Best Leather Cases for Samsung S21Ultra, S21Plus, S21

Got a new Samsung S21 Ultra or S21 or S21Plus? Or already owned? No matter what, we’ve collected the best leather cases for Samsung S21Ultra, S21Plus, and S21 to make your device shine along with great protection. Guarding the sleekness and shiny surface of the phone is a bit tough job until you choose the right protective case for Samsung S21Ultra. Among hundreds of leather cases, we’ve chosen these 5 best leather wallet cases for Samsung S21 and hopefully, your search for leather cases will end here.

Besides, if you’re interested in the best accessories for Samsung S21Ultra, S21, and S21Plus, then visit our article and grab the deals before they slip.

Best Leather Wallet Case for Samsung S21 Ultra, S21Plus, S21

Genium Two Shaded Leather Wallet Case

The Green and Brown color combination looks exceptionally beautiful on Samsung S21 flagship phones, covering the device with a rich, fancy, but professional Case is all we want. This multi-functional case features three card slots, a single cash slot or card. Protect your private and confidential information stored with this RFID shield technology covered around the Samsung phone. What’s more? It is available in 6 different classy color combinations to choose from.

Samsung’s Own Leather Case

What’s best than Samsung’s own Leather Case? If you want a feel of a luxurious case in hand, then add this case to the Amazon Bag. Pricing $45, the case is highly protective while trying to keep the device low profile and lightweight. Adding the aluminum buttons provides an ergonomic look and easy to control the functions. Plus, the soft microfiber lining offers a refined look to the phone.

Buy Samsung Leather Case

Flip Leather Cover

Authentic Red-colored stitching beautifies the Leather Cover, designed in the UK by TORRO promised to keep your Samsung S21 Ultra, slim and sleek while protecting from dust, scratches, and drops. The premium leather ensures to keep it shiny even after long use since it is made up of black Nappa leather. Turn the phone in landscape mode to stream movies or play games without holding the device. Available in three hot colors to choose from.

Premium Stylish Soft Grip Leather Case

Not a Wallet Case, but a robust, strong, and long-lasting bumper leather case for Samsung S21Ultra, offers a classic retro image to your device while protecting from various damages. Layered with premium leather, a soft TPU bumper, and an internal PC matte shell makes this case sturdy while slim. In front, you’ll get a 1.7mm raised lip and the same around the camera to protect them from scratches.

KeZiHome Professional Wallet Case

Buy this wallet case with a promised Refund and Resend in case of quality issues; KEZiHOME is absolutely convenient to use, whether you’re walking out on streets, or going to the gym, the case will hold back your important cards, alongside the phone. Simply slide the Samsung S21 Ultra into the case, no need to push or apply force, as it can make scratches on the body. Featuring three card slots, one money slot, and of course, the flip part of the case can be used to watch movies hands-free.

Belemay Leather Case

The durable case from belemay not only comes with vivid color options, but our top pick is also the brown. It offers a 360-degree safeguard for your Samsung devices, a sturdy back that sticks perfectly with your flagship, and a folder cover over the delicate screen. This leather case is comparatively lightweight and turns into the kickstand for those scrolling through video on Netflix. If you are searching for flexibility, these case at an affordable price, it’s a top choice.

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Bayelon Leather Case

Adding something different to your Samsung flagship makes it more cool and attractive and that can be achieved by adding Bayelon leather case. The handcrafted premium leather, adding a unique patina to your Samsung flagship. The Bayelon leather case is soft and feels good, but it proves the protection, thanks to its shockproof and durable rubber. Plus, a built-in card holder allows organizing the various debit/credit cards. Available in three color options rustic tan, floater black, and antique brown.

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Caislean Leather Case

It’s time to bring on the beer glass. If your Samsung S21 brings more extras, then you are undoubtedly looking for a leather case that’s more sturdy compare to other leather wallet cases 2021. The caislean leather case matches your choice. The caislean leather case is made of the premium-quality leather which soft, thin, durable, and light in nature. The cardholder in the case offers easy access to your varieties of cards. These rugged may put some more attraction by adding different colors option to select. So just simply go for it!

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SHEILDON Leather Case

If simplicity along with the hardness is your preference for a leather case, then willingly go for the SHEILDON leather case. It is made up of high-quality cowhide leather that strengthens your device by protecting it from random falls and drops, plus, the TPU layered on the inner side prevents the device screen from scratch and scuffs. Also, the cardholder allows keeping the cards more securely. Lastly, available in different color options and company offers a lifetime replacement warranty.

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BLBM Leather Case

BLBM leather case offers a combination of sturdiness and durability, made up of handcrafted leather that prevents the device from random bumps and drops, plus the magnetic claps on the folio case also prevent it from getting fall. You can turn these case into kickstand case for comfortable viewing while watching the favorable video on youtube or Netflix. This case is available in three colors red, brown and pink, so go for one!

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MONASAY Flip Flop Leather Case

Searching for an affordable Flip Flop Leather Case for Samsung S21 Series? MONASAY is the perfect option. This MONASAY Leather Case offers all-around protection without ignorance of look. It includes Multiple Card Slots along with RFID-Blocking that didn’t allow unauthorized scanners from access.

The unique design means you can easily convert it to the Kickstand for comfortable viewing, plus the magnetic closure prevents the device from the random falls and drop. The leather case is available in Titeen Color options, for me Brown color is attractive.

Check Price Of MONASAY Case for: S21 | S21 Plus | S21 Ultra 

LOHASIC Premium Leather Case

Check out a leather case from LOHASIC that boosts the style along with protection. It manufactures using the Premium Vegan PU that sophisticated design with attractive stitching; suitable for both Men and Women.

Moreover, the Anti-Matte Finish leather prevents Fingerprints, Dust, and debris proof and offers a tight grip to prevent random falls and drops. At last, the precise cutouts offer easy access to the Camera, Microphone, and Buttons. There are two color options Brown and Magenta. 

Check Price Of LOHASIC Premium Leather Case For: S21 | S21 Plus | S21 Ultra 

What Case Fits A Samsung S21?

A leather case is one of the best fits as it offers a premium look with a protection feature. Apart from this, there is no need to carry a purse or case as most leather case include pockets to store them.

Is The Samsung Galaxy S21 WaterProof?

The Samsung Galaxy S21 is IP68 Ratings, means you can submerge for 30 Minutes for up to 1.5 Meters

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