Best Keyboard Apps to Download on Samsung Phone

Best Keyboard Apps for Samsung Phone

If you spend most of your time typing on your device, getting the best comfort while typing is a basic need. And to get the best keyboard for Samsung Phone will always be difficult as you have to get all those features that offer comfort and flexibility. If you are usually searching for an Android Keyboard App that features a wide range of Typing aspects, or else searching for a keyboard that offers a wide range of Emojis, fortunately, most of them come with both, and as an add they also consume thousands of Themes that work firmly with all types of application.

After checking almost hundreds of applications, considering both Prices and Functions, we have selected the top 6 keyboard apps for Samsung phones. So keep reading our line-up and download it on your flagship according to your need.

Top 6 Keyboard App For Samsung Phone To Download

What To Look For In A Samsung Keyboard App?

Selecting an expressive keyboard is always fun to have as it allows one to personalize things on a mobile phone, and is always being fun to type through it. Moreover, every keyboard comes with a Unique Feature to make a huge impact in the keyboard world at the same point to fight with the competitors. Well, while selecting the best keyboard app for a Samsung phone there are some points to be considered.

Price: First priority is always given to the price of the application, as some bunch of application includes in-app purchases to have for their premium feature and tools for more advancement in the works. So even if you select the application which is not mentioned in our, simply avoid the pricier apps.

Different Varieties of Text Option: Best keyboard for Samsung offers a handy way to type with Speed and Accuracy. Moreover, it is compatible with both Voice and Gesture Typing. For more flexibility and comfort-ability, it comes with built-in Text Predictive & Correction and supports varieties of Languages to let you answer in your preferred language.

Emoji & GIF Feature: In this time of advancement, the keyboard comes along with fun by featuring the featuring GIF and Emoji. Moreover, a good Samsung phone keyboard app offers easy access to Stickers, GIFs, and other fun-making features.

Chrooma Keyboard – RGB & Emoji Keyboard Theme

Best keyboard App

Add advanced dimension to your keyboard with this best keyboard for Samsung phones from the Chrooma Keyboard. The application is comparatively lighter compared to those un-trusted applications. In the present time, we are always fond to live and work in a dark room, and RGB is one of the coolest features to work in the dark light. You can simply personalize all things the device from name of the application to Emoji Theme, Font Style, and many more things. And for more convenience this best keyboard for Samsung Table you can set Automatic Theme based on the application you are using.

Download Chrooma Keyboard

Gboard: The Google Keyboard

keyboard for Samsung phone

Searching for a keyboard with Clean-In use and more functional, the Gboard is always a great choice. Moving forward, it craved impressive features like Stickers, Funny Emojis, Gliding Typing, and more. It’s supportable in various languages like Arabic, Catalian, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, French, and German. What all people like about this keyboard app for Samsung mobile, is that it smartly integrates with a Google search which offers handy and fast access to the Sports, News, Lifestyle Articles, etc. As I have personally used this application, I got impressed, due to its convenience working.

Download Gboard: The Google Keyboard

Fleksy Fast Emoji Keyboard App

Fleksy Keyboard App

Want to get rid of gesture typing? Then the Fleksy is a keyboard for you. This keyboard application for phones includes 65 different languages which are comparatively good than the other apps. It works great with all the messages services like Texts, Emails, and even for the social media applications like Linkedin, Instagram and Facebook. Moreover, you can discover different varieties of Free Themes, and Million Of GIFs so that you can reply in a better way. At last, if you are every hunt writer then there is no better option than the Fleksy keyboard app. So without wasting a time, simply add on this one in your device app library.

Download Flesky Fast Emoji Keyboard App

Open Board

On Board Keyboard App

Sometimes the word of mouth is not enough to mention the capabilities of someone! The same goes with Open Board. The keyboard application comes with a varieties Free Themes so that you can easily switch around without to whatever you like. Moreover, it includes some of the nifty aspects not only Gesture-Typing but also Multi-Touch support, making your keyboard to work the same as a PC one just keep pressing the Shift Button and another one at the same time, plus pre-installed Dictionary allows you to add New Word at the same point Delete the one you didn’t like. Well, doesn’t completely go overboard but it has capabilities to finish the job with more convenience.

Download Open Board 

Go Keyboard – Emoji, Sticker

most popular keyboard app for Samsung

Searching for the best alternative keyboard app for Samsung phones; the Go Keyboard is the best choice. This best keyboard application comes with more than 10000 Themes, isn’t it a huge Theme Dictionary? Moreover, it allows you to custom Fonts, Emojis, which are considered next to the impossible. For more fun experience, it allows you to create your Personalize Avatar that matches all your face entities. Another impressive feature of the Go Keyboard is it compatible with more than 20 Languages to go with. So that you handily switch around to write the information to the receiver in a more convenient way.

Download Go Keyboard

Grammarly Keyboard

Grammarly keyboard app

Get rid of those minor grammatical mistakes by installing the Grammarly keyboard in your device. It doesn’t matter if you are not a professional email writer, the Grammarly app keeps tracking your Grammar and Spelling and makes you feel the same as a professional writer. Moreover, the keyboard also includes Predictive Suggestions, so if there are any good synonyms can handily add them to your piece of writing. So if you are a dedicated professional writer or else want to be, then this app is the best choice to go with.

Download Grammarly Keyboard


How Do I Install Samsung Keyboard?

To download, go to Google Playstore, search for the desire app and tap on Install from the result.

Where Is Samsung Keyboard Settings?

Navigate to the Settings Icon > General Management > Samsung Keyboard Settings. That’s It!


These are some of the best keyboard applications to download on a Samsung phone. As they are personally used by the experts from our team, we always got impressed by their outstanding performance. And If you get the best one which not mentioned in this article while scrolling around the browser, simply mention it in the comment box, so that we can offer more recommendations to our readers.  

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