Does Samsung Watch 5 support Blood Oxygen Monitoring?

Does Your Samsung Watch 5 Supports Blood Oxygen Monitoring

Having experienced the worst pandemic of the decade, everybody wants to stay ahead of time, especially with regard to health and fitness. Taking into consideration, smartwatch manufacturers are actively launching new wearables with features like Blood Oxygen (SpO2), Measuring ECG, Step Counts, and many more. Not to mention, these sensors and metrics have saved the lives of many people; however, not a single smartwatch brand promises that you can completely rely on the smartwatch.

Samsung’s SpO2 sensor is integrated with the Samsung Health App to show results on the screen; without Samsung Health App and Samsung Phone, these features are incomplete.

Does Samsung Watch 5 Support Blood Oxygen Monitoring? How to Measure SpO2?

Yes, Samsung Watch 5 and Samsung Watch 5 Pro support SpO2 Blood Oxygen Monitoring, thanks to BioActive Sensor.

How to Measure SpO2 on Samsung Watch 5 and Watch 5 Pro?

Getting accurate results of SpO2 is not a challenge until and unless you’re not following the said procedure. Often, SpO2 fails to give conclusions in the first place; don’t panic, try again, and it will work.

Method 1: Using Samsung Health App

  1. Open the Samsung Health app to which Galaxy Watch is paired and connected.
  2. Swipe down to Stress and select Measure.
  3. Place your fingertip on the SpO2 sensor and stay still while the watch measures the blood oxygen.
  4. The results will be displayed on the My Stress screen of the Samsung Health app.

Method 2: Using Galaxy Watch 5/Watch 5 Pro

  1. Wear your Galaxy Watch tightly, and keep no loose ends. It all begins from here, if you don’t wear Watch correctly, it might give false results.
  2. Find the SpO2 option from the list of Widgets.
  3. As instructed by Samsung Watch; Place your elbow on a table and your wrist near your heart, as shown in the picture.
  4. Tap Measure.
  5. Until the process completes to 100, stay Still.
  6. Usually, in the first attempt, the Blood Oxygen results might not fail to show up, but you can always give it a second try.


Can Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Measure Blood Oxygen?

Yes, Samsung Watch 5 and Samsung Watch 5 Pro come with a SpO2 feature that lets you measure Blood Oxygen.

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