Fix Spotify Offline Sync Not Working on iPhone and Android

Spotify is the most well-known music application all over the world. As it has millions of subscribers that enjoy music every day. After an increasing number of users, the developer started working to feature some of the amazing features such as syncing. And in the past years, many users around the world shouted offline sync not working on Spotify.

This issue ultimately means that you are not easily able to listen the music stored locally on your device. To avoid such a type of issue, simply connect with a stable internet connection. If you have a stable internet connection still no devices are currently available for syncing, simply follow the given below steps.

Fix Spotify Offline Sync Not Working on iPhone, iPad, Android

Turn On Sync

Spotify comes along with a syncing feature that allows different flagships all together with local music. If this feature is not turned on you definitely receive a Spotify offline sync not working 2021.

  • Navigate to Settings > Local Files.
  • Now verify the sync feature is enabled or not. Wait for a couple of seconds. Simply follow the on-screen instructions.
  • After that, link a device with Mac/OC, then choose Spotify Devices and sync. Ensure this is performed with Spotify installed in all the gadgets.

Completing these steps, now see if offline sync Spotify is fixed or not. If yes, then simply stop here.

Update Spotify App

This Spotify playlist not showing on phone issue usually occurs when it’s not able to read the local song file which happens due to an older version of the application. So the Spotify developer works on it and encounters the new update frequently to fix those bugs. So ensure that the Spotify application in your device has the latest version app.

Update Device

Unlike the application an older version of the device might go to several issues like songs won’t sync to iPhone Spotify. To fix those kinds of bugs and bring enhancement in the device, the developer frequently launches an update. So check if there is availability to update or not.  

Clear Out DRM Content

DRM means Digital rights management, which prevents the content from getting a transfer or copy. Similarly, the Spotify application has tight protocols when we talk about DRM or pirated content. In some cases, you might have songs in a local filter, which is ultimately a paid song, and you don’t have the right to purchase it, then clear out the particular songs from the file. After doing so, simply restart the device.

Replace Local Music Folder

Sometimes, Spotify won’t able to catch out the song file and folder they are stored in. In such a case, it’s better to store and save the songs into Android > Music Folder. Also assure, to store the songs file in the external SD card.

Verify Song Extension

Spotify works firmly with MP3 songs, rather than this it also reads other formats like .acc and .ogg. If you have stored your music file in other unknown formats other than mentioned above, if not then you will definitely encounter Spotify local files not syncing.  

Check the Internet Connection

Lastly, check if you have a stable internet connection because if it’s not soo. You will definitely encounter Spotify-liked song not syncing.

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