Fix Samsung Watch 5 Not Connecting to iPhone & Samsung

Samsung Galaxy Watch5 And Galaxy Watch5 Pro Not Connecting To A Phone Not

Being an intact part of the Android ecosystem, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 pairs seamlessly with any Smartphone. What you need to do is simply pair both the peripherals using Bluetooth and acquire all the features by managing it through a connected phone. That’s how straightforward it is! But in the end, users encountered, the Samsung smartwatch will not connect to a phone.

More often, the easy pairing mechanism lays out due to miscellaneous problems that tend to be visible from nowhere. Fortunately, Galaxy Watch5 pro not connecting with my phone is pretty easy to fix, thanks to some effective workarounds. If you have recently caught up on your day with Samsung Galaxy Watch5 not connecting to the phone, here are steps you need to consider.  

Why Won’t My Samsung Galaxy Watch Connect To Phone?

Can’t sync Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 with my phone as a result of various miscellaneous reasons. Looking deep down, the most common one is the improper way of connecting the Watch with the Phone. But some users just paired but their phone’s Bluetooth Keeps Disconnecting. Whatsoever the cause is, we have built a troubleshooting step to fix Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Pro won’t connect to the phone. 

What To Do When Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 And Galaxy Watch 5 Won’t Connect To Phone

Is your Galaxy Watch not connecting with iPhone or Android, here we have formerly mentioned the best ways to fix Samsung Galaxy not connecting to iPhone or Android phone.

Restart your Phone And Watch

Just like beginning your day with basic activities; here is the basic troubleshooting steps to fix it when your Samsung Galaxy Watch Pro won’t pair is restarting both the phone and watch.

  1. Press the Lower Button for a few seconds. Let out the key when your Galaxy Watch restarts, that’s it!

Enable Bluetooth

Ensure the Bluetooth is turned on on both your watch and phone. If this feature is disabled on any of the peripherals, you will encounter a phone that won’t pair with the Samsung Galaxy Watch. 

  • For Android: Navigate to Settings > Connections > Bluetooth and ensure the toggle next to the Bluetooth is enabled.
  • For iPhone: Head to Settings > Bluetooth and enable the switch next to it. 
  • For Samsung Galaxy Watch: Settings > Connections > Bluetooth. Ensure the feature is turned on.  

Once you have verified that the Bluetooth feature is enabled, keep the device within the range of 32 ft. And try reconnecting to get rid Samsung Galaxy Watch not pairing to new Phone.

Check Battery Status

Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Pro not connecting after reset, it could be due to the Low Battery On Phone or the Watch itself. Samsung Company always suggests keeping a minimum of 25 Percent on both the peripherals. At the same point, assure Battery Saving Mode is disabled on Watch or Phone.

Update Galaxy Wearable App

One of the most prominent reasons for Samsung Galaxy Watch5 won’t connect to phone is outdated Galaxy Wearable App. Firstly verify it’s craved with the latest version, if not, follow the given below steps.

  • For Android: Move to the Galaxy Playstore, and then search for the Galaxy Wearable on the search bar and select Update option.
  • For iPhone: Open the App Store, similarly, search for the Galaxy Wearable App, and at last tap Update. 

Update Phone And Watch

Unlike the Galaxy Wearable Application, your watch & phone must have the latest firmware to prevent Galaxy Watch5 not connecting to phone. It’s time to check OS of watch and Phone.

  • For Android: Go to Settings > Software Update > Download And Install.
  • For iPhone: Settings > General > Software Update.
  • For Galaxy Watch: Open Galaxy Wearable App > Watch Software Update > Download & Install.

Clear Cache Of Galaxy Wearable App (Android)

Nevertheless, whatsoever the reason behind Galaxy Watch5 not working without a phone, you get to know clearing the cache is best medicine for any illness. As always, a corrupted cache makes the Galaxy Wearable Misbehaving that’s the reason clearing a cache(Settings > Apps Galaxy Wearable App > Storage > Clear Cache) is a reason you should never ignore!

Disconnect Watch And Phone

Watch no longer connected to a phone, seems to be a never-ending dilemma. But refreshing the connection between Galaxy Watch5 and phone can help to solve the problem, means recreating the connection between Watch and Phone. 

For that, navigate to the Galaxy Wearable App > Three-Dot Icon. Choose Disconnect. In case, if it shows Connect, then simply disconnected. Hit on the Connected to recreate connection.

Reset Galaxy Watch

The last drop of medicine left to fix iPhone won’t pair with Samsung Galaxy Watch is Reset Galaxy Watch. Doing so will bring the Galaxy Watch to the default state. You might be familiar with how to reset the Galaxy Watch5, if not, follow the given below steps.

  1. Go to Settings > General > Reset. That’s It!


Not connecting Samsung Galaxy Watch5 with Android or iPhone is a petty bug there are effective solutions mentioned above in the article. None of them works for you; go through the various forums and see if it’s a general issue. If yes, wait until Samsung itself works on it.

How Do I Connect A Samsung Galaxy Watch To New Phone?

If you have recently bought a new phone and want to connect it with Galaxy Watch, scroll up from the Home Screen and select Settings > General > Connect To A Phone > Back Up Data > Continue, Galaxy Watch will handily reset. Now navigate to the Galaxy Watch (iOS) and Galaxy Wearable Android. Select Start and then begin pairing procedure > Pair. Follow on-screen instruction  

How Do I Reset A Galaxy Watch?

To head back to the Galaxy Watch to the default mode, press the Power or Home and Back Buttons until the Reebooting Watch screen appears. Now press the Home Button to feature Reboot Mode > Recovery. Keep pressing the Home/Power Button to start recovery procedure. In case you carry Galaxy Watch5, select Wipe Factory/Data. That’s It! 

How Do I Turn A Samsung Galaxy Watch?

Simply press the Power Button, and in case Samsung Galaxy Won’t enable, verify charging, and at last contact Samsung Customer Support.

Can I Pair A Galaxy Watch To Two Phones?

No, you can only connect the Samsung Galaxy Watch to a single phone. Alternatively, if you carry multiple Watches, you can easily connect it with a single phone.

Can I Use Galaxy Watch Without A Phone?

Yes, you can use the Galaxy Watch5 without connecting with a phone. And in case of the Samsung Galaxy Watch5 and Watch5 Pro LTE, you can make/receive calls without connecting to a phone.

Can A Galaxy Watch Connect To Wi-Fi Without A Phone?

The answer is YES, the Galaxy Watch can now remotely connect to the phone using Wi-Fi. 

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