Note 10Plus, Note 10 S Pen Sound Not Working

If your Note 10 Note 10Plus S Pen Sound Not Working or Note Buddy App not working on Note 10, you’ve landed to correct post. While S Pen is an ADD-ON for Samsung Note takers, however, no other smartphone brand offers Stylus Pen like Samsung. I’ve seen users reporting S Pen sound not working on Note 10Plus, Note 10 or sometimes they have been looking on how to change S Pen sound on Galaxy Note 10, Note 10Plus.

Alongside this, you’ll also learn how to change default sound on S Pen while detaching or inserting into the slot.Note Buddy App not working on Note 10

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S Pen Sound Not Working on Galaxy Note 10, Note 10Plus

How to Change S Pen Sound on Galaxy Note 10, Note 10Plus

Primarily, to change S Pen sound, you need to disable sound from the system settings of your Galaxy device.

  • Tap on Settings gear from the Notifications bar.
  • Scroll down and go to Advanced features > S Pen.
  • Under FEEDBACK, turn Off Sound. Doing this will disable default sound when S Pen is removed and inserted.
  • Download the Note Buddy app from the Google Play.
  • Select the S Pen tab and turn on the Enable
  • On the same screen, tap Sound.
  • Enable Detach/Insert sound
  • Now, tap on Detachment sound and Insertion sound one by one to change default S Pen sound on Galaxy Note 10/Note 10Plus. You’ll have to pick custom sound from the local storage.

Note Buddy app S Pen not working on Galaxy Note 10/Note 10Plus?

If S Pen sound with Note Buddy app not working on Samsung, then follow the basic instructions to bring back the S Pen sound on your device.

  1. Restart your device, press and hold the Power button and tap on Restart.
  2. Clear Cache and Data of Note Buddy app, open Settings > Search Note Buddy app > Storage > Clear Cache > Clear Data.
  3. Uninstall and reinstall the Note Buddy app on your device and read the same instructions written above on how to change S Pen sound on Note 10/Note 10Plus.
  4. Still if S Pen sound not working on the Note Buddy app, then contact the developer team of the Note Buddy app and if S Pen sound is not working without using the third-party app, then contact the Samsung support team to assist you.
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