for your device to show a black screen. 
  • Step 3 → Now hold for a couple of seconds and then press the Power Button to enable the device.

Update Disney+ App On iPhone

Can’t connect to Disney Plus when you watch on the iPhone 14 Pro, that can be due to the older version of Disney+. So ensure that installed Disney + on iPhone consumes the latest version. And in case, if that’s not so, move to the App Store and check if there is an availability of Update, simply, tap Update. And get your work done. 

Check Internet Connection

As we all know Disney+ needs an active and stable internet connection to stream without lagging and freezing. However, this seems to be in the opposite direction, in case, the network isn’t working and at last, occurs Disney+ keeps crashing on the iPhone. In the current situation, verify the internet connection.

To do so, open the alternative applications which only run through the internet. If it works perfectly, move forward to the next troubleshooting. 

Close And Refresh Disney Plus Using App Switcher

You should try refreshing the Disney+ app if things didn’t work your way. Doing so will refresh the iPhone 14 memory. For an iPhone having no home button, then scroll up from the home screen and make the Disney+ view in the App Switcher. From the next screen, drag the Disney+ card. Navigate to the application and check if the Disney+ won’t play anything is fixed. 

Uninstall And Reinstall Application

Another trustworthy workaround to get Disney + stuck on the loading screen is loading the application with new memory. And that can only be done by uninstalling and reinstalling the application. To do so follow the given below steps.

  • Step 1 → Keep pressing on the Disney + App Icon until X Icon is visible on the screen.
  • Step 2 → Tap on the X icon, That’s it! Disney+ app from your iPhone has vanished.

Move to the App Store and search for Disney + App. Lastly, tap on the Get or Install Icon. 

Report The Issue To Disney Plus Official

Disney+ not playing or not working with VPN, is a frustrating issue. As of now, you have performed all possible troubleshooting steps. In the end, you have to report the issue to the Disney+ Officials. As they are the only who can now fix Disney+ not working anymore. 


There we end up! Those are some of the effective ways to fix Disney+ Hotstar not working on iPhone 14 Pro. If neither of the workarounds works for you, wait until the issue gets fixed on its own.

Does Disney Plus Use a Lot Of Data?

How much data it uses eventually depends on the video quality you are streaming it on. Just for your knowledge, if you use the application on a Smartphone, it will eat up to 2.5GB per hour while watching 1080P. Similarly, it will eat up to 2GB for HD and for 0.6 GB in SD video quality.

In Which Country Does Disney + Available?

You can now stream Disney Plus in North America, Latin America, Asia-Pacific, and Europe.

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