Fix Samsung S21Ultra, S21 Keeps Lagging and Freezing

Freezes and lags in flagships can be the result of software problems unless it’s not a hardware issue. In the previous models of Samsung, these attributes are the result of some physical damage, most commonly due to daily wear and tear. Also, the memory-related problem in a previous model like when internal memory gets filled was also counted as a culprit. Well, the brand new flagship like S21 ultra experiencing lagging and freezing is due to some random system flaws.

Don’t worry! if these what you are experiencing on a Samsung device, I have managed the line-up of effective and handy solutions. Feel free to perform these troubleshooting steps as it may fix Samsung S21 lagging and freezing 2021.

How to Fix Samsung S21, S21Ultra Freezing and Lagging

Force Restart Your Device

Accidental screen problem such as freezes and lags occurs by minor glitch or firmware issue are normally resolved by force reboot. This is a substitute way to resolved unresponsive or frozen Samsung S21. Same as a typical soft or reboot reset, a force restart effectively clears out accidental software glitches that occur due to various petty issues in the device. Moreover, there is no need to create a backup because it doesn’t clear out the data stored in the internal memory of the device.

  • Press the Volume Low Button and Power Button until the Power Off screen is visible.
  • Select Restart from the prompted screen.
  • Tap the Restart to confirm and wait until the procedure is finished.

Update Your Apps

The corrupted application also disturbs various system features and trigger lagging and freezing issue on Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. And the effective and only solution to fix corrupted apps is to update apps. Andy of your third-part app on can gets be the rogue app, so it’s better to postpone other application on your Samsung device.

If your Samsung device still lags or freeze even after updating all apps, then there are all chances that the issue is with a single application. Maybe, that particular apps bugged or corrupted. In this case, boot up the s21 ultra to safe mode and verify the issue. Because in the safe mode only the pre-installed apps are allowed to run.

  • Press the Power Key and Volume Low Key to visible Power Off screen
  • Continuously touch the Power Off the ‘Safe Mode’ appear on the screen.
  • Hit Safe Mode.
  • Now Safe Mode Icon will appear on the bottom left corner of the screen.

Download the latest Android update to fix Samsung Galaxy S21 that keeps freezing and lagging

Apart from these, installing the latest version of Android on your Samsung S21 is also another effective workaround on a Samsung device. For these simply towards the settings and see if there is the availability of update or not.

Reset All Settings On Your Samsung

Settings that are set faulty or else aren’t configured properly are also the reason for trigger of lagging and freezing Samsung S21. To fix this out, [perform network resetting on Samsung S21. Moreover, these will also not affect the data stored in the device but clear all the customized settings and bring back the device to default mode.

  • Navigate to Settings.
  • Search and hit General Management>Reset.
  • Touch Reset All Settings.
  • If prompted enter the Password and PIN.
  • To confirm lastly hit Reset.

Factory Reset Your Samsung

A concluding solution to the major system bugs that decrease the device performance is a master or factory reset. Through this step, all the data stored in the device will be cleared, so it’s better to create a backup. So if your Samsung still lags and freeze perform the factory reset.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Hit General Management.
  • Select Reset.
  • Tap Factory Data Reset.
  • Hit Reset.

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