Fix Note 10Plus, Note 10 Stuck on Checking for Updates

Note 10, Note 10Plus Stuck on Checking for Update
Note 10, Note 10Plus Stuck on Checking for Update

Note 10Plus Stuck on Checking for Updates? Or Note 10 Stuck on Software Update, in this article we’ll guide you on how to bypass software update issues real quick. Behind the software problem with Galaxy Note 10, there are several reasons; however keeping most common causes, we’ve made this troubleshooting that will probably help you fix Galaxy Note 10 won’t install updates and Galaxy Note 10Plus won’t install updates.

Most of the time, the update server is overloaded or jammed due to thousands of Samsung users are updating their smartphone, in that case also your Samsung phone stuck on checking for update screen. If any of the below-listed tricks help you fix the issue, kindly comment which trick did work for you, that’ll point other users in the right direction.

Note 10, Note 10Plus Stuck on Checking for Update
Note 10, Note 10Plus Stuck on Checking for Update

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How to Fix Samsung Note 10, Note 10Plus Stuck On Update

Quick Tip,

  • First things first, connect the charger to your Samsung phone and leave it for an hour plugged in. If you don’t see any sign of charging then change cable and plug point, just to make sure there isn’t an issue with it.

Trick 1: Perform Soft Restart on Note 10, Note 10Plus

When the Galaxy Note 10 stuck on the software update, a soft reset is recommended. Usually rebooting the device refreshes the software and fixes minor glitches.  At least if this works, your device will get free from the software update boot loop.

  • Press and hold the Volume Down key and Power key for at least 10 seconds and when the Maintenance screen appears, choose Normal Boot.
  • The Reboot will take approx. 90 seconds to complete the process and start up the device.

Trick 2: Update Manually using OTA Method

Anyhow if you get into the system settings of Galaxy Note 10/Note 10Plus, and want to update, then try using the OTA method and check for a software update. Automatic updates are likely to throw an error while updating software. Besides, the update depends on your internet connection, if it is fast then, in no time the device will download and install the updates. So, you should give some time to the device.

  • Open Settings from the notifications.
  • Tap Software Update.
  • Select Download updates manually.
  • It’ll take time to check for updates, tap OK and Start to begin the update.

Trick 3: Update using Smart Switch

Smart Switch is another endorsed way to update Samsung devices. With Smart Switch, you can perform various operations such as transferring data from Old Phone to New, PC to Phone, or vice versa as well as update the device. Simply connect the Note 10, Note 10Plus to the PC, if there’s any pending update available, surely the Smart Switch will show notification/pop-up to install the latest updates on Samsung Note 10, Note 10Plus.

  • Download Smart Switch on your PC, if haven’t already.
  • Now, connect the Samsung device to the PC using a USB cable.
  • If asked, grant permission on your device to access the data on the PC.
  • Launch the Smart Switch after connecting Note 10, Note 10Plus to PC.
  • The Smart Switch will ask you to update software if any update is available for your device.
  • Select Update to download and OK.
  • It will take a few minutes to complete the update process.

Trick 4: Contact Samsung

If none of the above methods works to fix Samsung Note 10Plus, Note 10 Stuck on Checking for Updates, then take your device to the Samsung Care, they will positively help you and get rid of the software issue.

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