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Best Tips and Tricks for Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

Things are different as the newly launched Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 has adapted Google WearOS. Apart from the UI and the new aspects like Blood Pressure and ECG, this smartwatch from Samsung comes with some tips and tricks to work. Not only it boost up the performance of the smartwatch, but you can also customize the smartwatch according to your preferences.

So if you are willing to make your smart-watch more powerful and handy to use just simply continue to read this article. As it will help to make your smart-watch more above your vision.

Best Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Tips & Tricks

Rearrange Applications

One of the most advanced customization in the Galaxy watch 4 is the app arrangement. While in all the previous models the application was arranged in a circle but now in the newest model it’s arranged in a hexagonal shape. And considering the default settings of apps, it’s quite difficult for you to perform the task effortlessly. But wishfully, it doesn’t need to have the technical knowledge to arrange apps as per your need, just simply tap and hold an application and move to the location of your choice, isn’t it cool?

Edit Quick Responses

Reviewing the Samsung watch 4, we have encountered that the watch allows you to send the handy sets to respond to the message you received. As we all know the default message are simply in the tune of NO, and YES but if you are willing to send some sort of long messages, then require to add new ones with the content containing the character of 30 words.

Bring All Important Complications Forward

Unlike the other procedures, the Galaxy watches 4 allows to customize the watch faces. The watch offers two face options either a minimal watch or an activity-focused watch face. As an add-on complementary, you can modify the watch faces and bring the complication to make it easy. For example, if you need a Barometer, AQI, to be visible on the main screen instead of other things, thankfully, you can do so.

  • To do so, long press on the Watch 4 watch face.
  • Hit Edit>Customize.
  • After that, hit on the complication spot and select one as per your need.

Customize Notification

Smartwatches are always considered an extension of smartphones, in short, it contain the same features present in the smartphone. For example, whenever you will receive any notification the watch will vibrate, which is the major point of distraction. So to enable the notification for the app you want to be notified, follow the given below steps.

Go to Settings>Notification>hit the toggle next to the apps you want to be notified.

Sync And Send Songs And Music Tracks

The people have their bunch of songs which they usually listen and wanted carry to there each device, thankfully the Samsung galaxy 4 allows to do so within the fraction.

  • Go to Manage Content>Add Track.
  • Now select the track>tap Done.

Edit Quick Settings As Per Your Needs

Quick panels are always great, no matter how many shortcuts you have added to your screen. For instance task performance, the smartwatch allows to edit the quick panel according to your need. To do so follow the given below steps

  • Go to Companion Application.
  • Hit on the Quick Panel Key.
  • Hit on the Minus Function you don’t need.

Enable Automatic Location Detection

As an advanced companion, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 comes with detection for running swimming and walking. Once it knows the time of exercise it will automatically log in all the details. Sadly the watch doesn’t come with automatic location detection and turning on the GPS is considered to be a huge battery drainer. But if you are a fitness freak who never misses a day, it’s good to enable location detection. this the only way to track the walk and calories burned by you.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Hit Samsung Health > select Auto Detect.
  • Swipe down until you encountered Record Location and hit Toggle.

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